dessert at tiffany's


I had my final bridal shower a few weeks ago, with the lovely theme of breakfast at tiffany's again, just because my sisters know that I love Audrey Hepburn that much :)

instead of a brunch, we had beautiful, lovely, deserts. it was my type of party! especially the pudding that was made, it was so good, and I am not much of a pudding fan. 
as always I feel so blessed to see all of my friends and family gather together to support chad and I. it is an amazing thing.

1// food 2// food 3// decor 4// sis & friends 5// group photo of the shower 6// katie, casey, and I- friends with bling 7// some of my lovely friends 8// college girls 9// bridesmaids that hosted the shower 10// my favorite choco friend! 11// my mentor 12// high school friends

it is sad that all of my showers are officially over now but I am excited for the new few things... bachelorette party.. and of course the WEDDING! 52 days until the big day!

paper needs


paper items

tis the season to stock up on paper goods! I personally love fun stationary and think it is important to find stationary that fits you. with modern technology letter writing and card sending isn't as common but I still think it is very important to make an effort to do these things, and I am proud to say that I do have a couple of pen pals out there ( know who you are!)

here is what I use each of these items for:
1. kraft paper labels

I love kraft paper anything. I found some great kraft wrapping paper at the dollar store and use it for almost all of my gift wrappings. It is a classic look that by adding ribbon or bows, you can make into beautiful creations!

2. assorted cards
I always have associated cards on file, you never know when you will need to send a friend a note of encouragement, write a thank you, or a note to your boy ;) target just began carrying a line called Mara Mia and I am a little obsessed. for a target line, the card products is GREAT!

3. moleskin notebook
this is a must for me. I use my moleskin notebook daily, and just purchased the moleskin planner. it is a great, simple and sleek way to keep your life together. the paper quality is great and is a very durable notebook, something that still remains alive in my purse ;)

4. rifle paper co notebooks
if you have never been to rifle paper co site you have to check it out. she makes an assortment of beautiful products that I LOVE. they sell some of her products at card shops and at anthropologie 

5. rifle paper co card
once again. I love her products. they are soo cute. always a perfect occasion to use those!

6. washi tape
perfect to spice up kraft paper items or just add a cute touch!

7. a fun pen
though I do not own this fun ice cream pen, it is fun! when using paper goods always have a fun, good pen. :) 

what are your paper needs?

how well do you know the couple


here is a little Q & A about chad and I and our wedding planning process

where did the couple have their first date?
well we were in high school, so our big date was going to look for an old bridge, we went to a local park, star gazed, ate caramel apples, and talked. it was really cute back in the day ;) then after a while we officially started going on dates so we would make trips downtown and started to go on our adventures

what are the wedding colors?
gold and maroon-ish. the technical name of the color is rosewood, kinda like a Merlot but more pale. sounds weird but it is beautiful. we are having a very winter-y wedding, with lots of gold accents, pine cones, and pine needles. it is going to be sooo beautiful!

where is the couple honeymooning?
we are making the trip down to Puerto Rico to go on a cruise. we are going to be gone for 10 days and I cannot wait for it!

where do the bride & groom work?
well, I am a good ol' nanny for three cuties and a graduate student( is basically is my job ha!), and chad is a graphic designer for Olson, an advertising company.

what is the couple's favorite place to eat?
hmm this is a tough one, we love to go out and usually will venture out for breakfast (my favorite meal of the day) some of our favorite places are moose and sadies and the bad waitress. 

what is the couple's favorite board game?
we haven't played a board game in a while, but we used to play sequence allllll the time. I would say that is still our favorite game.

what would the bride say is the most annoying habit about the groom?
when he doesn't wake up to his alarm/when he is late. I live to be ontime, and when chad is late or doesn't wake up to his alarm clock, it puts a dent in my day. however this should get a lot better once we are living together because I get to be his alarm clock ;) 

how many children do the bride and groom want to have?
2-3. but kids are not in the 5 year plan (i hope at least). I have lots of school left and we are so young that we hope to be very well established before we start expanding our family :) I love kids but my job as a nanny makes me a part time mom, filling that need for a little one for now!

what are some of your answers to these questions? what do you and you significant other do?

five year date


so remember how chad got food poisoning the weekend of our anniversary? well, we finally got to reschedule our date (2.5 weeks later!) chad and I take turns planing our anniversary date every other year and it was chad's year to plan. he had a couple great ideas but when he found out the aeros, a team from the american hockey league were coming to minnesota he thought that would be a great fit for our date! we both are hockey lovers (especially chad) and we have frequently gone to wild games, minnesota's NHL team. this year if you haven't heard the NHL is having a lock out, and probably won't play any games, so the aeros game was a perfect solution. we revisited memories, had great laughs, and ended the night with pizza and desert. a great low key date and with all of the wedding stuff it was perfect! 

what are fun ways you celebrate your anniversary? 

thankful thursday


joining up several other bloggers in the world with thankful thursday. i love stopping to pause for a moment and to see the beauty in things, how we are so blessed though we fail to recongize it the majority of the time. but not in thankful november! ;) 

this thursday i am thankful for...

the sun shining today
green tea
my lovely books i get to wrapped up in (i am finally out of my book funk-yay!)
the ability to move and breathe
my family
my sisters who are my best friends, i don't know what i would quiet do with out them
chad-per usual ;) and how he puts up with me after all of these years (any many more to comeeeee)

what are you thankful for? did you do a post on this- if you did i would love to check it out!

breakfast at tiffany's


I had breakfast at tiffany's thanks to my lovely bridesmaids who threw me this shower! this shower was for all of my mom's friends and all of my friends that have deaf parents (if you didn't know both of my parents are fully Deaf and are ASL users). so we headed over to my friend Michelle's house to have a lovely party. we played lots of games that included toliet paper, bubble gum, and letters (look at the photos below to try and guess what they are ;) ) 
they did such a good job at including all of my favorite things such as tiffany's blue, audrey hepburn, little black dresses and lots of yummy treats!
thank you lovely sisters and michelle 

Psalms 40:8 "I take joy in doing your will my God, for your instructions are written on my heart" 



1// morning sunshine 2// dinner with katie young 3// dinner with katie young 4// bridal shower 2 5// bridal shower 2 6// wedding invite 7/ wedding invite 8// yoga sculpt 9// yoga sculpt  

there is the wrap up of me weekend via instagram ( follow me at @ heathermariebee ) :) 
it was a quick, fun weekend! started it off right by going to the mall with katie young, getting dinner at a new stir fry place (can't remember the name) and walking around getting chocolate. this dear girl has got me more addicted to chocolate then I ever have been before ;)

then bridal shower number 2 happened! I was looking for some type of sparkley dress for the shower that was themed breakfast at tiffany's-so fun! look forward to a post this week with more details of the shower.

sunday was wedding stuffing day. c & I spent most the day tying, stuffing, and addressing wedding invites so they were good to go and we are now DONE with that part of the wedding, yay! 

ended the weekend with yoga sculpt with liz. my favorite class EVER! 

hope everyone else had a lovely weekend! 

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