silly but true resolutions for 2015


happy almost 2015! where oh where did this year go? i haven't even taken in december, yet it is almost over! it sure has been a good one...  today as i was getting ready for the day, i had an instant mood changer over something that truly is not a big deal. the dishes.

do you have those weird things that give you way too much anxiety then they should? for me, it is the dishes. every time i glance over at the sink to find a dish in them, i instantly get crabby. it is really quite silly, they are just dishes. they won't take that long to clean up. they are just sitting there, (we don't have a dish washer) but for some reason it is the end of the world when i see those dang dishes in the sink . my mood goes from chipper to sour. which is not fun for anyone involved ;)

so instead of being stubborn, i have decided i cannot be upset about the dishes, i am going to change and start living out the whole let's not stress out about the little things and do an attitude check. is this something that i really need to get annoyed about? no! life is way too short to get stressed about the dang dishes!

yes, i realize that this may sound like a silly thing. but really...something that i could work on to make me a happier person (and probably chad too! ;) )

another little thing that i want to work on in the new year is giving. i am not talking about the actual giving part, but more the heart behind the giver. i want to be a cheerful giver. i want my giving to be about giving, and not expecting anything in return.

to not keep a mental note, like  "well he did this for me, so i will do this for him" or "she did this rude thing to me once, so i am not going to do this for her". i don't want to have that type of heart that focuses on checks and balances, i want to be a person that naturally loves to give. i want to do more, give more, listen to what the lord has for me this year and not keep a tally of the rights and the wrongs.  when you give, you are suppose to be an joyful giver, and that is exactly what i want to become. i want to share cookies with strangers, and make peoples days. i want to shift the focus of always thinking about me, and start thinking of others more. another silly but true resolution for the new year.

and because everyone needs to have a resolution related to some type of generic thing ( but something that truly does need change but usually ends up not happening), i am going to keep working on improving my health, mainly by reducing sugar. sugar is my "bad ex-boyfriend". i love it way too much and it does not love me back. i think my love of this crazy ex-boyfriend has caused a lot of stomach pain over the years. i keep saying, oh i need to watch my sweet tooth. but it doesn't really happen. i love it too much. but after these last few weeks of major sugar intake, i am feeling so, so sick.  with that, instead of moping around that i don't feel good... that my tum tum hurts or i have a major headache, i am going to make a change! a hard one. no more excessive sugar. no more double helpings of ice cream (shh, yes i do that), being more reasonable with the food that i put into my body. i hear sugar is kind of like a drug, so i am slightly nervous that we are going to have a nasty breakup, but does anyone have any tips of how to reduce sugar intake? really though, sugar is my baby and my love... so this is going to be the hardest resolution of them all...

what are your goals for the new year? enjoy the last two days of 2014!

whats for dinner / 03


mmmmhmmm mmmmhmm mmmmhmmmm

these past few weeks have been filled with lots of good eating. thanksgiving, holiday parties, cooking baking... it's been quite tasty! and makes me want to be eating more ;) and with a greater variety. here are some tasty inspiration 

what do you make this time of year for dinner? 

1// 2// 3// 4// 5

winter in minnesota


three things you must have in minnesota in the winter

1. flannel
2. leather
3. wool

that is all. 
outfit details: shirt// old navy skirt// madewell shoes// frye bag// madewell

three for the weekend+ kinfolk giveaway!


over the weekend...
1. i baked well over 1,000 cookies. my family and i do an annual holiday christmas cookie bake while we blare christmas music, sip on some beverages and bake! i love it. this year we made 5 different varieties and only burned one batch, woohoo! then, the baker within me, came home on sunday and baked another batch of non-christmas cookies (baker's going to bake).
2. chad and i were super lame and instead of doing a usual surprise christmas gift, we went to the mall and bought each other new balance tennis shoes for christmas. granted, these won't be the only gifts we exchange this year but the gift giver inside of me was so hesitant to do this..!!! but we did it. and we got a steal of a deal,
3. i spent a lot of time sleeping. ever since i have returned from mexico, i have been battling a nasty cold. i thought this sickness was over until i started to feel sick late last week... well, over the weekend it progressively got worse. i slept in, which almost never happens, unless i am sick, and still didn't feel the best. so, if i wasn't baking cookies,  i was either sleeping or reading. i decided to start rereading harry potter again so my reading addicting is in full force.

with the holiday season upon us, so is the season for bloggers hosting giveaways! so lucky for you, one honee bee ready will have the opportunity to win a year long subscription to one of my favorite magazines, kinfolk! (i wish i could win).  here are the details. giveaway begins today and will go until sunday december 22nd. be sure to check out the other bloggers who are sponsoring this giveaway! they are quite talented ladies.

Blogger Links:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

holiday wish list


holiday wish list

fa la la la la la la la

tis the season for shopping, and making those holiday wish lists.

i am trying to keep it simple this year with not a whole lot on my list and trying to be more practical. for instance, chad and i requested
a chest freezer as a gift from my in laws. also on my list is a few lamps, cutting boards, and dish towels (am i getting
old or what... ) but... with trying to be balanced and practical, it is fun to make a list of things that you are dreaming of...
and that you really don't need but still hope that santa will bring you, ha!

what is on your holiday wish list?

things cooks like


things people do when they love to cook:

- your favorite room in your living space is the kitchen
-after a long day at work, you get excited by knowing you get to make a delicious meal when you get home
-the more stressed you are, the more likely you are to be baking. or cooking.
-you get excited over weird kitchen gadgets
- you read cook books in bed, and leave them all over the house... even though they do belong in one's favorite room, the kitchen
-you think it is fun to try new recipes, and are constantly thinking of ways to "make it better"
-looking at pictures of food is fun

the other day i was talking to someone and they asked me, what do you like to do. i responded casually, read and cook. they quickly asked me what types of things i like to read and some of my favorite authors, i rambled to her my list of things i like to read (MFK fischer, julia child, elizabeth davis, alice waters... ) and they responded.. so you really must like to cook. i sat there and thought, yes, yes i do.  my one hobby of cooking affects several other of my hobbies. so much so that i can't go an hour with out thinking about food. do i have a problem? maybe! but.. i wouldn't have it any other way.

anyway! we had friendsgiving a couple weekends ago and at friendsgiving, i decided after reading this month's edition of bon appetit, that i need to mix up my veggie cooking and try this. chad has declared these carrots as his new favorite, which is saying a lot because carrots are something we eat quite often and in a variety of ways...

harissa and maple carrots

2 garlic cloves, finely grated
1/4 cup olive oil ( i use whole foods)
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
1 tablespoon harissa paste
a few dashes of cumin
salt and pepper
2.5 pounds of carrots, scrubbed, peeled and cut

1. preheat oven to 450
2.  whisk garlic, oil, syrup, harissa, and cumin in a small bowl. add salt and pepper. toss in carrots.
3. place in a large roasting pan, season with salt and pepper again and bake for 35-40 minutes.


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