memory keeping


so if i have to be honest i am awful at documenting my life. 
i am great at taking the pictures.
but then, they just sit in iphoto.
i rarely print photos.
and if i actually print those photos, those printed photos don't usually go anywhere.

but i am trying to get better with this! so i have found a few tactics that work-
the first is using this journal- it is a quick way to write down a few sentences of what happened through out the day. i love it! 

and these are the other methods of memory keeping i am going to try..

make a photo book. 
i haven't done this. but it will be happening. i am giving myself until the end of the year ;)

print photos (including the engagement, family, wedding ones.. oops!)  and frame them to put up around the house.

how do you document memories?

insta-lately: a link up!


good news friends. it is thursday, the third best day of the week ;)

but it is even better because some of my blogging friends and i have started a new link up for all of you called lately. lately is where you get to share what has been going on with your life lately. what moments have you been caputuring via your iphone or camera? here are a few of mine!

1 & 2 // macy's has its annual flower show! and i make it a tradition to go every year. this year the theme was india, it was beautiful. if you live in minneapolis you better make it out there!

3// me and the cutest little girl around ;) i love nanny life 4// saw this sign at potbellys and how true is that! 5// delicious egg scramble at the finish bistro. 6// life is too short not to eat cupcakes. :)

what have you been up to lately?
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french reads


french reads

books are a significant part of my life. i am always reading. and over the years travel memoirs have become my favorite genre. i love reading about real stories of other people, learning about their experiences in an other country, and gain a better understanding of that particular culture. somehow i have found that i have read several books about the french culture. the french people have a glorious world of food and fashion (two of my favorite things), so they instantly captivate my attention.  the titles above are some of my favorite french reads i would recommend to you!

as always i am looking for new books so share some of your favorites with me :)

what types of books do you like to read?

spring come soon!


this weekend i...

... have spring fever! i keep telling myself if i do springy things that it will become spring. so i wear my bright colors, floral scarves, and go on walks, even buy tulips at the grocery store! but i look outside and there is still snow, hopefully this magic will do some use soon ;)

...went to the zoo with the little girl. it was so fun having her see these animals for the first time and her reactions of when they moved

... went on a few dates with the husband. we have not had a lot of time to spend with one another lately, so finally we made up for it this weekend with lots of dates. we had a day date to get coffee, a trip to the art museum, a date night in where we made fish tacos (below), and a date to a book store. needless to say i am a very happy girl now and thankful for my husband who knows me so well :) 

... made fish tacos for a date night in, and they were a success! i have been on a little taco kick lately. its almost embrassing, i mean i think we had them 2 or 3 times last week... oops ;)


...went to an awesome message at my church, which talked about how god uses us to bless those who are in proximity of us. and how we have been blessed because of our relationship and proximity to christ. it was a great message and i encourage all of you to listen to it once it goes onto the streaming library

what did you do this weekend?

coming soon...


bumble bee is going to be facing some major changes within the next few weeks.... heres a small sneak peak of what is to come. (new name... new look....) 

for insights of chad and i's newest project follow us on instagram!

who likes juice? we do!


lets talk about the health trend juicing: 

lots of people have gotten on it. and i now know why. it is a delicious way to get several nutrients from a variety of fruits and veggies. simply amazing. let me tell you why it is even more amazing, chad does not like a lot of vegetables... meaning this a way that we can "trick" his taste buds by getting them into his system. 

it is pretty great! 

we are not necessarily doing a cleanse or a juice diet. rather we are just trying to incorporate juice as a natural supplement to our relatively healthy diet. though i personally do not know a lot about the juice cleanse or diet itself, i know that too much of anything can be damaging to your body. so i am just going to say this with a grain of salt, but doing a permanent juice diet/cleanse may be one thought process of a diet but, the only way to truly regain a healthy lifestyle is by eating wholesome foods every day. not saying that juicing diets do not work, just my thoughts on dieting in general :)

anyway, we are loving juicing. there is something about getting all of those nutrients into your body as apart of your breakfast. your whole day seems to be a little bit better. we currently own brevile juicer plus because we wanted more a juice like texture. however i have heard GREAT things about the vitamix juicers (which are more like a smoothie). my old job had the vitamix juicer and it worked very well. the two kinds are very different from one another, but they are both awesome at what they do. 

with that i going to leave one of our favorite juices that we have tried so far

green machine juice:

3-4 stocks of kale
1 handful spinach
1 pear
2 apples
1 lemon (peel on)
1 orange (peel off)
stock of celery
1 stock brocoli
handful of grapes
handful of fresh mint

have you tried juicing? what are your thoughts? 

four favorite things: spring break edition


four favorite things: spring break edition

well, this is the first year that i do not get a spring break. officially growing up ;)
however. i am jealous of all of those people who do get a spring break, and even more jealous of those people who get to go somewhere warm! so i am linking up with let it be beautiful to share my four favorite things.

1// big floppy hats. you can't go anywhere warm with out a big hat! its trendy, cute, and protects you from skin cancer ;)

2// coral clothing, something you can slip on and off in between trips to the beach

3// cute strapy sandals. to wear out and about

4// and pellegrino bubbly water. and let's be honest.  a long day in the sun will make you want to have seconds!

do you get a spring break?

lucky day smack


this weekend i...

had friday off, so i got to have a three day weekend! (and where did all of the time go... and why do i feel like i still need just ONE more day off ;) )so i got to have a lunch date with chad. we went to this new resturant that was previous a food truck, called smack shack. it had lobster and fish sandwhiches. it was quite delicious!

started st. patty's day right by doing a little lucky day 7k with my good friend macey. there was over 11,000 people out there in the minnesota cold doing this run! it was a jolly time.

ended the weekend with a little milkshake and netflex time. yes my little sugar fast was over. it was great but it came to an end this weekend.  last night we watched the documentary "hungry for a change" which talked about the american diet, the processing and refining of our foods, and reasoning for the increase in obesity within our country. it was really good. i always like watching these types of documentaries. 

with that i have come up with some exciting health/fitness goals that i will be sharing tomorrow! 

what did you do this weekend? have you starting the switch over to blog lovin' yet?

time for a giveaway!

happy monday friends! and what is better on a monday then a give away! 
my friend lauren is hosting the give away on her site but you are able to enter here. go check out all of these awesome blogs and start entering in all of the FUN!

also, as everyone knows google friend connect is shutting down july 1st. so please join me as we transition over to blog lovin!

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blast from the past


throw back thursday. to that time when we look sixteen. oh wait we were sixteen! chad and i have been lucky enough to be high school sweethearts. we found each other early on in life and have stuck together since! though we didn't really know what "being in a relationship" entitled. we have made it through the awkward stages, finished college, and tied the knot! 

the stories behind the photos:
1. we used to go ice skating a lot. we still enjoy it but haven't done it in a couple of years
2. we used to match our clothes,yep. in highschool. stripes some days. some days we wore super hero shirts. we were that cool!
3. picture at my parents house. in high school we hung out there almost every single day. looking back i cannot believe we did that. but we did!
4. this is when we started college. 

wow time goes by so fast! linking up for throw back thursday! 

little black t

shirt// aerie (old) pants// gap sunglasses// target shoes// target necklace// thrifted clutch// grandmas old bag

classic pieces in your closet. what are they? for me. it is this black t-shirt (little black t if we will) and olive jeans. i have had these items for years but time and time again they prove themselves to be wonderful pieces. simple. the best part about simple outfits is that they are so easy to dress up. add a few pieces of trendy jewelry and it looks like the pieces are brand new! or you can mix and match classics, for instance the clutch in the photos is my grandmas old bag from 40 years ago. classic, quality items go a long ways! 

as you can tell from the photos... minnesota still has lots of snow.  and all i want is grass! and flowers! (lots and lots of tulips if mother nature will allow) but- doesn't look like that is going to be coming for a bit. so in the meantime while all of the other states get lots of sunshine, i will still be wearing my boots, and jacket. :) but may be stopping by the grocery store to have some tulips indoor. if i can't have spring outdoors might as well bring it in! 

new adventures


 a new job means a new baby to love! i love being a nanny, and as a newlywed it is great birth control :)  i never really thought of myself as a nanny. in college i developed a very ambitious attitude and had the mentality that i was going to get a "big girl job".  however upon graduation i realized i did not have a job. but nannying position opened up, and i thought "hey i like kids!" i love that nannying gives you an insight of what being a mother is like. and though i do not want children for a while, it is a nice tease. you are with kids all day and then you get your nights and weekends free. truly is the best of both worlds. though i do not want to be a nanny for the rest of my life (and most likely will just nanny through graduate school) i really love my job and love that it is my job to take care of children. 

now fast forward. 

 nannying has been my full time job over just over a year. first year was so much fun. i learned a lot about who i am, my so call "parenting style", and got a true insight of what is is like talking care of three girls. 

now we are at the beginning of year two. new family. one sweet little girl. 
this cute little one and i are starting our adventures together and i am excited to see what this next year is like as we venture the city, grow, go do new things, see art, play outside,  try  new foods! and meet new friends. l\

thanks to everyone who had me in their thoughts and prayers as i was searching for a new position!

are you a nanny or a mother? what is your favorite part?

moden window shopping


this weekend chad and i decided to go and do a little window shopping. we went to a newer shop in minneapolis called forage modern workshop, a home decor store. most of the products were from minneapolis/minnesota vendors so it was neat seeing how this store was encompassing all of these brands. we love these minnesota prints! they are so fun and modern. 

 we left feeling inspired, and got all excited for what our home is going to look like. it is fun being a newlywed. you get someone to talk about the future with. your dreams of what you wish your future home to look like. someone to brainstorm with. 

home making is a time consuming thing. i feel like i am constantly looking at magazines, books, and blogs to get new ideas of how i can make the room homier, how to have great lighting, how to make your space relaxing, how to.... the list never ends. but i love it. 

what inspires you in your home decor? what did you do this weekend?

sugar eats


im doing it. i am going on a sugar fast. eeek. if you know me at all. i love sugar. a little too much. i dream about cupcakes, constantly bake cookies, and even carry lemon heads in my car just in case i am in a sugar emergency. but- tomorrow starts my sugar fast. it will be hard. but i need to do it. i have been feeling really sick lately and my body feels heavy so i needed to change something in my diet. i can tell you that this sugar fast will not be something that will be around for too long but it will just be a way to cleanse my body, and readjust from there. 

but i couldn't start a sugar fast until i made at least one more batch of cookies, so i thought i would share them with you (these are kinda healthier cookies!)

maple-oatmeal cookies
recipe from food

3 cups old-fashioned oats
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 cup unsalted butter
1 cup packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 pure maple syrup
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. preheat oven to 350 - stir oats, flour, salt and baking soda. in a second bowl beat butter and sugar on high until pale and fluffy, beat in maple syrup, egg, vanilla, and 1/4 cup water. 

2. put the mixer on low, beat in oat mixture in 2 additions

3. drop dough in rounded teaspoons 2 inches apart onto parchment lined baking sheets (these cookies expand and are very very sticky!) bake until edges are golden (11 minutes or so) make sure to rotate cookies half way through.

let cookies cool on sheets until set. (2 minutes or so) 
**these cookies are VERY good but they are extremely difficult to get off the baking sheets, they are worth the effort, i made them for chad and he loved them. and he doesn't usually like anything even remotely healthy ;)

have you ever given up anything food related? how hard was it (or do i not want to know until this little fast is over?!)

what i am loving... head scarves


head scarves.  do any of you blogging friends wear head scarves? or have you ever made your own? i love em! especially in the summer. you wouldn't believe it but minnesota has extreme weather conditions, crazy winters, very humid summers. so having the hair off your neck to reduce the stickiness is always better. i also love wearing my head scarves out at yoga, working out, or just running to the store. it reminds me of that 50's house wife look, which i think is soo adorable

 (some days i wish that we would bring back some of the fashion statements of that previous era, like those cute head scarves audrey hepburn would always wear.. i want to pull it off so badly!)

anyway. i made this head scarf from an old scarf. did a little recycling ;) but basically i just cut the fabric  and formed it into a headband. bam. easily done. i have done this with a couple of other scarves and i just love the look. its chic, simple, and honestly it helps with those really bad hair days. like the one i am having today ;)

with that happy friday everyone! what do you have going on this weekend? i have to do a little work, but hopefully it wont be too bad! have a great weekend! 

ps sorry about the odd picture sizes today, my computer was having troubles adjusting them but hopefully i will be able to fix it today once i am home. 

college girl needs her books


so if you are like the thousands of people out there, you have been one of those people who have had to spend a fortune on your college textbooks. and though i do love reading my text books, after the semester most of them collect dust off in some corner (mine being at my parents house... sorry mom and dad!) but good new folks. you can rent! 

i have a new love for renting text books (or renting anything really). it is awesome deal for the thrifty student. and as a result you are able to save money to put towards tuition (or what real college students do, use the money for food, clothes, and housing) 

with that. let me introduce you to CampusBookRentals.coms

campus book rentals is an agency that helps you save money as a college student! (if only i would have done this for my undergraduate career...)

benefits from renting text books from campus book rentals:

text books are 40-90% cheaper then the book store prices
there is free shipping BOTH ways to return your rented text book
you are able to highlight in your books ( a major benefit for highlighting freaks like me!)
there is flexible renting periods
and the bets part about campus book rentals is they also work to fund a non-profit as a part of their business practices. 
campus book rentals offers the rent back program, where students are able to indepedently rent out their text books to other students (and make 2-4x more then if you were to sell your book back!)

what you do if with that extra money you saved majorly on textbook costs? go check out campus book rentals today! 

read, dream, wear, need


Untitled #5

who else is spring dreaming? i sure am. here's my quick list of reads, dreams, wears, and needs.

read: kate spade things that we love
i am really wanting to read this book, get a little inspired, she has great fashion sense and decor style that i am falling more in love with everyday.

dream: these guess sunglasses have me craving sun, i love these frames!

wear: a staple in the heather word these days, scarves and lipstick

need: dogwood espresso, my favorite locally roasted coffee

all of spring fever inside of me has me craving pink.  i want light pinks, corals, bright pinks, bumble gum pink, . and i never have thought of myself being a pinky person. anyone have a favorite pink gloss, or a pink clothing item that you like to wear? how are you containing your spring fever?

love you more than cupcakes


1// new polka dot  shirt 2// sunny day in minnesota 3// doughnuts at a new shop- glam doll doughnuts 5// my love eating his treats 7// window shopping 8-10// checked out an eastern european bakery 

how was everyones weekend? they always go by so fast. this was a good weekend. i had a little break from all of the craziness with school so i was actually fully able to enjoy it. chad and i hung out with lots of friends, went window shopping in the city, and at this new doughnut in south minneapolis. if you are in minneapolis you gotta check out glam doll doughnuts, let me just tell you it may or may not change your life. 

the weather has still been fantastic- i can actually handle being outside and not being completely freezing.

what did you do? linking up with sami for the weekly update!

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