please don't mind...


please don't mind the silence around this place this past week. i have been a tiny tiny bit busy with finishing up my coursework for the summer semester. it is finals week and i have a whole lot to do still. like 2, 15+ page papers. oops. good thing i have my best friend espresso close by.

and on top of the joys of writing papers and finishing up my class, my lovely sister, laurel, who has just returned from her bike trip, is leaving me on monday to go back to colorado for school. though i do colorado. i love her more and wish she was going to be around for a little bit longer.

so if you could, pray for me to stay focused with the lots of school work i have left (but have to be done by friday, meaning only two more days!)... and that i won't be too devastated when laurel leaves me, thanks ;)


  1. i like your sandal tan lines. good luck!!!!

  2. Good luck girl! I'll pray everything comes together for your classes! I'm not going to lie though I would probably ball like a baby if one of my sisters was leaving for Colorado! You'll just have to visit her in that beautiful state:)

  3. good luck on all your school work! you can get through it! just have plenty of coffee and snacks nearby : )


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