fit report: i ran!


i started this week out pretty strong in the fit department. for some reason i woke up monday morning thinking "it is going to be a great week" and it was! i was so motivated to get up everyday, go work out, eat healthier, and overall feel amazing. i was addicted. let me tell you, it has been months since i felt like this (once again, maybe the vitamin d? i am taking it!) so, with that. let me first encourage everyone to be spending time outside. the summer season is so so short. and it slips away! and before you know it, there is snow again in minnesota. and just a reminder to everyone, the days are not getting longer anymore!

with that... the fit report!

monday 40 minute bike ride at the gym
tuesday 40 minute stair stepper
wednesday 40 minutes elliptical
saturday 5 mile run

the best part of this week was that i ran! saturday was a beautiful day. i had finished my homework early on in the day and just wanted to be outside when chad suggested i go on a run. initially i thought really? a run. what about my knee. but then i thought about it and wanted it really bad. so i decided to slow my pace down about a minute/mile and see how it went. and it worked! i slowed down, focused on my form. and actually felt good. my knee hurt a little bit but at the end of my run i felt like i could keep on running. it was amazing. i am hoping that by slowing down a little bit my form will improve and this will mean i will be able to run again. let me tell ya, that would be amaaaaaazzing! so say a prayer for me, maybe my knee will recover and i will no longer be an injured runner! 

i also started to read Mirelle Guiliano's French Women of All Seasons book. She is the author of French Women Don't get fat ( a personal favorite, if you haven't read it, its a must read!). The book was great and offered perspective of how to properly eat and move seasonally, a key of how the french ladies stay so slim. I haven't gotten through the entire book but i just love how she writes and the great perspective she shows in cultural differences of health. the book also really encouraged me to keep up my little garden. there is something so great about building and working with your hands, especially when it comes to food. food that is garden is free from pesticides and preservatives. though all i am growing is coming from a few planters i hope to keep growing these things and eventually have an entire lawn dedicated to produce. 

what did you do active this week? did you get a nice long run in? (and if you did i am so jealous!)

summer lately


my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram feed. 

1// pretty ally way in saint paul 2// we love brunch 3// the days have been early around here.. just finished up finals week and chad had a lot going on at work. meaning, we had lots of early mornings! in fact today was the first day we got to "sleep in" and that was 7am. 4// ice cream on the tail gait! we have been lovin that chad got a new truck. especially for summer dates like this one!

5// had to get at least one ice cream picture in. sometimes i like fro-yo to be a healthy little snack.. the other day it was not. just cold chocolately fro-yo. it was great 6// cute litte flower shop down the lane 7// we went to a trampline park for chads birthday! 8// and it was this little one's birthday this last weekend too. her birthday party was at the zoo!

other lately's that have been going on.

i have a few days off from class before starting again so i am taking full advantage of this by not spending time on the computer (apart from this post). it has been so nice, actually getting away from the internet. it is a love hate thing

so instead of spending time on the computer, i have been reading! ah so nice. i have become obsessed with the library and spend hours requesting books online, so then all i have to do is stop by and pick them up! its become a weekly thing. how come i never did this before?!

summer needs


Untitled #9

in the summer, when you are a nanny, you are outside alllll day long. that is why i love my job so much. and though you get to be outside all day... you gotta be prepared if you want to be "successful". so here is my little list of nanny musts for these hot summer months! 

1// llb bag tote. these are super durable, perfect for throwing some dippers before you head out to the park. the best part? they are made in the usa!

2// sunglasses. i would say sunnies are the number one thing you need. cover up those eyes fromt that shining sun! to help reduce headaches and prevent wrinkles

3// a good sun  hat. i found a few great sun hats earlier this year and i am so glad i bought them. they help feel the sun off your face so you don't need to worry about sunburn!

4// a good picnic blanket. its a nice day? grab a picnic blanket, a few snacks and you have found yourself a perfect afternoon of entertainment

5// books. while you are on that picnic, bring some books! easy entertainment and will let you catch a break to eat some food while the baby is reading!

6// sunscreen. the most important thing. sunscreen! 

what are some of your summer needs?

**reminder GFC is going away july 1st! make sure you are following along so you can get honee bees updates bloglovin twitter facebook instagram

birthday weekend


so over the weekend it was chads birthday. and i love birthdays. i think they are the most fun thing. i always get a little carried away -plan big long day activities, decorate the house, and know that i will be eating extra ice cream! and over the years because i get so excited about this, i have found that i love chads birthday more then i love mine. i am nuts! also, in our house, birthday celebrations are not just one day, it s a before the day, the day, and after the day type of thing. 

so we started birthday weekend going to a cute pizzeria in south minneapolis called pizzeria lola. little did we know that in the middle of our dinner there would be a flash flood/thunderstorm that lead to the power going out! but in all reality it worked out greatly, we  were lucky and had a window seat where we had a beautiful show of all of the rain and got to have an unexpected candle light dinner. it was great! though we did some other birthday festivities this was definitely a high light and a great story we will remember forever. not to mention the pizza was so delicious. 

** because we were on a date just the two of us we didn't get a good photo, so being the photographer that chad is he went ahead and snapped this one of me- sometimes i wish i had his abilities!**

happy birthday chad! 

fit report


happy sunday! aka fit day ;)
i actually do the least amount of working out on the weekends, i know that it is usually the opposite for people but for some reason i cannot get my bum out of bed on saturday mornings. and sunday mornings are usually reserved for church, so my working out on the weekends only happens if chad and i are going to be going on a bike ride. 

last week was a pretty good fit week. i am still feeling pretty motivated which i am glad because i had lost some motivation for 3-4 months. i have found that if i am actually getting up in the mornings to get my work out in, i feel 10x better the entire day. i still get this feeling if i work out after work, but it isn't as intense and doesn't do me as good because the majority of the day is already over. 

so, that is what i have been doing. the morning comes and i jump out of bed. i realize that by prepping my work out clothes right by my bed i am much more likely to go just because everything is already set up and i dont have to go around looking for my work out tank, shoes ,etc. i can just get up and go! 

with that... here is my fit report:

monday 40 minute bike ride, 20 minutes lifting
wednesday 40 minute stair stepper
friday 35 minute stair stepper
saturday jumped at skyzone, a trampline park for an hour (this only half counts! ha! we went for chad's birthday)

overall not too bad! i met my goal and was feeling great. i am loooving the stair stepper lately. i don't know why, but i think it is soo fun.  i am hoping to start going to more yoga classes again because i haven't done that in a while and that always helps break up my work outs. maybe i will be extra motivated and go to the 5:30 am class before work tuesday... we will see ;)

and as of food...

i have been loving all of the produce that is in season! watermelon, strawberries, mint. it is all so so good. and makes eating healthy way easier.  during the week i did so well with eating well rounded, flavorful meals and had a little ice cream here and there. however over the weekend i may have had a little too many sweets, but couldn't help it because it was chad's birthday. thats why we have the week to get back onto track!

i am also loving that our garden is doing so well. we don't have a good yard to plant but i did several potted veggies/herbs and they are doing so well. some of the herbs we have harvested and i am about to try our fresh lettuce we have growing.

being healthy in the summer is so much easier for me, i don't know if that is the case fo reveryone but i long for great flavorful fruits and veggies in the summer. yum yum!

how was your fit week?!

Blog hop!


Hello there! It is time for the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop #18! Link up to gain new followers on GFC or bloglovin'! Wow, I cannot believe 18 weeks has already passed.

Promote this blog hop by putting the button on your page, or throwing a shout out at the end of your post today or tomorrow. The more link ups we have the more our blogs will grow! Invite a friend, tweet it, or let your Facebook  friends know! :)

Have fun and meet some friends!

i couldn't resist...


i couldn't resist...

i couldn't resist not getting a pair of RED saltwaters. chad me the gold ones for my birthday. and i honestly have worn them almost everyday since (see i am wearing them herehere, and here) . i have been wearing them nannying and it is so nice to wear comfy shoes and still look stylish. it's love. 

so i debated. do i get another pair... or no.. but i kept on thinking of how badly i wanted the red ones. and everyday i asked chad "do i get the red ones now"

 and because i had a little extra birthday money left, i splurged and did it! now the proud owner of two saltwater sandals. the best sandals your money can buy! 

now no one judge me for having the same shoe in two colors :)

life lately .. lots of babies

my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram feed. 

hate to say it but not a whole lot went on this week... however. the majority of this past week was spent with children... so the baby pictures are going to be a little high. but they are so cute to look at i am sure no one will mind ;)

1// my sister rosie and i did a double date nanny date. it was really fun. and she is such a fashionista 2// me with the babes. i love them so much 3// big eyed babies 4// the cutest little man

5// picked up some beans from my favorite minneapolis coffee joint, dogwood. so so good 6// happy fathers day to the best guy around... i miss you and am so thankful to have such a great role model in my life (i am the on the left. lets hope my looks have gotten better ;) 7// started juicing again! this juice has celery, carrots, apples, and lemon. a tangy treat! 8// through the window... 

other things going on lately. i want a bird. i don't know where this came from but all of a sudden i have this great idea that i want a cute little bird as a pet. they aren't too much work like a dog right?! they would live in our little kitchen area and sing songs to us every morning. we would be the best of buds and i would feed her fresh fruit in the morning. i have already picked up their name, peaches. now lets see if we can get the idea past chad. ;)

five things i've learned about marriage


after being married for five months i now know...

... that i love waking up and chad does not. so this usually means he doesn't want to have a conservation .124 seconds after he wakes up ;) but this does mean i can go make some coffee and breakfast, bring it back, and by that time we can sort of start having a conversation

... that i might say i love you to chad 17 times a day. but he always smiles and says i love you too. and because he knows it means so much to me, he always gives me a good night kiss. even if this means rolling over a few minutes after the attempted bedtime

... that i somehow don't fully tighten the cap on things (bottles, lids, etc.) but chad knows this and always tightens them up. this therefore has prevented several spills that i would have encountered if i lived by myself

... that marriage is fun. and you laugh a lot. usually because i am a little cookey, and because chad is so funny. yes there is hard stuff but you have got to make sure that you can still laugh at the end of the day. it makes the world a better place!

... that though i may have upgraded to a queen size bed(previously i had a twin) the bed is actually much much smaller then when you share it with another person. and sometimes their feet may creep over to your side of the bed... oh wait, that is me. sorry chad thanks for putting up with my bed hogging! 

oh the joys of marriage! what is one thing you've learned about your partner/husband/boyfriend while living together? 

friendly weekend


this weekend can be summarized by three words.
ice cream.

put the three together and you have a really good time! as do most people, my energy level sky rockets in the summer meaning i feel like i can do more things, go out more, and see more people! (thank you vitamin d :) )
** my lovely CODA friends michelle and rachel, we have known eachother since we have been little babies! it has been SO fun to see how we have all grown into the ladies we are today!**
** roof top happy hour with kell bell! that was the perfect way to get the weekend started! we love you sunny minneapolis!**

so thank you friends and thank you summer for making my weekends so great! 

what did you do this weekend? linking up with sami

fit report: i'm an injured runner


today is a day to share a fit report. 
i really am wanting to incorporate healthy living more into my blog but it has been slightly difficult to make it apart of the blogging rotation. but, i am really am planning on getting better at this because i feel like play such a significant part in my life. and this is a lifestyle blog, therefore there should be some healthy living experts in the blog. 

i am planning on doing the healthy living posts sundays/monday. so we will see how this goes and if it is or is not good! 

moving on. 

just to refresh everyone, i have a weekly goal to try and be physically active 3-4/week. this went great last year. this year not so much. but i am actually getting better.

here is the fit report of last week

monday stair stepper 40 minutes
wednesday 30 minutes elliptical
thursday walked a total of 7 miles!
sunday 20 mile bike ride

it was a great week! i have tried getting back into my running, but unfortunately i have injured my knee so that means no running for a little bit. no marathon this year. i hope to recover soon because my inner runner is screaming get out there, enjoy the sun! go run! i am so torn. i miss it so much. but i am trying to find other methods of keeping myself active. and it has been going great.

chad and i finally got out to the minneapolis lakes and biked around! this is something that we have been doing for the past 3-4 years but because of the abnormal weather we have been having we hadn't gotten a chance to get out there until the other day. it reminded us of how much we love the city, how we can't wait to live in the city, and how we really really missed biking.

how did you stay active this week? i would love to hear! 

my favorite things about minnesota summers


ah the beauty of summer nights around a lake. living in minnesota we are so blessed to be surrounded by large masses of water. there are so many trails to go explore, fun walking paths filled with beautiful scenery. it is love. and this type of weather/beauty what makes me fall in love with minnesota again. yes we have crazy winters (especially this year!), but the second summer hits you fall in love. (until winter comes again)

but because i am on my summer sunshine high, i am going to be sharing five things that make me say yay about minnesota summers

1// coffee & gin rummy  by the lake with friends, three things that the kirseboms love
2// the beautiful minnesota lakes, filled with sailboats! 

3// my love, we have spent the last two summers apart ( i was in ny for an internship in 2010, and in 2011 chad worked at a summer camp in iowa) so it is such a treat to finally spend the summer months together again! i feel like we need to make up for lost time 

4//   cute little trolly cars. i haven't gone on one before but i would love to try and get on one this summer, they are so fun! (well at least they look like they are!)**

5// all of the pastels that you wear in the summer. they just scream its nice weather outside! 

what is your favorite part about summer?

how to be a good sponsor

well today i get to introduce you guys to one of my blogging friends, kalyn! she is an adorable nurse and her blog is full of funny stories! not to mention she is just beautiful. she is going to be talking about how to be a good sponsor, so kalyn take it away!


Hey there Honee Bee readers! First I want to say how excited I am to be guest posting on one of my favorite blogs! Anywho... My name is Kalyn, and I am the writer behind Life as I Pretend to Know It. A mouthful, I know.

Hey that's me, forgetting to wear mascara. It's cool.

It took me forever  to think of a topic to write about, but as I was brainstorming I couldn't help but think what a great opportunity it is to be able to guest post on someone else's blog. So then I thought, "Hey! I could write about good vs. bad sponsors," because I've definitely had an experience with both. So without any further ado, here are some tips on sponsoring:

1. Make sure you choose a blog that you are interested in and can connect with.
Don't choose a blog just for the amount of followers it has (yes numbers matter, but I'll get to that later). It is important to sponsor a blogger that will actually read your comments/emails/blog and respond in a meaningful and thoughtful way. One of my first sponsoring experiences involved a "big" blog and we hardly had any interaction... she only tweeted me once, on the same day she tweeted all of her other sponsors. And I think she only commented on one of my blog posts. If you're going to be promoting a blog, shouldn't you at least get to know them a little? I think yes.

2. Numbers matter.
But it's not necessarily the amount of followers the blog has. Pay attention to the page views, if they are high on a consistent, day-to-day basis, then you know they have loyal readers that keep coming back for more. Also pay attention to the comments. A blog with consistently high commenters is a blog that has good content, that readers can connect with.

3. Know what you're paying for.
Not all bloggers offer the same benefits to the sponsoring blogs. Furthermore, not all packages on the same blog offer the same benefits. Sponsorship can offer anything from "sponsor spotlights" to twitter/facebook shout outs, high placement on link-ups, guest posts, or just having your button on the side bar. One of my first sponsoring experiences, I didn't read the descriptions carefully enough, and accidentally chose the one that didn't offer shout outs (which are important to me) and I was disappointed at first because I thought I was being cheated, when it was really my fault. You should really take the time to think about what is more important to you (shout outs vs. spotlights, etc.) and choose the blogs you sponsor from there. You don't want to waste your money on something you don't value.

There you have it guys! As I said, I've had some great and some not-so-good sponsoring experiences, with some of the not-so-good ones being my fault for not doing my research. So in conclusion, make sure you are sponsoring a blogger (1) who you connect with, (2) who has readers, not just followers, and (3) who offers the benefits and promotions you are looking for. Hope you're having a great day! Kalyn Life as I Pretend to Know It

life lately


my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram feed 
 1// yogurt lab is sooo tasty. my favorite fro-yo place of all time 2// it makes it even better when you are eating it with one of your best friends! 3// rain rain rain. that is all we have had in minneapolis. 4// pretty rooftop building in minneapolis
5// string lights at bonfires with friends 6// the little girl and i had a date to lego land! 7// good morning sun nice to finally see you 8// sometimes there is no better treat then a dq blizzard

9// my favorite colorful things, aside from flowers! 10// his and her key rings. chad got me a new key ring from mn leather works and i am loving the look!

... as you can tell from the photos. i am still loving ice cream...and food... oops :)

what does your iphone/instagram feed say about your life lately?! link up with us now!

food of the week: cilantro


today the day that i have decided to introduce a new weekly post up/series of my "favorite" food of the week.

 if you don't already know this, i love to cook. and i love finding new recipes and trying them out. but i get obsessed with certain flavors . so to try and prevent this/share to everyone what my latest obsession is, i am going to do a weekly post about my favorite food of the week. basically i want to share my inspiration with you and share some favorite recipes.( also,  if you ever have a great recipe to share, i would love to hear it and try it out in my kitchen!) 

this week it is cilantro. this herb has been my favorite. we have been eating it in fish tacos, salads, chicken on the grill. it has been giving out food so much flavor and a summery feel. i bought a little batch at the grocery store (because the cilantro in my garden isn't quite ready yet), and it is the herb that keeps on giving! 

with that, here are two of my favorite recipes i have made with cilantro. enjoy them and taste the summery goodness! 

grilled chicken w/ tasty mango & cilantro marinate (adapted from dinner a love story)

2 cups plain yogurt
1/2 onion
1/3 cup olive oil 
pepper & salt
1 cup cilantro 
1/2 cup mango chutney 
juice from 1 lemon
4 skinless chicken breast (or some shrimp! we decided to make both) 

put all ingredients into a food process and blend until smooth. then place into a freezer bag. put the meat inside the bad and marinate for 3-24 hours. fire up the grill and cook for 4-5 minutes per side. serve with your favorite side!

chili-lime pork w/ corn salad (from everyday food)

5 ears of corn
1 small jalapeno minced
1 onion minced
1/2 cup fresh cilantro
1 avocado sliced
4 tablespoons olive oil
2 limes
coarse salt and pepper
1 teaspoon chili powder
 2 pork tenderloins (each cut into 6 pieces about 1 inch thick)

1. boil corn 5 minutes in a pot of salted water. drain and rinse under cold water to cool. cut kernels from cobs and transfer to a bowl. toss with jalapeno, onion, cilantro, avocado, 2 tablespoons oil, and juice of 1 lime.

2. combine chili powder, 2 teaspoons salt, and 1/2 teaspoon pepper, and remaining 2 tablespoons of oil. place plastic wrap over pork medallions , flatten so they are 1/2 inch thick. brush both sides with the chili mixture.

3. heat up grill, grill pork 3-4 minutes per side.

**this recipe was sooooo good. we LOVED the corn, i would highly highly recommend!**

what food have you been loving? i would love to hear and share recipes! 

walks + boats


this weekend i...

... got to go on a few walks. lately i can't get enough of them. i went over to my parents and walked their/my little pups for a little. since my dad and sister have left to do their bike tour across the country, my mom is in need for a little help (she takes care of my grandma who has alzheimer's and works 60+ hours a week, a little crazy). so i thought i could go over there and at least help walk the dogs and chat with gram.

then chad and i decided to take a stroll around in our neighborhood. we don't love suburb life but, it can be nice to find some pretty paths to walk along side with. 
** we love our old people shoes, my shoes are originally my grandmas, no joke**

the sun finally came out for a little bit, and the sky was so beautiful! no only if it would stick around for a longer... 
 ... we also got to go hang out with some friends and played kube. i had never played before, and i can't say i was so good. we decided to play boys vs. girls... lets say the boys dominated the field. 
... we then ended the weekend with a nice little boat ride out on the lake! and got to release some "chinese fire laters" or whatever you may call them.. that was what we were going with ;) it was the perfect night!

ps. i am still not over the maxi skirts. love them way too much.

maxi loving


dear friday you came quick! not that i am complain.. but wow you are here! and its a friday half day, wahoo! dear chad hope you are excited about your new truck. i know this is going to be your little "baby" from now on.. but don't forget about me ;) dear snail mail  i used to be so good at utilizing you during college. but somehow i stopped. and i missed it. so i think i am going to try and start writing a handmade card once a week and mail them off to close friends and family. it's a fun/encouraging thing to do! dear maxi skirts i know you are super popular right now. but i totally get it. you are the comfy/cutest thing around. i am hoping to find a few more this weekend so i can be wearing them alllll summer long!

linking up with ashley

found a monkey at the zoo

sometime i don't think i've grown up. i love 'playing outside'. i think i enjoy popsicles more then the average adult, and i somehow get food all over my face when i eat. ontop of all of these things, i love the zoo a whole lot. maybe this is i am a nanny during grad school, it's the perfect thing to keep me young ;). the other day the babes and i decided to head over the mn zoo, and man oh man did we love it! the little one is getting all into animals now and is starting to mimic animal sounds. she went berserk  over the monkeys and penguins. it was so cute. i love when kids get to be this age because they develop such personality!
 ** the only problem when the little one can crawl, they have a mind of their own on what direction to take! and it is hard to keep up! ontop of this, she is turning into a little monkey, and little monkeys are hard to hold onto! especially when they see other animals around. ps. i love my new salt waters so much (thanks again chad!)**
**the grizzle bears in the russian coast exhibit. this is one of my favorite ones, its newer and is done so well!**

if i could, i probably would go to the zoo everyday. but because i like to think i am slightly normal i don't go everyday... maybe just a few times a month ;)

what is one of your favorite "childish" things to do? 

biking lately


my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram feed 
 chad and i have started do go on our bike rides once again! but the weather is cheating us. on saturday we started off our ride.. and two minutes into it, it starts to rain. boo. we still haven't make it to the minneapolis lakes yet... but i hope to this weekend. it's weird because usually chad and i have been biking for months once june hits... but with this crazy season we have had, there has not been a lot of biking, just around our local neighborhood. but soon we get to do more fun biking adventures !
**my mother-in law and sister in -law before our dinner last friday night*
on monday i had to say goodbye to my sister and dad as they are biking across the country this summer! they begin in seattle and in eight weeks they will end their journey in new york city. they are doing this with venture expeditions, a local christian non-profit to raise money and awareness for the burma people in thailand. i will miss them like crazy but am extremely proud of my dad and sister as they do this trip of a lifetime. 

the weather is very seattle-y here. clouds, fog, rain. though i am a bigger fan of the sunshine, it does make for some nice photos.

so lately. my life is a lot of bikes i guess? chad and i biking, my sister and dad biking across the country. surreal! 

what have you been up to lately? link up with us now! 

ice cream everyday


this weekend was a good one. it was pretty busy in the sense that we did not spend a lot of time at home, and we didn't get a lot done off the "to-do" list but we couldn't help it. the sun was shining so we had to get out! and that sun made me want a lot of ice cream (really what is new). so lucky chad brought me to my favorite ice cream (sebastian joes). this whole ice cream thing may be a problem. every single day i want it. and every day i have it. even when it isn't sunny out? i suppose we all have our vices! we got an ice cream maker from our wedding and i still haven't gotten it out. but i don't think i can put it off for much longer, some of my friends are reminding me that i got this lovely thing and want to come over and eat some. not to mention i am itching to try making the creamy goodness myself!

...i also got to have some deck time saturday morning where i laid out in my suit (first time this year!) and did some reading. summer reading is the best... and so are sun hats. found this lovely one at wal mart for a steal ($5!)

to finish out the weekend we went to st paul for the big annual grand ol days where we got to walk around with friends, people watch. it was almost like a mini state fair, and i looooove the state fair. to end the nice weekend we got to bbq with some friends. we have already done a ton of grilling this year. way more then i ever have in the past. but i really dont know if i can get sick of it. you get to cook food, outside, in the sun, and usually with company. i'd say that is winning all around!

hope you had a nice weekend!

day at the docks two


chads outfit: shirt //gap pants// h&m shoes// c/o online shoes, rockport

so a few weeks ago chad and i went down to the docks for a nice sunday afternoon. he had just gotten these boat shoes and if you have boat shoes you gotta take advantage of it by going down by a lake! but either way. boat shoes are the essential shoe for summer, especially for the men! you can wear em to work, hanging out with friends, or even a trip up to the cabin. 

.... with that online shoes is hosting a contest with who styled their man the best wearing the boat shoes. so, i need your help! there are a total of four bloggers in this contest who all styled their man with the rockport boat shoe. and not being biased but i think chad pulls these shoes off very well!

on top of looking stylish, chad loves the versatility of these shoes (and   if you haven't checked out his instagram feed yet... he has been wearing them A LOT)

so help a sister out and go vote for chad and i. in addition to helping us out, you may be eligible to win a pair of rockport boat shoes as well! and check out the amazing shoe deals that online shoes has to offer


if you need a laugh...


... check out this video of my grandma

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