The Story of C & H


Here is the story I met the most wonderful man of my life.

summer 2007- boy and girl meet
fall 2007- boy and girl go to same school
november 3 2007 boy and girl start dating
winter 2008 boy and girl have their first kiss
summer 2008 travel to Africa for mission trip
fall 2008 boy and girl decide they are in love
spring 2009 boy and girl graduate high school
fall 2009 both start college- already in their sophmore year
fall 2010 boy and girl go to Praque for mission trip
summer 2011 boy and girl seperate while girl spends summer in New York
fall 2011 boy graduates
spring 2012 girl graduates
spring 2012  boy and girl get engaged


{ summer 2007 }
C and I had attended the same church for several years. We knew of each other, but never really had been friends until 2007 when we both went on a mission trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. This trip required us to take a 20+ hour bus ride to arrive at our destination. Saying this the team got to be very close with one another. 
Utah Mission Trip 2007

We realized during this trip that we would both be attending the same high school next year (an optional high school for students in the south suburbs in Minnesota, called the School of Environmental Studies)
We had a short conversation about that, and became 'kinda' friends at that point. We ran into each other a couple more times before the beginning of the school year but that was that.

{ september 2007 }

Then the school year started. Being at a new school, you suddenly become better friends with 
Before we were dating, X-man being beat up by Spiderwomen

So C & I's friends began to hang out more. 
and gradually C started to take interest in me. He would talk to me more, come to visit me at my desk more frequently, and after some time asked me to help him out with his algebra homework. 
we kept "doing homework" with one another but really we were starting the initial phases of dating. Our homework sessions turned into hang out sessions, and before we knew it we were dating

  { november 3 2007 }.

We spent a lot of time together both at school and at church and developed an amazing relationship with our Pastor and his wife 

We continued to date all through out High School 
{ spring 2009 }

and began to travel parts of the world with one another

{ 2008 }
Africa 2008
{ spring 2010 }
Florida 2010
{ fall 2010 }
Prague 2010
{ early winter 2011 } and before we knew it we were in love.

{ december 2011 } Chad graduated from the Art Institute 
{ may 2012 } Then I graduated from North Central 
and then we decided, it was time for the next step.
{ may 2012 } Chad proposed

 I am so excited to pursue marriage as we continue to develop our relationship with one another and to see what God has in store for us next!

Summer Chicken


Sweet summer time calls for a sweet chicken dinner! 
Here is  a recipe for a easy, nummy, summer meal 

 1 can diced tomatoes
1/2 cup chopped basil (fresh)
2 tablespoons Olive Oil (EVOO if possible)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Salt & Pepper
4 boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 package of spinach

1. In a bowl combine tomatoes, basil, 1 tablespoon olive oil, and lemon juice, put aside.

2. Cut chicken breast into two, resulting in thinner strips.
3. In a large skillet heat 1 tablespoon olive oil. (on medium high) until chicken is cooked through. Transfer to a plate.

4. Add spinach to the skillet, season with salt and pepper. Cook for 3-4 minutes.

5. Add tomato mixture and chicken breast. Cook for one more minute. 

This recipe goes great with rice! Enjoy!

....Finally Friday!


Today is finally Friday! 
This week has been a long one for me, I am not sure why but all of the little things that could go wrong did, however I did not let it get me down! Now it is the weekend which means I can finally relax-celebrate the boy's birthday, and finish up my homework!

Anyways I am hooking up with my weekly gig of Friday Letters with Adventures with Newlyweds

dear graduate school, I cannot believe that I have completed my first course. I really enjoyed it, which is a good thing because I still have six more years to go ;)

dear ebay- I cannot believe I snagged a pair of GREEN hunter boots for$50 cheaper then in store. They will be put to great use :)

dear edamame you are my food of the week. I cannot get enough of you however you are packed with protein 

Dear Minnesota apron, I want you. I think this is so cute and it would be so fun wearing this in my kitchen. However I already own 4 aprons so I don't know if you are necessary... but you do seem appealing. 

dear mother nature you are being bipolar in the twin cities lately. Extreme heat, massive amounts of rain, but you ended on a good note with a wonderful sunset and a beautiful rainbow

Dear fiance- Happy birthday! I cannot wait to celebrate the entire weekend :) WE know how I love birthdays around here!

Happy Friday Everyone!



Ceremony/Reception Venue
Where// Minneapolis City Hall

350 South Fifth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415

4:30 PM- Reception immediately after
Cocktails and appetizers will be served in between

More parking information will be provided-however there is a ramp that connected underground to the venue so there would be no need to walk outside. Cost of parking will be $4

When looking for a wedding venue there were several things that I wanted to keep in mind.

1. Our wedding was going to be in the winter... in MINNESOTA aka snow, snow, snow so I knew that I didn't want to make our guest drive to both the ceremony and the reception venue.

2. I love old things, therefore I knew I wanted our wedding venue to have a antique feel to it. I originally desired to have our ceremony at an old church with huge stained glass windows but after thinking and realizing our guest may have to drive around in a possible blizzard, I vetoed out that idea. However I still wanted to encompass the stain glass windows or at least something old.

3. Chad and I love Minneapolis.
I lived there for three years
Chad and I went to school down here
Most of our dates are in Minneapolis

It only makes sense for us to host one of the biggest days of our lives in a city that we have spent so much time in.

4. We are on a budget. We both have student loans, with more coming as as a result of my graduate degree. We were not going to be able to do some of my top choices (such as the Semple Mansion

All of this leads up to our determined venue of the Minneapolis City Hall. 

No it is not the typical county city hall where you can walk up to the judge and be married. It is a beautiful building with stained glass windows and marble walls. The building was established in the late 1800's and has SO much character. It is in the middle of the city, has underground parking for guest, and an awesome interior. 

There is a small negative to the building...
there is a HUGE statue in the middle of the room. But I love everything else about this building so we decided to go for it!

Here is the exterior of the building. Old, classic, and in the middle of Minneapolis. I am excited to take some outdoor photos here with the snow :)

I am  so excited having my wedding at the Minneapolis City Hall. 

If you are attending the wedding you can find out more information regarding parking and location here at the Minneapolis City Hall website. 
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