a nontraditional midwest fall


woah woah and woah, how in the world is it already the last week in october?! man, this fall, it's been a quick one! this year my fall wasn't the typical midwestern fall where you spend hours drinking tea, crunching through leaves, or apple picking. which is sad, because i love all of those fall things. but it has been one filled with adventure. over the past two months i have been in 5 states and 3 countries. kind of crazy!! but nonetheless. im still diggin this whole fall thing. and loving how cool plaid is, you know now days you can mix and match different plaids, layer it all together, and be looking cool! im into it. know what else has been inspiring me lately? american made! that is why i love these fun pieces from stormy kromer, and, you can too!  all honeebee readers can get 20% off their purchase using the code: SAVE20HK that way if you have felt like you have missed out from all of the good, traditional midwest things, you can snag a few items and pretend to ride out the rest of the season with these products.

outfit details: shirt// madewell vest// stormy kromer  hat// stormy kromer 

euro trip!


well, we are back at it again... chad and i are headed to europe, as we speak! in 2015 we vowed to do more travel, little did we know how much traveling we would be doing. it has been incredible, and trips keep falling into place. on this up and coming trip we are headed to france (paris area), beligium (bruge and bruseels) and amsterdam! i couldn't be more excited to go explore this beautiful places (and eat the yummy food!) is there any must sees? any tips for traveling? we have a pretty flexible schedule and will be doing a lot of things on a whim!

summer weddings


a few weeks back our friend andrew shot this fun video of chad and friends at a wedding.. pretty sums up why i love summer, lakes & friends. this video also features one of my favorite brands, JORD.

JORD from AJ Molle on Vimeo.

favorite few things


a few of my favorite things, august edition:
- morning lights, or mornings in general. but, lately, weekday mornings go by way too fast! i want to cuddle up on the couch. but no. i suppose that is why weekends are so valuable.
- a pair of sunglasses in a nice sunglasses case,so i dont crush my glasses, i have gone through a million. im still digging leather so its a double win, cute and durable.
- marble slabs. i love them for rolling out pie crust, or using it as a nice cheeseboard. delicious.

what are your favorite things as of lately?

sungalsses case// MEKU c/o sunglasses// raybans

awkward stages


lately im into looking through old photos. i kind of do it all of the time, but as of recently, the old photo streaming has increased. partly because it is so stinkin hilarious to see how much chad has changed. dont get me wrong, i have changed too... but chad has progressively changed his look so many times in the eight years we have been together it is hilarious. i spend hours laughing to myself.. while chad doesnt think it is as hilarious... i think it is a pretty good time. now, both of us kirseboms are growing out our hair ;) while that may not be super surprising for me. it is for chad. chads dang haircuts were so much money, so i proposed as a joke that he grow it out. now, six months later, chad's hair is much longer and we have saved a couple hundred dollars. however, we may in the "awkward" stage, i have my doubts about this whole my husband is growing out his hair. but i think it is working, and awkward stages have to end sometime soon ;)and if the awkward stage never goes away, it is okay... we can just laugh at the photos later on!

mr and mrs like to walk


as i mentioned several times on this little blog, minnesota is the greatest/worst place to live. the food scene is great. the parks are fun. lake life is pretty much the best. and then comes winter. but that isn't for a while still!!! and not something i even want to start thinking about it. so, because it is summer, every minute possible, i try to spend outdoors in the summer. i eat my meals outside. i cook outdoors. it is great. and i make chad go on a daily walk with me. he used to make fun and only go on walks with me to make me feel better. but... i've turned my lover into a walker! and now even he craves them! there is something special when you can take 30 minutes out of day and just spend time outdoors, and even just spending some quality time with your significant other. in the book the five love languages (by gary chapman), quality time is my number one. soo the whole going on a walk and spending 30 minutes of undivided attention is a dream for me. it is where our best conversations happen, those ones where you get to dreaming and planning for the future, or even to allow us to reflect on what is going on in our lives at the current moment.

our walk latest discussion? where in the world do we go on our next trip. something we are always talking about. we aren't having kids a for a bit still ( i think) so i kind of treat every day as one other opportunity where we get to make memories of just us and do crazy cool things. kind of selfish, but something that we are trying to "get out of our system as much as a possible before we introduce a wee one" .

we were really hoping to get another big trip in for 2015 like a three week road trip, or europe! but after taking a closer look at how much we have spent traveling this year. we feel like it would be a smarter choice to do a few smaller trips, and put those dollars towards student loans (does anyone else feel like these suck the life out of you?!) ya know, be a smart, grown adult. totally is over rated ;) it is what it is. i do have to say, i like adulthood, especially the whole marriage part of it. chad and i have only been married for 2.5 years and we are already at the point where it is hard to make a decision with out the other's input. i can't imagine what it will be like in 35 years! by that point we will have more then similar tastes in watches ;)

outfit details (chad):
shirt// gap jeans// naked and famous hat// baldwin watch// c/o JORD sunglasses// rayban

jumpsuit// tj maxx sunglassess// thrifted shoes// saltwaters necklace// tiffany & co bracelets// variety of shops watch// c/o JORD

Ladies Wood Watch

grill master (with a few of my summer time favorites)


my parents recently moved to arizona, making me the only anderson to be left in the state of minnesota (and we are very family oriented! what happened family ;) ) as sad/excited as i am for my parents are they start their new journey in the desert, i am very excited to have inherited their grill. chad and i live in a cutesy duplex in south minneapolis and still are in the young newlywed stage in our lives, aka this mans we don’t have a whole lot of nice things. we have air conditioning in our place, but we never turn it on because i don’t like the way air conditioning feels (i know, im a weirdo…) last summer, every night when i cook, chad would sit outside because it would get so dang hot in the kitchen with the oven on. but now, with this beautiful new grill, i don’t have to turn on the oven and we still get amazing hot food in thirty minutes flat! i have been cooking everything imaginable on my new grill. the best part is i just have to prep all of the food and chad does the labor/ the actual grilling part of it! we had a version and elk that i have been using for meat, but both recipes could be swapped for beef instead of elk/venison. 

grilled food;

-rosemary red wine marinated steaks

4 small steaks, or two larger ones
1/2 cup dry red wine
2 garlic cloves, minced
lemon, sliced into rounds
salt pepper
5 sprigs of rosemary

combined all ingredients and marinated in a zip lock bag for at least two hours-two days. preheat grill and cook until your preferred level of doneness

-greek burgers

1 lb of red meat, works best if you have fatty stuff, but still will work if you have lean meat just not as juicy
juice from 1 lemon
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/3 c bread crumbs
1/3 c feta cheese
parsley, chopped
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
salt & pepper

combine all ingredients into a bowl and mix together with your hands. once all ingredients are incorporated, form meat into patties ( i made 4-6) and grill until your preferred doneness

- chili lime chicken (pictured above)
2-4 chicken breast depending on how many you are feeding/the size, cut up into smaller sizes (to hep grill better)
1 lemon (for juice and zest)
1 lime(for juice and zest)
1/4 c brown sugar
1/4 tsp chili powder

in a small bowl, zest and juice the limes and lemons, add sugar, chili powder and chicken and marinate for at least 30 minutes and up to 3 hours. preheat grill and cook until desired doneness. 

other sides i have been making:

-mustard cold slaw

1/2 head of green or purple cabbage, cut into thin slices
1/2 white onion, minced
bunch of cilantro
1/3 cup olive oil
1/3 honey mustard, or a mix of dijon and regular
salt, pepper

mix ingredients and add more mustard or oil if needed (or if too soupy add ore cabbage) . chill for twenty minutes before serving to allow flavors to mix well.

-green beans with lemon

handful of green beans
parm cheese

bowl green beans in salted water until cooked( 5-10 minutes), strain water. zest one lemon over beans, add shredded parmcheese. 

-radishes in vineager 

handful of radishes, cut in 1/4s
1/4 c vinegar 
a little butter

warm pan, and melt butter. once melted, add radishes and vinegar,  and cook for 5 minutes. remove from pan and add salt if you so desire

-corn on the cobb in the oven

preheat oven to 400. put corn in husks in the oven for 30 minutes. bam, corn on the cobb cooked! this is a great tip for when you are hosting people over/need to make a lot of corn on the cobb in a short period of time. 

happy eating!

PS: on another note we finally made an adult decision and purchased our first brand new couch!! i feel like we have entered into a whole new stage of adult hood. the best part of the deal? we sold our couch which we inherited for free, for $75! 

three things


three things:

-chad and i have joined a soccer league to help us keep in shape since we are not gym goers. it has been going pretty well aside from the major bruising on my knee
-it is now august, which means the minnesota state fair is this month!!!! this year the new items include bbq pickle ice cream, italian desert nachos, and maple bacon funnel cake (clearly my sweet tooth shows in this post). i personally am excited for some deep fried candy bars and a turkey leg. maybe some cheese curds too. 
-we found the most amazing tex-mex restaurant when we were in colorado last weekend, and i can’t stop thinking about their brunch chicken and waffle tacos.

now let me get back to the kitchen so i can somehow recreate those amazing tacos.

outfit details: skirt// madewell shirt// h&m headscarf// thrifted shoes// saltwaters

colorado summer trip


hello!  chad and i are just returning from a trip out west in colorado. my beautiful sister got married, so we made the trip out there for the wedding and decided to have an extended stay camping and hiking at rocky mountain national park. we stopped through rocky mountain national park when we went on our road trip last fall, but didn’t get a chance to really explore/hike it. we were only able to spend two nights there but fully toke advantage of it with hiking over 10 miles of trails, driving up trail ridge road, and spending hours at the campfire. we never plan our trips real well. one could say it is because we love adventure and just figuring it out, or one could say we are poor planners, but we were able to snag the last campsite in rocky mountain both nights. looks like god was looking over us ;) while we were there we had some amazing experiences- we saw a huge elk pack, experienced major climate change (from hot and sunny, to super windy and rainy) by moving up a series of elevation on the mountain, and explored waterfalls and lakes in the park. 

camp meals:
chipotle sausage with boiled potatoes (with salt,pepper, lemon) and rolls
peanut butter (crunchy, always!) banana sandwiches with cinnamon 
granola bars
kettle corn (popcorn indiana) 
and beef jerky for mr. chadly

gear used: 
our good ol' faithful '02 ford ranger
old backpacking tent (from chad's childhood days)
stove top grill with butane gas

one thing to note about most national parks: no showers. as i type this post from the car, i am getting pretty anxious to hope into that shower as soon as i get home… till next time rocky mountain! 



a few weeks back, chad and i decided to take a spontaneous trip to costa rica. we found a crazy deal on tickets and off we went (snippits of our trip can be found on instagram @heathermariebee & @ckirsebom, post coming soon!). you see, these past few months we have had very little time for one another, or much of anything. i started a new job last january, where i had very little time to do anything but work. it was work, sleep, repeat, for a good two months. and then the busy work season ended, and my life was given back to me. all of that time spent working now could be used for fun again! like grocery shopping and cooking ;) 

while i worked the long, draining hours. i often would spend some time on pinterest to give my brain a little break. to me it is one of those actives that doesn't really require a whole lot of effort/brain power and is still is entertaining. during that time, i would dream of what the next season's fashion would look like and what summer looks i wanted (while living on a budget). like most, i have been really working on cultivating my style these past few years and trying not to "buy just to buy". i have found that neutrals speak to me, you can dress them up or down and never look under dressed. in this exploration period, this handy dandy watch appeared from jord and i have become quite obsessed.

on top of the trying to be stylish with less "stuff",  i have been pretty into gender neutral clothing items. it may be becasue this whole marriage thing has taught me that i can steal the misters clothing and still look cute, well, at least i think so ;). i have even rubbed off on chad and there are a few watches that are "ours" now.  lucky for me this new watch doesn't fit him ;)

outfit details:
top// banana republic bottom// american eagle  shoes// banana republic sunglasses// thrifted necklace//gifted watch// jord purse// coach

Ladies Wood Watch

missing summer


it's that time of year again... the time where one gets so restless of being indoors and all one can think of is summer! so because of the days spent dreaming of summer... i started looking back at all of the old photos on my phone.. and then it really hit me, that i miss summer, but also that summer is NEAR! i cannot wait. i want to on the lake, playing games with friends, and getting color from the glorious sun. on tuesday it is suppose to be 60, so that will basically feel like summer ;) but really, summer please come soon...

the new deal, the overalls


life lately... and the things that have been on my mind 

- i am loving the fact that overalls are now seen as a fashion statement and that my husband actually thinks that they are CUTE! once saturday rolls around all i can think about wearing are overalls. maybe it is because i wear business professional attire everyday now at work, i want the most casual, comfy, not business like clothing to wear all weekend long. not to mention overalls basically feel like sweat pants, but cuter. well, to me at least. 

-i now come home from work way past dinner but still want to cook something, so i have really turned into a late night baker.  i just need to do something besides sitting at a desk. so i bake! last week i was on a the search for the best banana bread and i tried three different recipes, and none of them were the world's best banana bread. i will have to try again soon. 

- i read jcrew catalogs like they are books and have not gotten rid of any since december. i always look back on them, and every time i get a new one i think okay i could probably get rid of december, january, february, and march now... but i don't want to. and i just keep re-reading them over and over again. maybe it is because they looks so nice and warm and put together, and i don't really feel that way lately because i am working way too many hours to actually feel like i have style. jcrew catalog, you are a cheap therapy. 

- today my sister rosie and i went to get manicures. and it made me miss my grandmother and our monthly manicures we used to get.

-my dad no longer lives in minnesota! he  found out two weeks ago that he got a job transfer that he had put in several years ago and he toke it. i never actually thought my parents would be leaving this state before i would be. this weekend we packed up the house and moved the majority of my parents things into storage. it is a very strange thing to walk around your childhood home with all of the furniture gone.

- spring is here and i no longer have to wear wool socks to keep warm... and i have busted out some new spring kicks. it feels really good. i went on a shoe shopping binge this winter (what else is there to do in the cold months of winter besides shop) lucky for me, i haven't broken in any of my new kicks and now i have 8 (yeah, 8, don't judge me) pairs of beautiful shoes that are screaming wear me wear me. 

- we are house hunting! (yes we want to move out of state, and now we are looking for a house... more as an investment property) we are taking a stab at home ownership. it is going pretty well and we have been quite the team looking for places. chads the main guy pursuing this whole thing, he spends hours looking on the computer and is constantly sending me links. it's pretty fun. chad sends me loads of links and tells me all of the ones that have epic garages, you know, the thing that totally makes you want to buy a house is the garage right?! to chad, it is. and then he looks at the kitchen to make sure that his wife will be happy. we did find one dreamy, perfect house and  put an offer in on it, but it didnt work out, and that is okay. there are plenty of houses in the sea and we will find that perfect one soon.

-with all of this house hunting, it gets me really excited for that next big stage in life..... not babies, not puppies... but the next stage of life of being a chicken mama! as soon as we sign the dotted lines we are going to get five little chicks that will lay fresh farm eggs everyday. 

what have you been up to lately?

outfit details: overalls/ hollister shirt//madewell shoes// nordstrom glasses// firmoo 

falling back in love with minnesota


these past two years, chad and i have not really liked minnesota, especially in the winter. we love our friends and family here, but we were really ready for a change and were hoping to move as soon as i graduated grad school. we started brainstorming our dream city, debating living abroad and started to plan on doing so.  but, things happen and i landed a great job here in minneapolis. which lead to our decision that we will be staying in minnesota for at least another two years, if not indefinitely. we were trying so hard to get away, but things kept strongly pulling us back. so we will take it and instead of dreaming of where we should move to, we are gong to refocus and re-fall in love with minnesota. now, this isn't always easy. minnesota has some glorious spring, summer, and fall days, but the winters get rough. but, we are no longer going to let it bother us or complain about it. we are going to embrace it! with our decision to stay here, we are really trying to find all of the good things about winter in minnesota. like playing hockey at the outdoor rink, going on winter walks all bundled up, drinking a lot of tea, getting cozy with a nice book. and it is slowly working. little by little we are falling in love with all of the minnesota seasons. i do have to say, it is pretty nice here :)

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