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 my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram

1-3// casey's wedding weekend 4-5/ cutie and i playing 6/ best coffee in minneapolis, paired with the best local chocolate.

other things going on lately....

i have been spending my week off by drinking lots of coffee... and ice cream.. and chocolate.... it's how i am treating myself! last weekend was a good one, but a little crazy with my friend casey getting married. with the bachelorette party and wedding i was exhausted when monday hit. and to be honest i am still exhausted. therefore i feel like i can indulge in these things as much as i want this week ;)

also, we are going to wisconsin dells this weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday, has anyone heard of it? it basically is a town filled with various hotel/resorts with unless amounts of water activities. it is going to be awesome, but i kinda forgot we are leaving tomorrow afternoon... and i haven't even begun to collect my things together, and probably have to do a few loads of laundry ;)

i started reading the book bringing up bebe and have been so fascinated. if you haven't heard, it is a book about how french and american parenting is different. it is really interesting to see how people parent differently in other cultures. i think that it is so cool, just to compare and contrast the major differences. generally speaking i love reading about different cultures so this book has got me hooked! has anyone else read it? what did you think of it?

what have you been up to lately? got any fun iphone/instagram photos to share? and are we friends yet on instagram? share and link up your latelys!


  1. I love weddings it looks and sounds like you had a great time! Mmm I love that chocolate! Where is the best coffee in Minneapolis? Have fun in Wis dells! I have driven by it several times on my way to Chicago and it looks like it would be tons of fun!


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