cooking delicious, hearty food is my passion. i love the entire experience of going to the grocery store or farmers market to find quality ingredients,  to then develop or find a recipe to suit them. then it's the actual meal preparation and the gathering at the table. this entire experience is something i enjoy 90% of the time.  for me food holds a lot of meaning. growing up, my parents were no chefs (sorry mom and dad, love you) but there was still value of the gathering at the table each night for dinner. as i have grown older, i have realized the value of the relationships that you form with friends and family over food, specifically over meal times at the table. yes it does help when the food is delicious. but food itself is much more then a 'thing' we do to resolve hunger. the table is the gathering of people coming together after a long day at work, where memories are made and friendships are built. in my home i want to have an open door, where friends and family can always come over and know that there will be some delicious treat. i believe that when people cook together, and share a meal, they grow together. yes i love food, i love to cook, but i really love the table and the value that the table brings to everyday relationships.

i am no professional chef by any means. i don't think that recipes should be complex, time consuming or complicated. rather i find that by using the high quality ingredients, like a great  olive oil, make the food taste that much better. i make everything from scratch because i found that, it taste much better. two, it is much healthier for you. three, it isn't as hard as you may think.  this page is a collection of the recipes that i have found to be wholesome, tasty, and worthy for someone else to have in their home. this recipes are fit for anyone, so even if you hate the market process but want healthier meals, this is your place. simple, homemade cooking.

please note, this page is in major development as i have recently switched to a new platform and look, excuse the chaos as it is being built!

main meal slow cooker 

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