dear husband


dear husband,

i really hope you don't mind but i love to borrow your things. for some reason they just appear to be more comfortable, and the female mens wear fashion trend is totally in. so forgive me as i continue to steal your sweaters, button ups, and those beloved ray ban sun glasses of yours. i know i make you nervous when i take your things. and i promise i wont be as clumsy as i usually am but it is in the sake of fashion and comfort. thanks ;)

ps: i'll return the favor by making you some delicious cookies.

your wife


  1. but no really. i steal brad's stuff all the time. it's just better.

  2. I do the same thing, their clothes are just so comfy!

  3. I wear the hubs' t-shirts to bed very night! It's so cozy! I work with a woman who wears her husband's underwear when she gets behind on laundry. I don't think I could go so far...

  4. i do the same thing. austin still complains about the pair of sweatpants i stole from him in college! hah.

  5. Agreed! Love taking his sweats and gym shorts, they are so much more comfy!

  6. I am a serial tshirt stealer! Since we live together it makes it so much easier to steal, wear, and wash before he notices!

  7. i love it when i'm able to steal my husbands things! i also love that look, the loose shirts, the big watches, the men's sunglasses. so timeless!


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