there is always good


yesterday was one of those days that are almost too good to be true. one of those beautiful sun shining, 80 degree days.

it has been a while since minnesota has had one of those days (7 months to be exact)

not to mention, that husband of mine had a major accomplishment happen. so, the family and i decided that there is no better thing to do on a beautiful day besides celebrate with champagne (my favorite)  and being outdoors.

once again i am reminded of how good life is, and though we all experience hardships, frustrations, or extreme busyness, there is always good. yes, there is always good.

shrimp tacos


so, i know i have mentioned that we love mexican in this house, like a little too much. i am thinking that secertly, we are part mexican we just don't have the biological proof to say that. ;)

we like it a lot, and i have blogged about it a lot, like  HERE, but i guess we can't help it. that darling husband of mine always wants more of it! i am constantly looking for new recipes to whip up (since we average a mexican meal at least once a week) and came across this shrimp taco recipe. granted, shrimp tacos are not super spicy tacos, but they are similar in the sense that we were still eating tacos, they may be sweet but spicy, and i don't believe that mexican cooking uses a lot of fish, but despite that, i decided to still categorize it in the mexican category (i know, i know, doesn't really make sense but in my head it does, ha!)

so if you have a husband or boyfriend that is constantly wanting some type of taco recipe and you are struggling to find one that is different, i have provided you with the solution :) it is the perfect recipe for meal out on the deck and a little sangria.

spicy shrimp tacos

1 pound shrimp
1 can enchilada sauce
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon cumin

1/2 head cabbage, green or purple, whatever you choose, sliced real thin! i have been on a purple kick lately, i dont know if it is the color, or that i am making up in my head it taste better, but i really do like it.
1 chopped jalapeno
1/2 onion diced
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup mayo
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar
dash of salt
dash of cayenne pepper
bunch of cilantro, chopped
fresh lemon

6 of your  favorite variety of tortilla

1. in a large skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat until hot, add shrimp and spices and cook until done, about 10-15 minutes. then add enchilada sauce and cook until thicken, about 5-10 minutes

2. meanwhile, prepare the slaw. in a large bowl place cabbage, jalapeno, onion. set aside. in a medium bowl mix milk, mayo, vinegar, sugar, salt, and cayenne. mix until blended well. pour sauce into large bowl and coat cabbage. then squeeze the lemon on top.

3. when shrimp is all done, set up a little station and assemble tacos to whatever one's preference may be.

num num! quick, simple, delicious.

if you have any other mexican/taco recipes i would love to hear them.. well i think, unless we need a taco intervention in this house. ;)

ten reasons why i love spring


spring, spring, oh i love you!

ten reasons why i love spring

1. everything smells new
2. things begin to grow again, and my little garden begins
3. my lovely husband and i start talking long walks again
4. my birthday is in the spring!
5. finally you can be outdoors and not be chilled
6. pretty summer dresses and skirts can be worn
7. you can run through the grass barefoot
8. ... or even jump into a lake (hopefully it has melted!)
9. farmers markets open again, and all of that wonderful spring produce arrives
10. the sun is out later, and starts to become warmer

in the beginning of every season, i seem to say that "this season is my favorite" but once i stopped to think about it, it isn't actually the season that is my favorite, rather it is the newness that the season brings that makes me love it so much. there is something refreshing about when a new season is upon us, it almost seems like it is a "start over" button. clothes are traded out, activities shift, and i love it all. this winter was a long and cold one so, i will take all of the newness and freshness i can get! love ya spring ;)

image source

life lately


life lately. it's been one of those months where i feel like i have been so busy, but when i stop to reflect on what i have done this month, i can't really tell ya, odd isn't it? but, i am becoming a happy little lady with how beautiful it is getting in minnesota. spring has arrived! and it's my birthday month ;) which automatically makes anything much, much better. with the warmer weather i am getting my itch to garden and take advantage of all of the beautiful inspiration that surrounds me. i know this blog has been much quieter compared to months before, seems like i am just trying to figure out this new chapter in life, off the web. and i think that is a healthy and great thing. i don't know if it is just me but i feel in my twenties i am constantly trying to figure myself out. i think i know who i am, and then my feelings regarding something completely change, and instantly i feel something different. its a weird stage because i am not longer really concerned about what my peers think of me, rather i am focusing on what makes me, me. quite the challenge! but, everyday i figure it out a little more, and begin to feel more and more comfortable in my skin. it's starting to feel real good.

anyway, here are some other little pieces of what life has looked like lately. 

**may day flowers from chad, and the cutest pig cutting board c/o personal creations*

**little encouragement from the word, i am needing more of this lately.**

**my hair is ombre, not on purpose, but by not dying it for so many months, i am kinda liking it and am embracing the change**

**my favorite guy**

** it is finally starting to warm up around here, and it is about time!! the summer at the lake has begun, and spending all afternoon outdoors, it's glorious! i love being outdoors and anytime there is sunshine, you can find me out there. why i live in minnesota where half of the year is cold? i couldn't tell you. but then again, maybe because of that, i know to embrace the sun and take advantage of every last minute!**

what have you been up to lately?

a case for jumpers



who else is excited that jumpers are back in? i certainly am. the jumper, aka comfy clothes that look cute. its a win-win situation. expect for one factor, that silly husband of mine. generally speaking i would consider chad to be a pretty hip guy, he usually knows the happenings and i can usually turn to him with the question, what should i wear and he usually comes up with a great solution. but... as of lately... he has not been loving my new fashion purchases, particularly this jumper.  he tried to be nice, saying well if you like it, keep it. followed by a, "it does look cute on you". but i knew the true feelings, and they were not with the jumper on my side. usually i try to take chads advice, but the comfy-ness of the jumper sold me. (sorry chad ;) )

sweater// h&m jumper// tj maxx purse// coach shoes// target glasses// warby parker bracelet c/o //the alisha nicole

spring time giveaway!


happy sunday! and happy spring!

I am excited to announce a Mother’s Day giveaway in partnership with Samantha Elizabeth: A Lifestyle Blog and Logitech! Logitech has generously supplied one lucky reader an "Office Upgrade" full of wonderful items valued at $500+!  

Also included will be a number of DIY project materials (mason jars, spray paint, washi tape, contact paper etc..)

To enter and win simply follow the steps in the raffle copter giveaway below and one winner will be chosen Sunday and this lovely box of goodies will be shipped to your door! That is all there is to it! 

So what is included in this $500 Office Upgrade you might ask? Here is the run down! 

A number of DIY project materials (mason jars, spray paint, washi tape, contact paper)
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