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want your product to be shared on honeebee? i would love to work with your company/business in giving a review of your product. in these posts i always give my honest opinion on the product matter and share my insight on the product. if you are interested in doing a giveaway, i request i receive one item to review and one item to giveaway. as the post develops, you as the shop or business owner, you will gain a preview of the post before the post goes live. i have worked with several companies in promoting their products and truly enjoy promoting businesses on my site. 

all proceeds from ads sold on honeebee is recycled back and used for promotion of honeebee blog. we work to help expand our site, but also hope to help promote and grow your blog as well. currently money gained from advertising is not used for profit, only blog promotion. all post are promoted on twitter, pinterest, facebook, and instagram.

this little blog of mine is starting to really grow and is an excellent place to promote your own business, organization, or blog!

stats as of  8/3/ 15:
835 + Bloglovin followers (on two accounts, one with my old URL one with my new URL)
1208 + Instagram followers
511 + Twitter followers
1828 + Pinterest followers


  1. I just submitted my ad on your PassionFruit space!!!! I'd love to have you on my blog, too!! Here's the link:

  2. I love this picture! So adorable! I just submitted my ad for a blog swap. You can find my ad swap space on my blog under the "Sponsor" tab if you are interested!
    XOXO, Leslie

  3. Hey hun!! Just wanted to let you know I approved your ad a few days ago and it is up and running on our page! :) I submitted my button to you via Passionfruit!

    Hope you two are doing well! Happy to be swapping with you!

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