to the north shore!


last weekend, chad and i had our mini retreat weekend where we went up to the north shore. the north shore is a scenic area filled with trees, lakes, and more trees. though chad and i may be considered city people, we love to get out in the woods and hike around. so we thought that by going up to the north shore it would be a perfect way to embrace both six months of marriage and a chance to actually relax. on our first day up there, the weather was cold! minnesota got a cold front so we went from having temps in the 80s lato the low 50s. i have to say i was very unprepared for this but luckily i brought my lulu lemon zip up to help keep me warm.
 **spilt rock light house is over there to the left! we didn't want to pay the admission price to take the tour so we thought we would make our own, which worked great! sometimes you gotta make your own path**
 **i loved the water falls, so cool**
**hiking around gooseberry falls**
my favorite part of the trip was when we ventured out to see the famous spilt rock lighthouse (it is shown in the 5th and 6th picture).the fog looked so cool when we were standing there looking out onto the lake. it was heavenly. i also loved gooseberry falls. this little trip was the perfect time away with my man. we kept calling it "vacation" even though realistically we didn't take any time off work and it was just two days. but everything is what you make it! so happy six month to my husband i love you more and more each day.

what are your favorite types of vacations?


  1. This looks like such an amazing trip! Plus you look too cute in your hunters and bandana!

  2. This looks amazing! I love the north shore!!! So much beauty up there! It looks liek you had a wonderful time!

  3. This sounds perfect. Love your pictures! So glad you two had a great time.

  4. incredibly beautiful photos! looks like the best trip.

  5. Your photos look beautiful. What a perfect getaway. One of my favorite spots to escape is the Northwoods of Wisconsin. So peaceful and relaxing.

  6. These photos are so beautiful and this vacation looks incredible!
    I don't believe we have anything like that around here, but gosh does it look wonderful.

    You two are adorable as well. :)
    It's always nice to have a few days off to not worry about anything.

    Also. What do you use to edit your photos?

  7. Your photos are so dreamy! I fell in love with the falls<3

  8. Beautiful photos!
    :) Liz @

  9. that looks so lovely!
    And vacation for 2 days can sometimes completely enough^^
    I want to do the same in England, to see some other places than just London^^

  10. Love the coast! I recently took a visit to the Washington coast and blogged about it. New follower!


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