sprummery things


top: jcrew shorts: nordstrom sunglasses: target

sprummer. yes this is the term i made up and continuously uses through out the entire weekend. spring + summer = sprummer. chad may or may not be on board with the term, silly boy! minnesota went from having a mini snow storm monday evening to having glorious summery weekend. temperatures were in the 70s, it was amazing! it was also the first weekend to wear shorts comfortably. its practically like a holiday.

so cheers to the sprummery weekend and to the many more like it!

glam dolls


doughnuts for breakfast. probably the best idea ever. over the weekend i decided to take my old nanny girls out to spend time with them (and because i really miss seeing these girls on a daily basis). so, knowing children and my self, i thought that getting doughnuts would be a great idea! we headed over to glam doll doughnuts located on eat street in minneapolis. the girls were just tickled pink that first of all they could eat sugary, pretty, doughnuts, and secondly that the whole place was filled with 50s decor. they thought it was so cool. 

** we decided to get a few and spilt them, this one pictured is the chocolate salted caramel, my weakness!**

**little natalie, wearing her sunnies, being like her old nanny **

**the cutest little (kinda little ) girl**

it was such a great day spent with three little "glam dolls". i am so blessed to have children constantly surround me in my life. they make everything better!

what did you do this weekend?

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the perfect spring shoe


you know that moment when you fun the perfect spring shoes. light weight , bright, and cute. well i found my spring shoe! this minty beauty i found at target and was excited for it to be "the spring shoe" but as I wore this new beauties out for the first time i ended up with both feet being so blistered that i can't even wear shoes with any type of back for the next several days. my running shoes will not be laced up, heals won be worn and i will be rocking my no back sandals. thank you to my dear friend kelly for lending me some sandals friday night, she truly was a life savior ;)

what do your springy shoes look like, hopefully they don't give you blisters like mine did!

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sunny days


happy friday everyone! just a quick little post , the weather is beyond beautiful so very little time will be spent indoors( not even for homework, i have a week off from classes! ) hope that you have a fun fills weekend. mine will be filled with lots of sun, long walks, and bike rides around the lakes. :)

what are your fun plans for the weekend?

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spring have you sprung?!



i am wanting to wear my summer clothes. but they are still packed up. minnesota has been on a crazy weather kick (and i know i have let everyone know, but seriously guys its nuts) and we have had several feet of snow... in april! but, great news, even though we did have a mini blizzard monday, it finally warmed up and i was able to take a walk. and even better they are saying 70s this weekend! 

** photo in san juan from our honeymoon last january**

**photo from my walk yesterday, notice the lake is still half frozen!**

... i have been eating even more ice cream then usual. for me, spring means ice cream, and though we have had a very abnormal spring i am still going to keep eating ice cream!

... finger puppets have been the rage lately at work. it is always fun entertaining a 10 month baby by doing this :)

what have you been up to lately? link up your instagram/life photos here!

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looping for brunch


this weekend i...

.... got to go to brunch at my favorite place with my favorite guy! we decided we needed a relaxing sunday, the past week was a busy one and i had a major project due that evening, so we squeezed in some fun activities while we could! i got the italian buckwheat pancake that had a pear topping, and it was so delicious that i am dying to figure out a way to remake this at home. 

**staying dry ;) **

**the cutest little home-goods shop called foundry**

... did a little window shopping in the north loop. the north loop is a cute part of minneapolis that is filled with several old buildings that have turned into adorable shops. the majority of the products that a sold in these shops are american made, which is a fun way to support local business. i love going to these shops because i find so much inspiration for my dress and home decor.

the whole little date was a fun way to relax before i had to power through my assignment. 
did i mention i am still thinking about those pancakes?!

what did you do this weekend? 
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three months oh my!


yesterday marked our three months of marriage. we have successfully ended the first season together as a married couple (yet, the snow hasn't melted yet... common minnesota!) it literally seems like yesterday we had gathered at the beautiful minneapolis city hall. but here we are, three months later and we are still alive ;)

this first season was slightly surreal. we had to get used to living with one another, got to on on a fabulous honeymoon, and have begun experiencing what taking care of one another is like. it was a fun one. 
 now to start our second season together, the spring!
i am excited to see what this season of material bliss will bring us.

life lately...



....my heart is broken for all of the tragedies that our country is facing. i pray for boston and texas. and all of the families that were hurt.

...i am on a big salad kick! i always get on a new food kick every week. this week my favorites are salad, cilantro, and cupcakes. and lucky for me my boss treated me to a cupcake yesterday. just to help my kick ;)

... i have been making chad go on lots of walks with me because i am still on my 10,000 step kick. he isn't always thrilled because the weather here is still winter like... (see that snow) but he still does it for me :) 

... i was able to having some girls over for a fun night of games, desert and wine. all around win! 

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new blog lovin'


so great news. i bought my domain name for the blog. and lots of things will be changing as a result of that (new name, honee bee! new theme, different look, improved posts) but i need your help. because i changed my url, i lost my blog lovin' followers. can you refollow with this new button? thanks! 

handsome bike shop

recently i got to check out and go to a happy hour the newest bike shop to the minneapolis area called handsome. it is a really neat venue that is filled with all of your basic city biking needs. it has an awesome feel to it and is designed beautifully!

 if you didn't already know, minneapolis is one of the largest bike cities in the country, which is slightly crazy if you think about how much of the year is spent in snow. but, some of those bikers are much more hard core then that and make it through the minnesota winters. i personally love to bike and think it is a great way to get around. when i lived downtown i would bike daily. however now being out in the suburbs (hopefully not for too much longer), i don't bike nearly as often. but as soon as the snow thaws away, i will be back pedaling around those beautiful minnesota lakes! if you are every in the minneapolis area, make sure to check out handsome cycles! 

what do you like to do in your city?
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