every (smart) girl needs a pair of glasses


i'm not sure about you,  but ever since i was a little girl i have always loved glasses. i remember when i was eight, totally faking out the eye doctor to try and have him give me a pair of glasses. needless to say, it didn't work (and little heather was heart broken). but as the years went on, i eventually did need glasses for a slight prescription (and the little girl inside me went hooray! actually not much has changed, "big heather" still says hooray!)

the real reason why i love glasses is because they make me look smart. ha! there is something about a lady cuddled up with a book, wearing her glasses and sipping tea. just classy ;) as i have progressed my way through graduate school i have become more dependent on my glasses, all of those days spent reading and writing papers, developing presentations, and so forth that i really do feel like my glasses are the reason why i am so smart ;) or at least that is what i tell myself those late nights and early mornings.

this little glasses post may be completely random and scattered, because i am working on completing my last major paper for my masters degree (while wearing my glasses) and i needed something else to think about when it hit me, that my glasses bring me the inspiration ;) and with that,  this glasses graduate student is going to head back to the assignment and not waste any more of her precious time making up the reasons why she loves wearing her glasses. but, wouldn't you agree, that all smart girls need a pair of glasses!?

glasses c/o firmoo (check out their great selection of glasses for a great and reasonable price!)
shirt tj maxx
pants american eagle
purse coach

life lately


three things about life lately:

1. we're moving! husband and i have found an adorable little home for us in south minneapolis right by one of our favorite lakes. we are beyond excited to start this next chapter of our lives. currently our living space is very tiny. we essentially live in a studio, which will make packing quite easy since there are so few items.   hooray!

2. i am in my last course of graduate school and the end is so, so close. next up is my field experience and then this lady here will be a mph graduate. i'm starting to wonder... what am i going to do with no school?

3. it's chad's birthday week. though the birthday festivities may actually start this week, we have been celebrating all month long. earlier in the month i decided to give chad his birthday present a few weeks early because i could hardly contain myself and was afraid i was going to spill the beans. i am getting extra excited now because now it is officially the week. birthdays are the best.

**new favorite treat, coconut macroons, so simple and delicious!**

what have you been up to lately?

random acts of food


as many of you know, i love to bake and cook, especially for others. food brings people together, think about it. you meet a friend for coffee, grab a cocktail after work, or go hangout over a meal. it is the driving force of all friendships! with this, you can't get to those important people in your lives. i mean you want to, but simply stated there are not enough hours in the day. i've started to do random acts of food instead to share my love for people by sending them or dropping off a sweet little treat. i know it is dorky, but i can't help it. what is better then homemade cookies found in your mailbox? nothing ;)

with this, i have found the best little website (moo.com)that lets you make custom stickers to put on anything. you can put them little packages of cookies, you can personalize cards, honestly, you can do whatever you would want, all customized to what you need! think personalized card with personalized "made with love from your dear friend heather marie" , with a nice little treat. it can't get any better (okay, maybe i am going a little over board..)anyway! i love being able to personalize my stationary and i love sharing food with friends. want to be my friend ;) 

make sure to check out Moo and all of their great items! 

another year older, another year wiser?


it was my birthday a few weeks ago and it was a good one. the majority of the day, or let's say the week was spent outdoors, going on long walks, exploring cute parts of minnesota, and yummy yummy treats. the sun was shining and chad got me my favorite chocolate cake from wuollet bakery (and because i loved it so much,  i am thinking that i should get it for chad's birthday too, i mean who wouldn't want a delicious cake from wullots for their birthday?!)... because we take birthdays pretty seriously, we celebrated, not just saying "birthday weekend" but hardcore celebrated all weekend long. luckily for me, it was memorial day weekend, meaning there was an extra day to celebrate, hooray!

each year that birthday sneaks around what seems to be faster and faster. how am i another year older? i see more wrinkles. i at times feel more tired. i feel slightly more wiser, or i like to think so. but i love seeing how i've grown. so much happens in a year. this past year was a year of self discovery. up until this point i felt like i had it all together, i thought i knew what i liked, i was married, i thought i was "done" growing. but... you know, that is never true.

  but i have to say, i love taking time to see what has developed over the past year.

things i learned:
that i really, really love cooking. in every aspect. this past year of my life i cooked more then i ever had before, i read more about it, i learned new techniques. i now can say that instead of thinking i can cook, i know i actually can cook. and chad will testify to this ;)

plants make me happy. starting my little garden has brought me such joy. i have started to try and focus on finding little things that make me happy, and not people. not that people are bad, and that don't bring you joy. but i think as humans we become so dependent on relying on others to make us feel good, when indeed it is up to ourselves to determine our happiness. what makes you tick? what makes you feel good? i never really put focus on this until this year and it truly is liberating. why did i never explore the things that brought me joy? why did i think my happiness was contingent on someone else. either way, this is a growing area for me and one that i will continue to explore in this next year of my life. and to say the least, plants make me happy, and i know this. and i am going to continue to find things that bring me joy.

i am more of an introvert then i thought. i never thought i was an introvert. and then i got busier. and then i would continue to fill my time with things and people, never allowing myself to have a break. and then, in january, i reached a breaking point. i realized that i did not focus on myself. i thought i loved being with people (and i really do), but, that i truly needed alone time to function and to give me rest. i was running out of energy, and had little to give. with that, i learned, hey, i thought i was an extrovert for so many years, and not that i am not an extrovert now ( i am for sure), but i do need alone time to function and will have no energy if i don't allow myself any.

television is boring books are more fun (not a big surprise)

sitting at an office for 8 hours is tough. i worked as a nanny full time for two years, and last march i have changed fields and now am working in a desk. granted, this job may be more of a resume builder, but man is it tough sitting at a desk. hey, it is a learning experience isn't it?

so here is my little rant about growing up. this adulthood stuff throws me off all. the. time.

i think i got it all figured it out,and then i go through a tough spot. i learn more about who i am. but each year, i look back on my year of self discovery and am proud of how i have come.

do you do a little self discovery on your birthday? what age do you wish you could rewind to?

dress// anthropologie shoes// target glasses// old navy

to the market!


to the market!

one of the many reasons i love summer, is... farmers market!

fresh produce, walking around outside, talking to local farmers and makers. yes, yes ,yes! 
i love it all.

there are several fun markets to go explore in the minneapolis area. the other day my sister was in 
town and we ventured to the minneapolis farmers market over looking the river. 
we walked around and listened to the live music. it was heavenly.

trips for a successful farmers market..
one-start by wearing a big comfy dress, one that you won't get too warm in.
 two- grab your favorite sunnies and your market bag, and off to the market you go. 
three- pick up some local flowers, to help make your home smell wonderful.
four-  put on that sunscreen! sun cancer never did anyone any good.
 five- ensure you connect with the farmers and makers. find out where that honey came from, 
see how the food was grown, get ideas of how you should prepare it. 

our trip to the mountains


happy june! wow, how in the world is it june?! time does fly..

a few weeks back, my family and i made the trip out to colorado for my sister's graduation. boy do i love that state.  my sister has lived out there for the past several years, so i have frequented denver quite a bit over the years and fall more in love with it every visit.

first off, the weather. there are 300 days of sunshine people! minnesota, not so much. but mother nature must have been wanting to pull a nice joke on us because during our little trip we hardly had sun, it even snowed!

secondly, the views everywhere you go. the mountains! the rivers! how green it is!
i am trying to connivance chad that a move out west is completely necessary ;) or really anywhere to escape these midwest winters! that itch to move out of state is getting stronger then ever... hey, maybe colorado you'll be it ;)

**denver had so many awesome coffee shop, it was great for the coffee lover and explores chad and i, we were in heaven!**

anyway, my family and i had such a great time exploring the great state of colorado. we did a wide range of things including hiking, eating amazing food, and just hanging around. colorado we will be back, maybe even for a extended stay sometime soon.

i have to say, the photos never do justice to the beautiful mountains. we love you colorado.
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