happy friday!


happy labor day friday everyone! i hope that you have some fun filled plans for the last weekend of summer.

chad and i are heading the the state fair (basically the best thing invented since christmas), going to do pedal pub (a pub on wheals that you bike around minneapolis in) for a friends birthday, and  i am going to make more zucchini bread, because it is zucchini season :)  (make, bake, freeze, repeat)

we will also probably head to the farmers market, and pick up some more tomatoes. i potted one tomato plant at home, but have been eating them non-stop everyday and have completely run out of my own stock. i haven't even gotten the chance to can any or freeze up these delicious fresh tomatoes, so i gotta go to plan b, and go and get some from the market. hopefully they will be just as tasty!

what do you have going on for the long weekend, i hope it includes some relaxing!

**photos from a walk with the little girl around the north loop before a story time the other day**

other side note:

minneapolis has been hot. therefore my hair has been up or off to the side everyday this week. i have also worn nothing but dresses. thank the lord for comfy, breezy dresses

so long summer


can you believe that it is almost september? where did the summer go, oh wait here in minnesota spring didn't come until mid may! normally i am all about fall but this year i am okay if it doesn't come for a while. this might be because i feel like this summer was so great, it was the first summer of our marriage and we were so blessed to do so many things -getting out to the lake, going on long walks, looking at the pretty sailboats on lake harriet and always picking up a little ice cream for me. it was so refreshing, just like how summer is suppose to be. also, nannying in the summer is always my favorite. there is just an abundance of activities and life all around you. it is so easy just to pack up your stuff and head out to the lake to walk and play, followed by a quick picnic lunch. truly what could be better? you just feel the exciting buzzing around with all of the kids running and screaming in the park. the other day the little babe and i headed out to the beach and did a little water grazing. it was so fun to see her reaction to the water and the coolness of it. then we headed over and made mini sand castles, though they were nothing to brag about, or take pictures of, it was so fun doing such a tactile activity with her. she really loves spending times outdoors and so do i, so we make a great outdoor team and spend as much time outside as we can!

... however fall is coming quicker then i realize. and these super hot days are coming to an end. for me, fall always seems like a new year. and i am excited for it. i am excited to see how things continue to change and develop as i am merging into "adulthood". though it is scary... and i am not quite ready for fall, i am ready for those pumpkin flavored beverages and crisp fall mornings. and apples. and the leaves changing colors. ah, fall here you come ready or not!

found, the best pie


if you ever so happen be driving through minnesota, heading towards the north shore. you have GOT to stop at betty's pies. our friends told us about this amazing pie place, and i have to say it was the highlight of my day when we stopped. there was so many different kinds of pies, i couldn't decide on what kind to get. did i want chocolate, fruity, or candy? it was a tough dilemma but the decisions came to

a butterfinger pie for me
and a pie shake for him (pie shake = slice of piece + ice cream, chad says it was like liquid pie. and liquid pie was very good)

it was awesome. i wanted to take home like 3 pies, and pleaded to chad "when will we ever come back?!" but we decided for the sake of convince we wouldn't get a pie (we had over a 3 hour drive back home and they needed to be refrigerated). but you bet your bottom dollar i will be back soon!

thanks betty's pies for making the best pies in the state!

i spy...


i spy a girl sitting at spyhouse coffee. drinking her favorite cappunicco. on a nice summer day...

... i think that there are fewer things better then a cup of coffee with a friend on a saturday morning. especially if it is spyhouse coffee. if you are in the minneapolis area go check it out, hand crafted espresso beverages in two locations, (soon to be three, yay!) you will not regret it. my college roommates and i lived at spyhouse. we spent hours attempting to study and work on homework. it is the best.  

food of the week: zucchini


have you gone to the farmers market lately? is yours bursting with zucchini like ours is?! i am in love! zucchini is of my favorite veggies. but i only like it in the summer so when it is in season i load up. i went to the farmers market the other day and bought 5 zucchinis for $2.50, only $2.50! so i have been trying to come up with all of the things i can make with zucchini. so far i have made 12 loaves of zucchini bread (stop on over if you want some ;) ), zucchini salad, zucchini noodles (great gf dish!), and zucchini chips. so i thought because of all of the zucchini-ness that has been going on at my house i have to share some of the great benefits of zucchini and some lovely recipes to go along with it!

health benefits of zucchini:

helps prevent heart attack/stroke prevention. if you aren't aware, heart disease and stroke are on the raise every year here in the US. something that i think as americans we are taking all too light heartedly, anyways the point is one cup of zucchini contains over 10% of RDA of magnesium, which is a mineral proven to reduce risk of heart attack.

lowers blood pressure

high in manganese which is a nutrient that helps build healthy skin and ensures wounds heal properly.

high levels of fiber which is simply good for you, and also helps lower cholesterol. fiber encourages health and regular bowel movements, which in return helps prevents colon cancer.

one cup = 36 calories you can eat a whole lot of zucchini, get the amazing heath benefits, and savor the delicious flavors.

favorite zucchini recipes:

zucchini bread

3 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder
3 tsp. cinnamon
3 eggs
1 c. vegetable oil
2 1/4 c. white sugar
3 tsp. vanilla
2 c. grated zucchini
1 c. chocolate chips

1. preheat oven to 325  grease two pans, i used 8x4.
2. sift flour, salt, powder, soda, and cinnamon together, set aside.
3. beat eggs, oil, vanilla, and sugar until smooth. gradually start mixing in flour mixture. do not over mix. stir in zucchini and chips. divided into pans.
4. bake for 40-60 minutes

zucchini "pasta" salad

1 cup shredded zucchini, i used a vegetable peeler to get my slices
grape tomatos
sunflower seeds
diced peppers of any sort
a sprinkle of sunflower seeds
juice from 1/2 lemon
drizzle of olive oil
dash a salt

put it all together and eat the summery goodness!

how do you like your zucchini? do you have any recipes to share, i'd love to hear!

life lately...


 my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram

1-3// casey's wedding weekend 4-5/ cutie and i playing 6/ best coffee in minneapolis, paired with the best local chocolate.

other things going on lately....

i have been spending my week off by drinking lots of coffee... and ice cream.. and chocolate.... it's how i am treating myself! last weekend was a good one, but a little crazy with my friend casey getting married. with the bachelorette party and wedding i was exhausted when monday hit. and to be honest i am still exhausted. therefore i feel like i can indulge in these things as much as i want this week ;)

also, we are going to wisconsin dells this weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday, has anyone heard of it? it basically is a town filled with various hotel/resorts with unless amounts of water activities. it is going to be awesome, but i kinda forgot we are leaving tomorrow afternoon... and i haven't even begun to collect my things together, and probably have to do a few loads of laundry ;)

i started reading the book bringing up bebe and have been so fascinated. if you haven't heard, it is a book about how french and american parenting is different. it is really interesting to see how people parent differently in other cultures. i think that it is so cool, just to compare and contrast the major differences. generally speaking i love reading about different cultures so this book has got me hooked! has anyone else read it? what did you think of it?

what have you been up to lately? got any fun iphone/instagram photos to share? and are we friends yet on instagram? share and link up your latelys!

if you wanted to know, 6... or 20 things about us


i am loving the buzz of everyone posting the "six things about me". and then there was the buzz on instagram of the "20 things about me". because i felt like i wanted to play both games that i was tagged for but didn't want to come up with 26 things, i combined the two and have come up with twenty things about us  (can i do that? because i am.) i tried doing just me, but i felt like it was more fun to share about us.

 so thanks to laurieambershio  and the friends on instagram for tagging. here are twenty things about us.

20 things about us.

1. she wears denim shirts way too often. or denim dresses.  he loves raw denim jeans. we are denim lovers.
2. we both were born and raise here in minnesota, and have never left. he talks about leaving. she isn't sure.
3. we have become more city people vs. suburb people
4. we both attended college in minneapolis and studied very different things. anthropology and graphic design.
5. she loves to bake, and he loves to eat the baked goods
6. when she comes home from work she wants ice cream, he wants a beer
7. if she could, she would love to go out to coffee with jane austen, and he would choose
8. every day starts with some type of coffee. either espresso, or coffee via chemex. and in the summer we always have coldpress (iced coffee) in the fridge
9. we are excellent travelers. and love doing it together
10.... and are already starting to plan our next big trip, italy 2014!
11.  she goes for dark chocolate, he goes for starburst 
12. she tends to spill everythinghe never spills
13. he proposed at the family cabin while they were fishing. before that weekend she had never ever caught a fish.
14. she reads a book every night before bed and he reads on the ipad
15. sometimes she feels like her life is a fairy tail, especially when he sings along to a country love song 
16. he would eat frozen jack's pizza everyday for the rest of his life if she let him
17.  she loves all of the seasons. he loves all of the seasons except winter.
18.  we collect old coffee tins. and postcards of each place we travel to. 
19. she always looses her phone places. and forgets to check it. he always finds her phones, and checks his constantly
20. our first date was at a park under the stars. 

so who wants to play along, either for the six things or the twenty things. 

my questions/suggestions/am interested in hearing:
what is your go to outfit
if you could go out to coffee with anyone, past or present, who would it be
what is one dream for your future
where did you meet your boyfriend/fiance/husband
do you believe in love at first sight
what do you want to be when you "grow up"
do you have the names of your future kids picked out
why did you start blogging
what is one food you could not live with out
when was your first kiss

i tag devinkate, and jasmine, and anyone else join along! 

where are you peter pan?


i know i say it all the time but my sisters are truly the best... the only problem is my love-hate relationship that we are all growing up. we no longer live together- we don't get to annoy one another by fighting in the bathroom when you are already super late, or get to sprint up the stairs to run and steal that super cute shirt of your sisters when you have nothing to wear.  it's great because i now know where my clothes are 90% of the time but to be honest i miss the chaos. i miss the fact that we aren't just a few doors away. it's not fun being all spread out.

i get nervous with change. i don't know why because change is always happening. but i often think about how change will play a role in our sisterhood, how is it going to look like in a five years, are we still going to be just as close? i know the answer is obvious but it still get scared thinking about it. i don't want to be far apart. i just want to go back to all of us living together with mom and dad.  but that is not how growing up works. each of us are at such a unique place in our lives and realistically none of us are even close to the same life stage, i am married, working full time, and in grad school, laurel is in college, in colorado, and rosie is still in high school, and crazy as ever with being on the soccer team.  i know this is just all a big ramble but it is just one of those days that i hate growing up. but despite the facts that we are all "growing up",  i know that i am so lucky to have these ladies around me as we do get to go through each life stage together. you know you can loose a friend, but you can't loose a sister.

i know that life is always full of transition and though i am sad that we are growing up, i am even more thankful for all of the great memories that we have created with one another. and to be honest, the best is yet to come. thanks laurel and rosie for being my sisters, i love you forever.

and thank you for listening to my rambles of now wanting to grow up... but if you are out there peter pan, please sprinkle me with some of your magic so i don't have to grow up ;)

dear husband


dear husband,

i really hope you don't mind but i love to borrow your things. for some reason they just appear to be more comfortable, and the female mens wear fashion trend is totally in. so forgive me as i continue to steal your sweaters, button ups, and those beloved ray ban sun glasses of yours. i know i make you nervous when i take your things. and i promise i wont be as clumsy as i usually am but it is in the sake of fashion and comfort. thanks ;)

ps: i'll return the favor by making you some delicious cookies.

your wife

life lately...


 my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram

1&2//  we went to the warby parker event last thursday in minneapolis. it was a great time eating, drinking, and trying on glasses. after leaving it made me want to have glasses that i had to wear all of the time, i know that is a little crazy but i only have reading glasses. and sometimes i think "if only i could wear my glasses all of the time", those little guys add so much character to an outfit. if you are in the minneapolis area check out the warby parker bus, it will be traveling around the city for a little while longer.
 3/ surprise! i am polish. last weekend my sister, mom, grandma and i headed down to the polish fest where we could indugle in polish food, music, and pottery. it is a little tradition that we have every year. and i am always wanting to get some delicious polish food in my belly. 4/ always have got to have a baby photo around. i mean how can you resist ;)

5/ pride and prejudice was great. i have read the novel several times but somehow had 1, never seen the play and 2, never seen the movie! where have i been?? well the play was great. now i  have just got to watch the movie, and while i am at it, re-read the book :)  i had a great time going with some of my lovely friends to the play, and there will be some more photos later on 6/ my beautiful sister. this was in the yellow room at the guthrie theatre, it was sunset so all of the colors looked so sweet, and this photo actually doesn't have any editing to it, isn't that amazing!

other things going on lately.

just a few words on this piece this week. but i have just been typing away
and then in my spare time, i want to read because i have hardly read at all this week. it makes me so sad. but in a few more days i will be free and can read all i want for two whole weeks. then back to school. :)

also i am really loving instagram. whoever created it was genius, i love seeing peoples lives through their photos and it is so fun to follow along. do you have instagram! i would love to take a peak in your life ;)

what have you been up to lately? link up with us now! 

please don't mind...


please don't mind the silence around this place this past week. i have been a tiny tiny bit busy with finishing up my coursework for the summer semester. it is finals week and i have a whole lot to do still. like 2, 15+ page papers. oops. good thing i have my best friend espresso close by.

and on top of the joys of writing papers and finishing up my class, my lovely sister, laurel, who has just returned from her bike trip, is leaving me on monday to go back to colorado for school. though i do colorado. i love her more and wish she was going to be around for a little bit longer.

so if you could, pray for me to stay focused with the lots of school work i have left (but have to be done by friday, meaning only two more days!)... and that i won't be too devastated when laurel leaves me, thanks ;)

blueberry picking!


last weekend we headed up to the cabin and brought some friends with us. since it is blueberry season we thought it would be fun to go picking, something that my mother in law does every year. and somehow i convinced my friend kelly that we should go. little did we both know of how much work it is to pick these little blueberries! we started off our journey by getting up at 7:30 am, driving an hour into a secret blueberry picking location, and picked for several hours. you had to get really low to the ground to pick each berry one by one. but i have to say though we spent hours picking away at these berries, we had an amazing time and left with several quarts of blueberries. i think there is a reason why people don't tell you how hard/time consuming it is to pick wild blueberries. also the key in our positive blueberry experience was the hunter boots. these boots are the best, we were able to hike around and not get caught on weeds and all sorts of things because of these amazing boots. not like i needed another reason to love my hunter boots. but i really really do :)

 after our long day of picking we ended on a positive note, though very exhausted! and now we have wild blueberries for days!

ps: thanks kell for sharing your pictures with me!
linking up with sami

coda love


while trying to start writing out this post i kept of  thinking of the song "make new friends but keep the old" because that is exactly what these girls are, my oldest friends. we all grew  up together and were bonded as our parents were friends. if you didn't know my parents are deaf, and this makes my friends and i CODAS, children of deaf adults. as a coda you kinda have an instant bond and just get each other. it does help that we have known each other since we were two and have gone through so many fads together, barbie dolls, dress up, to tie dying away our teenage years. but it truly is amazing thing to find friends that will forever be in your life. the other day we were able to get brunch, walk around the lake, and get some ice cream. i am so blessed by their friendship, thanks ladies for sticking it out with me through out the years!

photos via michelle and rachel

life lately


life lately according to chad and i's iphone/instagram feeds. just a warning, it has been a pretty slow week. :)

1-3// we went up to the cabin this weekend with a group of our friends. it was so nice to get away, be with friends and have a good time.didn't get a whole lot of shots of the group, because we were not really engaging in technology while we were up there. its nice to get away.

4// my lunch break needs, boots pelligreno, and snacks 5// what my mornings look like 6// the best road trip snack

other things going on lately...

my sisters are home my sisters are home. (remember how my dad and sister were biking across the usa, you know 3,400 miles, they finished! and my other sister was just on vaca) let me tell you, i am at so much more peace. my sisters truly do complete me and i feel so weird when they are not around. we are planning on having lots of sister time over the next few weeks before laurel goes back to school in colorado

also, while we were up at the cabin i caused a little accident where i had the four wheeler flip over ontop of my friend kelly and i. luckily we just got a little banged up but nothing serious happened. however this did cause some swelling/bruising, especially on my calf. so i have been limping around town. hopefully it will heal up soon!

what have you been up to lately? link up with us now!

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pianos & the park


in the summer there are several things that come to my mind of what to do with a little one... but the one i always go back to is the park. i love the park. and the kids love it too! they love to stare at the "older" kids, play on the swings, or even roll around in the grass. though my little nanny lady is only a year old, she has fully caught onto the fun aspects of play and if we walk by a park, she starts to holler to stop (they get so smart so young!) but i never mind. i think that little ones learn so much by playing and even falling down. they are able to develop both the fine and large motor skills they are necessarily for their future daily functioning. 
**all smiles when we get into the car, which isn't always the case, but sometimes she is just a peach saying "hi!" to all of the cars that pass us by, othertimes the car ride isn't as pleasent**
**i just love this little lady, and love that we are starting to share some snack with one another. the apple was a big risk but she just kinda nibbled off of mine, she is so interested in trying all of these new foods and textures, so everything is going into that mouth**
one of my favorite things this summer are all of the pianos located around the twin cities. i am not very familiar with the project but there is a several painted pianos located through out saint paul and minneapolis. these pianos are for public use so anyone can plop down and play a song. this little lady thought it was so so cool.

what do you do with your little ones during the summer?

day in duluth


while chad and i were up at the north shore, we stopped in duluth on our way home. duluth is one of our favorite cities. it is filled with cobblestone streets and buildings with tons of character! the whole city reminds me of a northern san francisco- the city is on a hill, there is little trolley cars that travel around, and there is good food! what chad and i typically do on vacations is this. explore, eat. explore, eat. repeat. i think this may be associated with how much i love food. and how chad is coming to love food as well.we also got to check out some of the local breweries that they have up there (that was chad's favorite part!)
** down by the pier** 

** little angies for dinner**

**had to get a malt from this little shop, we go and get one every time we make the trip up to duluth!**

we loved you duluth and cannot wait to return next year!

tasty way to start your day: white chocolate macadamia nut cookies


though i am no longer eating gluten, i still love to get my bake on! being in the kitchen is so therapeutic for me, i am able to get away from all of those little things that are bugging me, work with my hands, and make something delicious. i have been baking cookies for several years and it is a known fact that at our house we always have cookies on hand. so to start off the week right i thought i would share some one of chad's favorite type of cookie, white chocolate macadamia nut. this recipe is one that i have modified over the years to make the perfect cookie, enjoy!

white chocolate macadamia nut cookies:

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup shortening
1 egg
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla
2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup chopped macadamia nuts

1. cream the butter, shortening and sugars
2. add eggs and vanilla and beat well
3. add the sifted dry ingredients, mix until well blended, and do not over mix!
4. add the chocolate chips and nuts. drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheets
5. bake at 350 until golden brown, about 8-12 minutes
6. enjoy them with a glass of milk!

**hint if you ever think "how in the world am i ever going to eat all of these cookies" i always bake, let the cookies cool, and then zip lock packs of cookies and put them in the freezer. they keep so well and that way whenever in a pinch, you can grab a bag of cookies that still taste super fresh!**

**also note in the photo is regular chocolate chips, i threw away the white chocolate bag before i had taken this picture, oops!:)**

life lately...


life lately according to chad and i's iphones/instagram feed

1// baby is loving my keys lately. she cannot stop playing with them, good thing she is so cute
2// chad and i up in the north shore
3//  missing my friend rachel... she is one of my dearest friends but lives in florida. long distance friendships are hard. and i wish we could teleport instantly whenever you would need some girl time.
4// mambas. who thought these things were SO good. i always buy fruity candy for chad but decided to taste some of his. and i like the mambas. don't tell chad but over the past week i have eaten them all- oops!
5// another snap shot from our trip up at the north shore
6// sometimes when i nanny i feel like i am a mom. so proud of a little one and you get to see how  they grow and develop. i feel so blessed to be  a nanny and to have an insight on what parenting will look like. and though we are not planning to have our own children anytime soon, i am excited to be a mom- in about five years :)
7// sunny skies in duluth

other things that have been going on lately:

i decided to remix my lately photos. instead of doing them side by side i decided to make a little arrangement out of them. what do we think? stick with this way or go back to the old way?

and remember last week how i was a night owl. this week it is the complete opposite. 9:15 and i am out cold. maybe it is because chad has been gone the last few nights? but either way. i am thinking about that bed all day long. i kept thinking it felt like i had eaten gluten but i couldn't think of what it could be. until today... mambas contain wheat. well that explains everything and  guess i won't be stealing chads candy again ;)

also we got some amazing fudge while we were on vacation. we got maple bacon (amazing- taste like frosting) and salted caramel (classic heather) it is so tasty. they even mail out their fudge, if a place mails out their fudge you know it is going to be good. now if i could only remember the name of the place so all of you could order some...

if you want to keep up with our adventures, follow us on instagram:

heathermariebee & @ ckirsebom ( i have to admit.. chad takes much better photos then me and has taught me everything i know, what are husbands for?!)

what have you been up to lately? link up with us today!
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