ice cream sleep talking


dear chad we had the funniest conversation while you slept talked for fifteen minutes last night. i got home and you had fallen asleep, i thought i was being nice and cute and brought you some ice cream, however you didn't want it (well you thought you told me you didn't want it while you were sleeping) and started talking about how you really wanted to buy a car. after talking for fifteen minutes you finally woke up. and you were so bummed i ate your cream cone, snooze you loose ;) dear sun please stay a while! minnesota misses you. and i still haven't been done to the lakes to do some biking since you aren't around. so do us a favor, and come this weekend! dear summer hair i'm not sure what to do with you. you don't curl quite like you used to... and you don't keep straight either. what is a girl suppose to do?! dear anthro can't wait to stop by this weekend. i have some birthday money and this girl is in need for some new summer pieces!

i really hope summer decides to stay around this weekend. i am dying to just do everything outside. cook outside. play outside. hang out outside. anything outdoors! so pray that it doesn't rain. ;)

what do you have planned this weekend? 
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beYOutiful winners


well! the contest is over and we have several winners from the beYOUtiful giveaway. check down below to see if your entry won!

beYOUtiful You Giveaway Winners!

Please email dani: dani AT lovemedanimare DOT com within 48 hours to claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen. Please place your prize as the subject line.

Justine B.: AD space on Love Caroline
Amanda Deserres: Bow Necklace and Earrings set
Samantha Bower: Hello Sign
Sara and Sel Camarillo: Leaf Earrings
Alicia John: Turban Headband
Brittany Christensen: Honee Bee AD space and OPI Nail Polish
Ana Wang: $10.00 credit to The Glitter Revival
Cara Howard: Bracelet from fl{h}air
Riley White: Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook
Heather Black: Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook
Shelby Close: $10 PayPal Credit
Sarah Collier: $15.00 Michaels Gift Card
Kailey Varble: Flower Clip/Broach
Amberly Lambertsen: $10.00 Amazon Gift Card
Elaina Johnson: Necklace and Earring Set
Catherine Chamberlin: Micky London Bangle Bracelet
Zoe Diaz: High Heels and Training Wheels AD space
Cari Shakespear: Proclamation
Paige Phillips: Essie Nail Polish
Madisen Langeveld: Red Bubble Necklace
Pamela Bakers: Nail Polish Set

my life lately...

my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram feed 

 1// reading at the park, my new favorite thing to do. ps if you haven't read bread and wine yet, you should. great book! 2// chad picked some lilacs for me, and it makes the house smell amazing. he is so thoughtful 3// it has been raining non stop lately in minnesota. which isn't always fun but it makes everything look SO beautiful. always gotta think of the positive 4// chad and i going on a mini road trip... actually we were just car shopping ;)
 5// more green, cannot get enough of the beauty of it all 6// found a picture of my grandma and i over twenty years ago. if you look in the right of the photo you can see the building with the green roof, thats the minneapolis city hall, and is where chad and i got married! 7// aster cafe. they have amazing orange chocolate scones 8// the cutest little girl and i

9// little girl getting so cute and curious 10// i love babies laughs.

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to the market!


 all i wanted for my birthday was to spend time outdoors. and mother nature gave me the best gift, sunshine! so, i had to take full advantage of this. i called my good friends from college, katie and megan up and we decided to go down to the nicollet mall farmers market. the streets were extra alive with the warm sun shining down on us.
**aren't my friends pretty?**** had to get these cinnamon roasted almonds, so good**
**fun red door we used to always pass when we would walk around downtown during college, it is crazy to me how long i have already known these friends (nearly five years!), and that college is forever done. and that i am half way through graduate school. time flies. **
 **chad got me salt water sandals for my birthday! yippie! **

we ended the birthday celebrations with frozen yogurt and a long walk. what could you ask else could you ask for on your birthday? friends, farmers market, frozen yogurt. all before 5pm. :) 

what did you do this weekend? linking up with sami


SMART goals


Hi guys! I am over at The Dwelling Tree talking about my SMART goals, so go check it out! and follow Tiffany, she is great! 

memorial day plans: grilling and sunshine


happy memorial day weekend! i hope that you get to spend time outdoors, grilling out or vacationing with family and friends. this weekend chad and i will not be going up to the family cabin, rather just hang low with some friends and celebrate my birthday with my side of the family!

however, i hope that we do get to get some grilling in. i made this a few weeks ago on the grill and it turned out great. so, if you are looking for a good grill recipe, you have met your match ;) i made this for just the two of us, but if you needed to make more, just double or triple the recipe!

grilled out chicken and potatoes 

2 garlic cloves minced
1/4 cup white wine
1/4 cup olive oil
3 tablespoons fresh thyme
coarse salt and ground pepper
2 chicken breast
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon garlic powder 

1. heat the grill to medium, fold two 4-foot sheets of aluminium foil in half. put potatoes on each layer. cover potatoes, crimp the edges and ensure it is sealed. put on the grill. cook for 25 minutes, flipping half way through. 

2. while potatoes are cooking, make the chicken marinade. whisk together oil, wine, garlic, vinegar, and thyme. add chicken to the marinade and let marinate for 10-30 minutes. 

3. put  chicken on the grill and cook until browned and cooked through. 

4. remove potatoes from the grill, mix with butter and garlic powder. 

serve with a salad and if you so desire, beer goes great with this meal! 

what are your plans for memorial day weekend? any good food you plan on making? 

birthday lately's


it has been such a good week. the weather has been a little gloomy and rainy. but some weeks i really enjoy that. it means extra days that i get to wear my hunters ;)

and this week has been *extra* great because it is birthday week! i am feeling even more loved by family and friends who all have blessed me so much, with calls, texts, and shout outs on social media, i am thankful for all of you! in person friends or blogging friends, you all have attributed to my happiness on this day! 

with that, here is what has been going on lately via chad and my iphones! 

 **flash back to my second birthday, barney style, please tell me my looks have improved since then ;) also barney looks a little discolored here... 

chad made me breakfast this morning (and got me flowers) (i was in a rush and just snapped this photo realizing that i cut out both the breakfast and the flowers... oops!) what a great man, and then my sisters came over and brought me coffee (and were also my nice alarm clock, they called me at 6:45am, singing happy birthday, what better way to wake up?!)

what a great start to my morning, and to top it off, it's not gloomy today! **

 ** little baby and nanny adventure to the MIA yesterday, she was being so cute. we went to the MIA a few months ago, and she loved it then, but it is fun to see what things capture her attention now that she is 11 months vs. 9 months, way too entertaining!**
**got coffee with one of my best friend katie young, so blessed to have her in my life. i brought her to one of my favorite coffee shops in the cities (yes people, i know i may have a slight coffee shop problem) , spyhouse. it was a rainy day so the coffee was extra delicious. but apparently everyone had the same great idea to go get coffee because there was no where to sit! **

see how great birthday week has been so far? thanks again for everyone who has made it special! tonight (today is my actual birthday) chad is taking me out to dinner. hopefully it stays sunny out so we can go a little walk around minneapolis before our dinner starts. and of course he told me we could go get desert. best husband ever ;)


what have you been up to lately? have some fun iphone/instagram photos to share? link up with us! 

beYOUtiful you giveaway!


Hi girls! Oh how I am so excited about the beYOUtiful you giveaway. I am pairing up with the amazing girls below to bring you the greatest giveaway ever! 
20 prizes, 20 winners!! 
This is a giveaway you want to make sure to enter.

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The prizes!

Not Pictured: 
$15.00 to Michaels
1 Lage Ad Space on Honee Bee and OPI Nail Polish 
1 200x200 Ad Space on High Heels and Training Wheels
$10.00 Shop Credit on The Glitter Revival
1 Essie Nail Polish
$10.00 Gift Card to Amazon 
1 Large Ad Space on Love Caroline Blog with Introduction Post
1 Hello Wood Cut Finished Word
Red Bubble Necklace
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$10.00 PayPal Cash

birthday wish list


birthday wish list

well... my birthday is in two days (thursday)! i always love having a spring birthday because it is the perfect seasons for picnics. not too hot, not too cold. and to me the perfect way to spend your birthday is with a little ice cream, outside doing a picnic, with my family.   so i thought i would put a little wish list together of my desired picnic needs!

i also had to add in a lot of books in there. because you know how i love to read. i really could do a whole diagram of just books that i want to read... but i suppose i should save that for another day ;)

what are your favorite picnic needs?

a backyard wedding


it was my beautiful best friend from college's wedding this past weekend. it was so fun, seeing how her relationship has grown and blossomed into a beautiful thing. and isn't she a beautiful bride! her wedding was beautiful rustic backyard wedding and was so fitting of her.

because i was in the wedding i wasn't able to capture many of the precious moments while katie and brock were on stage, katie walking down the asile. etc. but, it was a beautiful day and i was so blessed to be apart of it all! 

**my handsome husband and i**


**fun sparkler send off**

congrats katie and brock, i wish you both a world of happiness!

happy days running


so the  first week back go working out was a success! and i felt so good( not to mention i lost a pound!)! like i said last week, my health habits have been slacking lately... but i have regained motivation, and started to be more fit again. i am so much more happier when this is apart of my life. and the runner's high is amazing. hopefully i will be able to keep my goals up and run another half marathon this year! 

fit report

wednesday 5 mile run
thursday 4 mile rub
friday 3 mile rollerblade

and lots of walking inbetween!

i really wanted to get some more runs in last week.. but because it was my lovely friends wedding over the weekend , i wasn't able to get them in. however i was able to do a little dancing on the dance floor ;)

chad and i have both decided to start exercising more so our goal is to do 2-3 work outs in the mornings before work. i realize that i love working out in the morning. and if i wait till after work, there is a very high probability that the workout will not be happening, ha!

even if i know i won't be able to get a work out in, i try to at least do some walking to be a little bit active. yesterday i was busy catching up, doing things around the house and kinda ran out of time to go for a run, but chad and i decided to go out on a walk and it was so beautiful. the sky was filled with beautiful colors and  it almost looked like we were in a tropical area.

so, even though i didn't get my work out in- i was able to spend some time outside, doings something active with the one i love. 

how was your fit goals this week?
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