life lately...


life lately according to chad and i's iphones/instagram
1// love this lady. so thankful to have met her in college!2// heck this cutie out! he is only five weeks old. such a precious little life. 3// i finally got my hot soup i wanted!!! yay, have you ever had the veggie pesto soup from panera? it is my favorite but is only served monday,wednesday, and friday so you have to be strategic when you go! 4// i have been wearing my hair in a little side bun everyday this week. i don't know where this little idea came from.. but i is becoming an addicting thing.
6// baby and i played piano in the park.. more on this in a later post! 7-10// chad was gone over the weekend but he came home sunday afternoon. and it was soo nice to have him home again. we celebrated (because don't you too celebrate all of the little things in life? ;) ) by going and getting a double espresso from dogwood (which is amazing and delicious if you are in the minneapolis area) and walked around a lake. simple lovely summer date.

11 &12// beautiful fireworks celebrating aquatennial honestly one of the best displays i have ever seen! 13// drinks on the patio with friends after the fireworks 14// another day, another ice cream shop

15// love my mom. we ventured to the walker art museum. it was so nice! 16// my mom and i also went to tao's natural foods f or dinner one day. yum! we loved it and want to go back soon.

other things going on lately...

lately i have been a night owl... and if you know anything about me is that i am normally a morning person. usually its like eight pm and i start thinking, when can i go to bed. last night it was midnight and i was wide awake! i was cracking jokes with chad... but i don't think he thought they were too funny because he was trying to sleep ;)

also both of my sisters are out of the state currently. and it is making me sad. but... this will all be changing in two weeks!

what have you been up to lately? i would love to hear!


  1. i think summer evening walks may be one of my favorite date nights. especially if the views are that pretty!

  2. man it always looks like you're having the best summer! i love reading about your adventures! and i love love love that scarf headband that you have in the first picture!

  3. Those lake pictures are gorgeous!

  4. mmm. it's been so long since i've had panera. i need some in my life. asap.

    i usually opt for the brocolli and cheese. but now i've got a new lover to try ;)thanks!


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