day in duluth


while chad and i were up at the north shore, we stopped in duluth on our way home. duluth is one of our favorite cities. it is filled with cobblestone streets and buildings with tons of character! the whole city reminds me of a northern san francisco- the city is on a hill, there is little trolley cars that travel around, and there is good food! what chad and i typically do on vacations is this. explore, eat. explore, eat. repeat. i think this may be associated with how much i love food. and how chad is coming to love food as well.we also got to check out some of the local breweries that they have up there (that was chad's favorite part!)
** down by the pier** 

** little angies for dinner**

**had to get a malt from this little shop, we go and get one every time we make the trip up to duluth!**

we loved you duluth and cannot wait to return next year!


  1. Wow absolutely beautiful! Love that last picture of you!!

  2. this day looks lovely. and so does that malt !

  3. I have cousins that live in Duluth, but we have yet to visit them. Looks like a fun place!

  4. Love Duluth!!! We always stop there on our way up to the BWCA. Oh, and you are GORGEOUS! :D

  5. Come visit again! I'll show you around to all the good places. Duluth is the best in the summer :)

  6. These pictures are gorge! And that malt looks to die for!

  7. Looks like you had a great time!

    The last pic is so cute! haha


  8. LOVE me some Duluth. Been there several times growing up as we have family that lives there. Actually going there later this week. :)

  9. Your outfit is perfect for that day... very picturesque.


  10. This sounds like the perfect place to explore and do much of the same things you did. The town looks so inviting and warm, and I always appreciate good food. I also must say that you look so adorable! -Jess L

  11. New follower! <3
    Loving your blog!


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