where are you peter pan?


i know i say it all the time but my sisters are truly the best... the only problem is my love-hate relationship that we are all growing up. we no longer live together- we don't get to annoy one another by fighting in the bathroom when you are already super late, or get to sprint up the stairs to run and steal that super cute shirt of your sisters when you have nothing to wear.  it's great because i now know where my clothes are 90% of the time but to be honest i miss the chaos. i miss the fact that we aren't just a few doors away. it's not fun being all spread out.

i get nervous with change. i don't know why because change is always happening. but i often think about how change will play a role in our sisterhood, how is it going to look like in a five years, are we still going to be just as close? i know the answer is obvious but it still get scared thinking about it. i don't want to be far apart. i just want to go back to all of us living together with mom and dad.  but that is not how growing up works. each of us are at such a unique place in our lives and realistically none of us are even close to the same life stage, i am married, working full time, and in grad school, laurel is in college, in colorado, and rosie is still in high school, and crazy as ever with being on the soccer team.  i know this is just all a big ramble but it is just one of those days that i hate growing up. but despite the facts that we are all "growing up",  i know that i am so lucky to have these ladies around me as we do get to go through each life stage together. you know you can loose a friend, but you can't loose a sister.

i know that life is always full of transition and though i am sad that we are growing up, i am even more thankful for all of the great memories that we have created with one another. and to be honest, the best is yet to come. thanks laurel and rosie for being my sisters, i love you forever.

and thank you for listening to my rambles of now wanting to grow up... but if you are out there peter pan, please sprinkle me with some of your magic so i don't have to grow up ;)


  1. Love it! I have two sisters too and there's nothing better than always having someone there forever. I'm pretty sure we still 'steal' each others clothes whenever we can.

  2. Love the pictures!! Such a great relationship that yall share!

  3. Love this post girl! I remember when all my siblings were out of the house and I was the last one at home. I hated it I wanted life to go back to the way it used to be! There is no one like your siblings!

  4. ahhhh that made me so sad! such sweet words. i'm terrified of change too. i always imagine the future with my siblings, it's so entertaining to see how love evolves as compared to your daydreams.


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