if you wanted to know, 6... or 20 things about us


i am loving the buzz of everyone posting the "six things about me". and then there was the buzz on instagram of the "20 things about me". because i felt like i wanted to play both games that i was tagged for but didn't want to come up with 26 things, i combined the two and have come up with twenty things about us  (can i do that? because i am.) i tried doing just me, but i felt like it was more fun to share about us.

 so thanks to laurieambershio  and the friends on instagram for tagging. here are twenty things about us.

20 things about us.

1. she wears denim shirts way too often. or denim dresses.  he loves raw denim jeans. we are denim lovers.
2. we both were born and raise here in minnesota, and have never left. he talks about leaving. she isn't sure.
3. we have become more city people vs. suburb people
4. we both attended college in minneapolis and studied very different things. anthropology and graphic design.
5. she loves to bake, and he loves to eat the baked goods
6. when she comes home from work she wants ice cream, he wants a beer
7. if she could, she would love to go out to coffee with jane austen, and he would choose
8. every day starts with some type of coffee. either espresso, or coffee via chemex. and in the summer we always have coldpress (iced coffee) in the fridge
9. we are excellent travelers. and love doing it together
10.... and are already starting to plan our next big trip, italy 2014!
11.  she goes for dark chocolate, he goes for starburst 
12. she tends to spill everythinghe never spills
13. he proposed at the family cabin while they were fishing. before that weekend she had never ever caught a fish.
14. she reads a book every night before bed and he reads on the ipad
15. sometimes she feels like her life is a fairy tail, especially when he sings along to a country love song 
16. he would eat frozen jack's pizza everyday for the rest of his life if she let him
17.  she loves all of the seasons. he loves all of the seasons except winter.
18.  we collect old coffee tins. and postcards of each place we travel to. 
19. she always looses her phone places. and forgets to check it. he always finds her phones, and checks his constantly
20. our first date was at a park under the stars. 

so who wants to play along, either for the six things or the twenty things. 

my questions/suggestions/am interested in hearing:
what is your go to outfit
if you could go out to coffee with anyone, past or present, who would it be
what is one dream for your future
where did you meet your boyfriend/fiance/husband
do you believe in love at first sight
what do you want to be when you "grow up"
do you have the names of your future kids picked out
why did you start blogging
what is one food you could not live with out
when was your first kiss

i tag devinkate, and jasmine, and anyone else join along! 


  1. Yay! Thanks for tagging me. These were cute -- love the way you did "she" and "he" all the way through. Him reading the iPad and her reading a book before bed sounds awfully familiar! :)

    Can't wait to play!


  2. 6, 7, and 11 YES! and 20, that's our first kiss story :)

    I might answer your questions for the fun of it:)

  3. Awe!!!! Such a sweet, sweet story! Loved all your answers!!! Ya'll are too cute!

  4. Coffee with Jane Austen?! YES PLEASE. How awesome would that be? Love your list. So cute!

  5. This is so cute! Thanks for tagging me! I love #15. :)

  6. How fun is this! #7 all the way!!! I'm reading Northanger Abbey right now!

  7. ugh, you two are adorable! SO excited for you to go to italy! i'm even more excited to gawk over the photos when you get back!

  8. haha numbers 6, 8, 9, 14, are spot on with my hubby and me! I think we'd have a lot in common if we were to all meet one day!

  9. Oh mah goodness, you two are darling in every way. Just loving it!

  10. This is adorable!! You guys really like coffee haha. M would eat frozen pizza all day everyday too. Guys...


  11. aww fun post. loved learning more about your both! :) and i've been craving a lot of ice cream lately too... :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  12. This is such a fun post! I love it! I totally relate with the denim thing. I always feel like I wear it to often.


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