a nontraditional midwest fall


woah woah and woah, how in the world is it already the last week in october?! man, this fall, it's been a quick one! this year my fall wasn't the typical midwestern fall where you spend hours drinking tea, crunching through leaves, or apple picking. which is sad, because i love all of those fall things. but it has been one filled with adventure. over the past two months i have been in 5 states and 3 countries. kind of crazy!! but nonetheless. im still diggin this whole fall thing. and loving how cool plaid is, you know now days you can mix and match different plaids, layer it all together, and be looking cool! im into it. know what else has been inspiring me lately? american made! that is why i love these fun pieces from stormy kromer, and, you can too!  all honeebee readers can get 20% off their purchase using the code: SAVE20HK that way if you have felt like you have missed out from all of the good, traditional midwest things, you can snag a few items and pretend to ride out the rest of the season with these products.

outfit details: shirt// madewell vest// stormy kromer  hat// stormy kromer 

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