what type of camera do you use?
a lot of times we use our iphones. they are just always there to capture those unexpected moments. otherwise we do use our nikon d40x. however as of january 2014, we have upgraded to using a Panasonic Lumix G5

how do you edit your photos?
on the iphone, afterlight and vsco. otherwise photoshop

i want to be a runner, how do i start?
running is a total mental thing. and guess what, anyone can be a runner! i never considered myself to be a runner until recently. to be honest i could hardly run a mile. but after finding some good playlists, getting some nice shoes, i convinced myself i could be a runner. if you want to become a runner, you have to start slowly. do short distances.  go around a lake. go for a mile. walk a mile. then keep adding on. before you know it you will be able to run 1, 3, 5, or even 10 miles! dont quit, you can totally do it!

where do you shop?
i shop all over the place. i stop at boutiques, i go to thrift stores, and go to the mall. if you had to ask me where the majority of my clothes are from i would say jcrew, anthro, madewell and gap. i try to buy quality items and always think less is more. i buy a few trendy tops a season, and mix and match them. i believe in splurging on one scarf a season. they add such a great eliminate to your style. 

where do you find your cooking inspiration?
blogs*, martha stewart, and my reading. the majority of my reading tends to be about cooking, so i find recipes in those too. 

what does chad do?
he works in advertising as a graphic designer. 

what are you studying in school?
public health! i would love to work in a university setting as a professor. but until then i will most likely work as a researcher or at a health department. 

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  1. I love this! Linked over from Sunshine to Square Inch :) I'm a runner too! I just visited Minnesota for the first time in May to see a friend of mine who lives in Minneapolis. I loved it! Seriously, I am a huge fan of MN. It was awesome. Just followed you on Twitter. Social media for the win!


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