for lunch: chickpea salad with broccoli and tomatoes.


does anyone else feel like putting together a good lunch can get tricky? lunch is one of those things if you are going to be eating "in", it can be challenging to be eating something that is actually tasty and not just a crusty sandwich.  over the past few months i have begun to get really creative with our lunch meals, i just crave an actual good meal.  i have found the key to a good lunch is... prepping the night or sunday before. lunch is usually not good when you are rushing to do it in the morning.

so one solution i have found is making lunch salads and grabbing them on the go in the morning. let me tell you... its great.  i have started doing more and more sunday "meal prep" by getting some lunch and dinner prepped on sundays to lead to non-stressful weekday meals. i have found that i eat much more healthier by doing this. so i can't really complain. also i have found that chad and i both have started to save a lot of money by my meal prepping too. it leads to less impromptu spending and random lunch expenses.

i try to have my lunches pretty vegetable heavy (basically so i can eat whatever i want that evening, and that usually means ice cream- if i am being honest ;) ) so i get creative. my ultimate go to lunch is a sweet potato, or oatmeal. but if i have been a little more prepared (which i am trying to do more and more) i usually have some type of soup and salad. lately it's been chickpea salads... my favorite being  chickpeas with broccoli and tomatoes. its a great combination of protein (chickpeas, otherwise known as garbanzo beans) to help fill you right up.. with a heavy side of vegetables... and a little bit of Dijon. num, num, num. (and if you didn't know broccoli is in season so go take it all in!)

chickpea salad with broccoli and tomatoes.

1 pound broccoli, separated
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
2 tablespoons red-wine vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 small onion, finely chopped
salt and pepper
1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved
1 can (15 oz) chickpeas, drained and rinsed

1. steam broccoli (i used a stove top steamer insert) until tender, 5-7 minutes.
2. in a large bowl, whisk mustard, vinegar, olive oil, and onion. add salt and pepper to taste. then add tomatoes, chickpeas, and broccoli.
3. once the dressing is evenly mixed with the vegetables, enjoy!

 because i have been on a lunch kick, i will continue to share some of my other lunch favorites over the net few weeks, because who doesn't need more ideas of what to eat for lunch?

recipe adapted from: food

the month of travel continues.. our trip to the windy city!


ooh hey chicago. you were quite fun.for our third weekend away chad and i headed down to the windy city to spend some time walking around and hanging out with family. chicago is one of my favorite towns around. i love the midwest feel in the big ol' city. i think i could live there( while chad doesn't think he could) but i just love the big city that still feels home-y.
**you always got to go see the bean right? this is one of my favorite sights in the town. it may be one of my favorite sights purely because it is filled with tourist and you see everyone snapping photos of the bean. it is pretty comical! also, our hockey team team,the wild, was playing against the chicago blackhawks the saturday we were there. it was so fun seeing some minnesotans cheering on our team!**
**after exploring the city chad and i ventured out to some of the neighborhoods. we had never done this before but i loved it. and actually i didn't feel like we got enough time seeing the neighborhoods so we are planning on going back soon to do some more exploring. the photo above was at a cute coffee/ bicycle shop called heritage cycles. we had heard so much about this place and we loved it. if you know anything about us, we are big fans of coffee.. and bicycles.**

we ended our trip with visiting a vintage shop called midnorth mercantile where i picked up the cutest vintage scarf. after our day in the city we headed up to the chicago suburbs to hang out and spend some quality time with extended family. the weekend was a busy one (as all of the weekends in october have been) but i am feeling so blessed by all of the travel and exploring i have been able to do. you learn so much by getting out of your routine and looking for something new..

chicago, we will be back for you soon! next up.. denver!

just call me crazy...


sweater: old navy leggings: lulu lemon boots: frye scarf: crochet me this belt: aerie 

disclaimer: after this post you may think i am a little crazy. its okay, i am feeling a little crazy. ;)

so, i had been wanting to go somewhere for months, and then october hits and BAM, i get to fulfil my travel bug a whole lot. and by a whole like i mean i am in a different state each weekend in october. craziness.  it started out with a  nice and calm with the first weekend in october here in minnesota... then the next weekend was spent camping in wisconsin.. then chad and i decided to do a slightly last minute trip to nashville... then this weekend we are heading to chicago, and to end the month of travels, i just booked a trip fifteen minutes ago for my sister rosie and i to go visit my sister laurel in denver. travel bug, i hope that you are fulfilled for a bit after this month. at least for a few weekends at home. ;)

because of all of my traveling i have been opting out for comfy clothes. leggings and sweaters have been my friend. and the look above has been worn at least 6 times this month. especially this sweater because it basically feels like a big blanket, but still is socially acceptable to wear in public. its awesome.

to the south, to nashville!


 nashville, we came, we ate, we conquered ;) only slightly kidding. nashville was amazing. i don't really know what sparked the idea in our heads that we should do a long road trip but we did it. we packed up our stuff wednesday evening, drove through the night, and arrived thursday morning to have three awesome days  exploring this town we had never been to. i didn't really know what to expect on our trip. this was probably the first time that i was beyond unprepared to go. chad and i were both extremely stressed earlier that week, even leading up to hours before we left with me frantically trying to finish up writing the last bit of my final. it was slightly chaotic, however we finally got our stuff together and thought, hmm... we probably should look up directions... and figure out what we are going to do when we get there. luckily we had quite a few friends sending us list of the best of nashville and we were beyond entertained.

**we started the weekend off at a coffee shop (of course) where we met up with a friend, dee, who was in nashville for business, she gave us lots of places to go check out and restaurants to eat at!**

** we made sure to stop at imogene + willie a beautiful shop filled with beautiful women and mens clothing. it was one of my favorite shops the entire trip. i was bummed that i didn't get a pair of jeans (something that the shop is known for) ... but next time imogene, i promise!**
 ** my favorite restaurant we ate at was mas tacos, and actually was the first place we ate at once arriving in nashville, they had amazing tacos. i got a sweet potato with quiona and then a pulled spicy pork, both amazing.**

we ate at so many places... some of my favorites were burger up, the pharmacy , fido, and of course jeni's ice cream. i found that the theme of the trip was sweet potato. everywhere we went, i found something sweet potato (tacos, fries, pancake, to name a few), and being that sweet potatoes are my latest vegetable kick, i went all in and ate a whole lot of em! including sweet potato ice cream, which initially comes off as weird... but it was amazing. like so amazing that chad liked it (who isn't a big fan of sweet potatoes). so far this year i think that my sweet potato cravings have over ruled the pumpkin cravings... and my pumpkin loving my be something of the past (sorry all of you pumpkin lovers out there).

but anyway, aside from all the sweet potatoesness. we got to see quite a few fun places including hatch print shop, the country music hall of fame, go antiquing, check out some live music on broadway street, and just explore some of the city's parks. nashville was a gem of the south and i cannot wait to go back one day soon!

other favorites not mentioned specifically in the post:

frothy monkey
8th and roast

thanks to everyone for their recommendations or places, it help make our trip!

fashion inspiration: classics


1// 2 // 3 // 4
my fashion inspiration as of lately, back to the classics. thats all i am thinking these days. those perfect pair of jeans paired with that white t.. and black pants. those black pants change your life. 

what is inspiring your clothing choices lately? 

have you ever made a macaroon?


so... i totally want to make macaroons... anyone have an idea of how? i just buy them from my favorite place, cocoa and fig. these are one of those foods that intimates me... but i kinda think that way about a lot of things that i have never made. but i gotta push through and do it. tips, recipes, etc. are appreciated :)

road trip necessities


road trip necessities

1. comfy shirt. lately i have been into plaid 
2. leggings, or jeggings
3. my personal favorite, jane austen. you cannot go wrong with a good book in the car. or four ;)
4. make up bag, with moving in and out of the car... having the make up in one central location is key
5. good luggage. we invested in some with wedding money and am so glad
6. baseball cap... you know when you don't shower for a few days ;)
7. knit scarf, you get hot... and then get cold. the scarf is your best friend in the car

we are road tripping a whole lot in the month of october.. we went camping last weekend, are heading to nashville tonight, and then the following weekend we will be going to chicago. aka, the month of october will consist of lots of hours (about 45, are we crazy?!)  in the good ol' camry. it's going to be great. 

what are your road trip necessities? and also, any recommendations for nashville?!

into the woods we go!



we had an incredible weekend camping on the st.croix with some of the best of friends. the fall colors were at their peak, and made for a breathe taking sight. the entire time i was giddy. i couldn't get over the beautiful colors, all of the lovely trees, and even the crispy air. lucky for me, we got to do quite bit of hiking to see all of the different beautiful spots. i loved taking advantage of the last bits of fall and cooking all of our meals over the fire. it was AMAZING. this mini-vacaction was such a reminder to take time and see all of the beauty that surrounds us. each season provides a unique feel and beauty, but it is only here for a short moment and it is up to us to take it in. that is something that i am trying to work on. being content in my circumstances and seeing the beauty that surrounds us. (because too often i don't realize how incredible something or a season was until its gone... the joy of life comes from all of these little things )how easy it is to let it pass us by.  so go enjoy the rest of the fall colors, take it all in!

remember when it was summer?


oh remember our friend summer? we miss her. we had a blast never wearing shoes. the little babe and i were walking around lake harriet last week and we wanted to take a dip into the water so badly. the saltwaters are packed away and replaced with some cozy boots which we are okay with, but summer... we do miss you. however, fall, we love your crunchy leaves, so keep them around!

happy monday!

market on saturday, vegetable soup sunday


let me start with a warning: this post is at three fold post, two part random, one part recipe. ready...

so i think nannying is a wonderful thing, but sometimes... i get those silly kids songs stuck in my head all day long.  and then i think ah nanny life!! the worst part is that i then sing these tunes to chad who responds with a blank stare,  that i am pretty sure means wife you cannot sing and why do you constantly sing kid songs to me, i am not a baby. i bring this all up to say, in the process of putting this post together, i started to sing "this little piggie went to market..." which then lead to this beautiful tangent. and i now have "this little piggie" in my head and probably will sing it to chad for tonight's sing a long tune. 

any ways... market soup! vegetable soup! whatever you want to call it, its my favorite kind of soup. for some reason it never occurred to me to make my own. i would go spend, $5 on a bowl... when one day after going to the farmers market i thought, i should make my own (and now, i kick myself, why did i wait so long)

things that make me say yay....


... going on a beautiful fall run, in the woods, and seeing all of the beautiful colors on the trees
... wearing that new favorite sweater of yours. completed with that comfy scarf
... lighting my favorite candle after dinner, knowing that the only thing on your agenda is bed
... reading the new martha stewart magazine, in bed.
... playing footsie with chad at night before i drift into sleep

what things make you say yay
ps, clearly one could tell i made this list right before bed... because over half of the items on my yay list include it ;)

the best granola you'll ever eat


its no secret. i love granola. i know i post about it all of the time, but it is that good. so after some comments and emails asking about my granola recipe... i now present to you my prized recipe.

world's best granola, heather kirsebom edition

2 cup old fashion oats
2 cups nuts, i usually do a mix of almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds (unsalted, if you do use salted nuts omit the salt in the recipe)
1/3 cup pure maple syrup (or if you want to mix it up, use honey!)
1/4 cup melted coconut oil
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 - 1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla

preheat oven to 350.
mix all ingredients together. then spread onto a baking sheet (i usually place wax paper underneath, helps with clean up later)
bake for 30-40 minutes

*tip* mix the granola every 10-15 minutes while baking to ensure even cooking.

store in an airtight container for up to two weeks, though really it will be gone within a week. ;)


sweater weather


sweater: nordstrom scarf: target pants: american eagle boots: clarks 

i think that almost everyone can agree with me when i say sweater weather is the best weather. what is more cozy? and cute? and what can be cozy and cut at the same time, the lovely sweater. over the weekend my friend katie and i headed downtown to relive our glory days of when we were roommates living in the city. we headed to the farmers market and got coffee at our favorite spot. the whole day was beautiful, with the perfect among of chill and warmth. sweater weather, you are a treat.

thankful for octobers


how in the world is it already sunday night? it was one of those weekends where october never felt better. it was cuddly enough to wear sweaters, but warm enough to still go out and not feel frozen. this morning i woke up, cracked open the screen door and let that glorious fall breeze in. "i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers" 

 to complete this drizzly fall day, i baked some goodies and made home made soup. then ran and got a pumpkin spice latte (first of the year!) i also made squash for the first time on friday. i am amazed at how easy home made soup and squash were to make, for some reason i was intimated to try and cook both of these things, now they will be in my rotating favorites for the season. guess it pays to dare and try new things!

hope you had a lovely fall weekend! 

food of the week: apples


 every time fall comes around, i think apples. though i do eat them year round, they are even better in the fall. this year i am on a major apple kick. apple deserts, apples in our dinner, and simply just eating apples every day of the week. in minnesota there is an amazing variation called the honey-crisp and boy is it ever good. when chad and i went to the apple orchard a few weeks back we got a few of these and it literally tastes like desert. 

apples are one of those treats too you don't have to feel bad about loving. usually my "kicks" are like cupcakes or chocolate, so i feel a little guilty indulging in them. not with the apples. they are filled with fiber, vitamins, and there is some proven research that shows an apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

with that, here is the perfect way to have an apple themed dinner which chad and i had a few weeks back.

life lately...


life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram 

1&2// not like i need an excuse to drink coffee, but fall does make a lovely time for drinking coffee

3&4// little babe keeps saying "uh oh" it is too funny

5// three things about this photos, the first there has been awesome weather lately... i cannot get enough of theses beautiful fall days. second thing, i love having nanny play dates. it is so fun to see the kids interact with one another  (plus they happen to be so dang cute). third thing, i love having a baby on my hip. for now i am very happy it is not my baby, but regardless. i love it.

6// chad and i have been going on lots of hikes lately. the trees are so beautiful. we are lucky to live within five minutes to a state park, and have been spending several evenings a week out there

other things going on lately...

chad and i are planning a few road trips that we will be taking the last few weekends in october, i am beyond excited. we will be heading to nashville and chicago! i have never been to nashville, but have always heard such great things. cannot wait to go check it out. any blogging friends that live in either of those places?

i am in a reading dud, its weird. i haven't been motivated to read at all... but i am not quite sure how i am spending my free time... but i want to get back in. maybe i need a new read so if you have a recommendation... send it my way ;)

what have you been up to lately?

ps do you use instagram? i would love to be friends! 

a few dashes of good luck



top: anthropologie pants: american eagle, black jegging shoes: target sunglasses: old navy lipstick: tart , fiery

so, the other day my good friend katie and i were hanging out. we had both come from work, where we are both nannies. i had completely forgotten that we had a friend's bridal shower that evening so when we met up, i looked at my outfit, a baseball t and my black jeggings, and thought crap this is not formal enough, at all. so lucky for us we ran over to anthro where i found this beautiful blouse, the problem was now solved! the best part about the whole situation is, i got to wear my extremely comfortable jeggings and look put together. jeggings are what i live in while nannying. they give me a comfortable fit while being able to move and bend around just fine. it is amazing. so my lesson learned, jeggings can be worn up or down, red lipstick is a life savior. and i have a friend who has good style. thanks kate love ya ;)
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