pianos & the park


in the summer there are several things that come to my mind of what to do with a little one... but the one i always go back to is the park. i love the park. and the kids love it too! they love to stare at the "older" kids, play on the swings, or even roll around in the grass. though my little nanny lady is only a year old, she has fully caught onto the fun aspects of play and if we walk by a park, she starts to holler to stop (they get so smart so young!) but i never mind. i think that little ones learn so much by playing and even falling down. they are able to develop both the fine and large motor skills they are necessarily for their future daily functioning. 
**all smiles when we get into the car, which isn't always the case, but sometimes she is just a peach saying "hi!" to all of the cars that pass us by, othertimes the car ride isn't as pleasent**
**i just love this little lady, and love that we are starting to share some snack with one another. the apple was a big risk but she just kinda nibbled off of mine, she is so interested in trying all of these new foods and textures, so everything is going into that mouth**
one of my favorite things this summer are all of the pianos located around the twin cities. i am not very familiar with the project but there is a several painted pianos located through out saint paul and minneapolis. these pianos are for public use so anyone can plop down and play a song. this little lady thought it was so so cool.

what do you do with your little ones during the summer?


  1. Isn't she the cutest little thing ever! I nannied a one year old earlier this summer, and I loved to take him on adventures, too! Love that last picture. So adorable!

  2. She is absolutely precious! I have never nannied but I did watch my little brother/cousins often and I loved going to the park!

  3. She is a doll!! I'm so glad you're enjoying your summer with her..and how cool are those pianos?

  4. piano in the park is such a great idea! i so wish i could play

  5. This is such a coincidence! Someone from Pianos on Parade, which is where those pianos come from, just contacted me this morning to collaborate!! They are such a cool addition to the city!

  6. I LOVE the idea of public pianos! That is really cool; I wish we had some here in Kansas. I'm looking forward to next summer when my baby will be old enough to enjoy the park. =]

  7. Gorgeous pictures! What a pretty little lady! =D

  8. Ahh! These photos are just darling! Your little one is so gosh darn CUTE! Just found you through Babbling Brookelyn and so glad I did! :)


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