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 my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram

1&2//  we went to the warby parker event last thursday in minneapolis. it was a great time eating, drinking, and trying on glasses. after leaving it made me want to have glasses that i had to wear all of the time, i know that is a little crazy but i only have reading glasses. and sometimes i think "if only i could wear my glasses all of the time", those little guys add so much character to an outfit. if you are in the minneapolis area check out the warby parker bus, it will be traveling around the city for a little while longer.
 3/ surprise! i am polish. last weekend my sister, mom, grandma and i headed down to the polish fest where we could indugle in polish food, music, and pottery. it is a little tradition that we have every year. and i am always wanting to get some delicious polish food in my belly. 4/ always have got to have a baby photo around. i mean how can you resist ;)

5/ pride and prejudice was great. i have read the novel several times but somehow had 1, never seen the play and 2, never seen the movie! where have i been?? well the play was great. now i  have just got to watch the movie, and while i am at it, re-read the book :)  i had a great time going with some of my lovely friends to the play, and there will be some more photos later on 6/ my beautiful sister. this was in the yellow room at the guthrie theatre, it was sunset so all of the colors looked so sweet, and this photo actually doesn't have any editing to it, isn't that amazing!

other things going on lately.

just a few words on this piece this week. but i have just been typing away
and then in my spare time, i want to read because i have hardly read at all this week. it makes me so sad. but in a few more days i will be free and can read all i want for two whole weeks. then back to school. :)

also i am really loving instagram. whoever created it was genius, i love seeing peoples lives through their photos and it is so fun to follow along. do you have instagram! i would love to take a peak in your life ;)

what have you been up to lately? link up with us now! 


  1. I love Instagram too! Mine is @jessrfrost. Off to follow you now!

    Ps I really love the newer pride and prejudice movie. Some people hate it and Keira knightly is annoying but mr Darcy is just dreamy! I hang off every word ;)

  2. you need to see the movie! i personally love it! & i agree about glasses -- i wish i needed them too haha. & i'm loving that photo of you at the festival. haha the photobomb is the best :)


  3. I really wish I wore glasses. I love Warby Parker's and think I need a pair with glass lenses :) Here's my insta!

  4. Glasses are the best! I have some glasses with no lenses from Korea but I don't wear 'em much because my husband isn't too fond of them =)

  5. the WP bus was in portland like a month ago and i missed it. i was super sad, but those glasses look so cute on you :)

  6. I do love instagram! Mine is @hblack79 if you want to check it out! I always see your iphone link-up, but haven't ever participated. Is it always on Thursdays? I may need to try to make it next week! :)

  7. I love your insta lately posts!


  8. I'm the exact same girl! I wish I had glasses I needed all the time mostly for fashion purposes. Adorable pics though.

    Tagged you in a post on the blog :)


  9. Isn't Instagram the best? And also, who doesn't love Polish food? :)


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