happy friday!


happy labor day friday everyone! i hope that you have some fun filled plans for the last weekend of summer.

chad and i are heading the the state fair (basically the best thing invented since christmas), going to do pedal pub (a pub on wheals that you bike around minneapolis in) for a friends birthday, and  i am going to make more zucchini bread, because it is zucchini season :)  (make, bake, freeze, repeat)

we will also probably head to the farmers market, and pick up some more tomatoes. i potted one tomato plant at home, but have been eating them non-stop everyday and have completely run out of my own stock. i haven't even gotten the chance to can any or freeze up these delicious fresh tomatoes, so i gotta go to plan b, and go and get some from the market. hopefully they will be just as tasty!

what do you have going on for the long weekend, i hope it includes some relaxing!

**photos from a walk with the little girl around the north loop before a story time the other day**

other side note:

minneapolis has been hot. therefore my hair has been up or off to the side everyday this week. i have also worn nothing but dresses. thank the lord for comfy, breezy dresses


  1. I do not envy the Midwest weather right now! We were just visiting family in Iowa and good gracious.... Even though the heat was pretty dry, it was just awful. I may complain about all the rain we get here in Western NC, but visiting the middle of the country definitely made me a little grateful for it!

    Have a good weekend! Sounds like you have some glorious plans.

    ps. your hair looks awesome pulled back. I don't even try with mine-- it just doesn't work ;).

  2. These pictures are so sweet! I remember seeing the pedal pub on an episode of Real World once and I definitely want to try that mess out. Looks amazing! Happy Labor Day to you! :)

  3. So sad we're not going to make it to the fair this year! Hope you have fun! And I have ALWAYS wanted to do a pedal pub, even though I don't like beer. It just looks like such a blast! Have a great long weekend lady!

  4. i have heard of a pedal pub but never seen or done one!! hope it was fun :)

  5. when I was in MN, I went to the farmer's market. it was the BEST. i really want to go back and get some more made-in-MN honey. I'm all out.

  6. Adorable!

    You must really like tomatoes!


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