life lately...


life lately according to chad and i's iphones/instagram feed

1// baby is loving my keys lately. she cannot stop playing with them, good thing she is so cute
2// chad and i up in the north shore
3//  missing my friend rachel... she is one of my dearest friends but lives in florida. long distance friendships are hard. and i wish we could teleport instantly whenever you would need some girl time.
4// mambas. who thought these things were SO good. i always buy fruity candy for chad but decided to taste some of his. and i like the mambas. don't tell chad but over the past week i have eaten them all- oops!
5// another snap shot from our trip up at the north shore
6// sometimes when i nanny i feel like i am a mom. so proud of a little one and you get to see how  they grow and develop. i feel so blessed to be  a nanny and to have an insight on what parenting will look like. and though we are not planning to have our own children anytime soon, i am excited to be a mom- in about five years :)
7// sunny skies in duluth

other things that have been going on lately:

i decided to remix my lately photos. instead of doing them side by side i decided to make a little arrangement out of them. what do we think? stick with this way or go back to the old way?

and remember last week how i was a night owl. this week it is the complete opposite. 9:15 and i am out cold. maybe it is because chad has been gone the last few nights? but either way. i am thinking about that bed all day long. i kept thinking it felt like i had eaten gluten but i couldn't think of what it could be. until today... mambas contain wheat. well that explains everything and  guess i won't be stealing chads candy again ;)

also we got some amazing fudge while we were on vacation. we got maple bacon (amazing- taste like frosting) and salted caramel (classic heather) it is so tasty. they even mail out their fudge, if a place mails out their fudge you know it is going to be good. now if i could only remember the name of the place so all of you could order some...

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heathermariebee & @ ckirsebom ( i have to admit.. chad takes much better photos then me and has taught me everything i know, what are husbands for?!)

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  1. I hear yeah on wanting to teleport with your best friend! My dearest friend lives in Chicago!! We have become great planners at making traditions of when we get to see eachother every year! Hope you're having a wonderful day!


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