blueberry picking!


last weekend we headed up to the cabin and brought some friends with us. since it is blueberry season we thought it would be fun to go picking, something that my mother in law does every year. and somehow i convinced my friend kelly that we should go. little did we both know of how much work it is to pick these little blueberries! we started off our journey by getting up at 7:30 am, driving an hour into a secret blueberry picking location, and picked for several hours. you had to get really low to the ground to pick each berry one by one. but i have to say though we spent hours picking away at these berries, we had an amazing time and left with several quarts of blueberries. i think there is a reason why people don't tell you how hard/time consuming it is to pick wild blueberries. also the key in our positive blueberry experience was the hunter boots. these boots are the best, we were able to hike around and not get caught on weeds and all sorts of things because of these amazing boots. not like i needed another reason to love my hunter boots. but i really really do :)

 after our long day of picking we ended on a positive note, though very exhausted! and now we have wild blueberries for days!

ps: thanks kell for sharing your pictures with me!
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  1. i LOVE blueberry picking! now you just need some killer recipes for all of your goodies :)

  2. how much fun! my mom has a blueberry bush in her backyard. picking it isn't as much fun as your picking adventure sounds.


  3. Can't say I'm a fan of blueberries -- but BLACKBERRIES! Yeah. I'll pick/eat those until I puke! Love them!

    Still -- this looks like it was a whole lot of fun! I may need to add a berry picking weekend to my list of things to do!


  4. how freakin cute is this? that looks like an absolute blast. i bet it is so worth it to enjoy the fruits of your labor too! blueberries are the best!

  5. Those are some plump ass blueberries. I love it!!! I would love to pick them sometime, too. They are my favorite and so expensive to buy in a grocery store

  6. and you make me realize i need to get hunter boots for this fall...not that i haven't been saying that for over the past year.

  7. This looks amazing! My parents have a cabin in beautiful North Carolina and I would just love to do this. Thanks for the boots tip! And now I'm hungry for blueberries... :)

  8. You are the cutest! Hand-picked blueberries just taste so much better - take me with next time :)


  9. This is awesome! I have always wanted to go blueberry picking! I have heard it's not the easiest though... The work is so worth the reward though:) YUM!


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