euro trip!


well, we are back at it again... chad and i are headed to europe, as we speak! in 2015 we vowed to do more travel, little did we know how much traveling we would be doing. it has been incredible, and trips keep falling into place. on this up and coming trip we are headed to france (paris area), beligium (bruge and bruseels) and amsterdam! i couldn't be more excited to go explore this beautiful places (and eat the yummy food!) is there any must sees? any tips for traveling? we have a pretty flexible schedule and will be doing a lot of things on a whim!

summer weddings


a few weeks back our friend andrew shot this fun video of chad and friends at a wedding.. pretty sums up why i love summer, lakes & friends. this video also features one of my favorite brands, JORD.

JORD from AJ Molle on Vimeo.
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