life lately


life lately according to chad and i's iphone/instagram feeds. just a warning, it has been a pretty slow week. :)

1-3// we went up to the cabin this weekend with a group of our friends. it was so nice to get away, be with friends and have a good time.didn't get a whole lot of shots of the group, because we were not really engaging in technology while we were up there. its nice to get away.

4// my lunch break needs, boots pelligreno, and snacks 5// what my mornings look like 6// the best road trip snack

other things going on lately...

my sisters are home my sisters are home. (remember how my dad and sister were biking across the usa, you know 3,400 miles, they finished! and my other sister was just on vaca) let me tell you, i am at so much more peace. my sisters truly do complete me and i feel so weird when they are not around. we are planning on having lots of sister time over the next few weeks before laurel goes back to school in colorado

also, while we were up at the cabin i caused a little accident where i had the four wheeler flip over ontop of my friend kelly and i. luckily we just got a little banged up but nothing serious happened. however this did cause some swelling/bruising, especially on my calf. so i have been limping around town. hopefully it will heal up soon!

what have you been up to lately? link up with us now!

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  1. I love that you are getting time with your sisters! Sisters are the best.

  2. I am so glad you are getting time with your sisters, and your sister and dad made it back safe and sound! Good for them, what an amazing experience! I am the same way with my sisters, much more complete and less awkward and weird when I'm with them! Amazing how that happens!

  3. Sounds like a nice family relationship, I love that!

    Found you by way of Whatcha McCall It.
    I gave a shout-out to both of you on my blog for Monday (tomorrow).

    Hope you can stop by.
    Wendy @effiegirl.blogspot

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