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happy sunday! aka fit day ;)
i actually do the least amount of working out on the weekends, i know that it is usually the opposite for people but for some reason i cannot get my bum out of bed on saturday mornings. and sunday mornings are usually reserved for church, so my working out on the weekends only happens if chad and i are going to be going on a bike ride. 

last week was a pretty good fit week. i am still feeling pretty motivated which i am glad because i had lost some motivation for 3-4 months. i have found that if i am actually getting up in the mornings to get my work out in, i feel 10x better the entire day. i still get this feeling if i work out after work, but it isn't as intense and doesn't do me as good because the majority of the day is already over. 

so, that is what i have been doing. the morning comes and i jump out of bed. i realize that by prepping my work out clothes right by my bed i am much more likely to go just because everything is already set up and i dont have to go around looking for my work out tank, shoes ,etc. i can just get up and go! 

with that... here is my fit report:

monday 40 minute bike ride, 20 minutes lifting
wednesday 40 minute stair stepper
friday 35 minute stair stepper
saturday jumped at skyzone, a trampline park for an hour (this only half counts! ha! we went for chad's birthday)

overall not too bad! i met my goal and was feeling great. i am loooving the stair stepper lately. i don't know why, but i think it is soo fun.  i am hoping to start going to more yoga classes again because i haven't done that in a while and that always helps break up my work outs. maybe i will be extra motivated and go to the 5:30 am class before work tuesday... we will see ;)

and as of food...

i have been loving all of the produce that is in season! watermelon, strawberries, mint. it is all so so good. and makes eating healthy way easier.  during the week i did so well with eating well rounded, flavorful meals and had a little ice cream here and there. however over the weekend i may have had a little too many sweets, but couldn't help it because it was chad's birthday. thats why we have the week to get back onto track!

i am also loving that our garden is doing so well. we don't have a good yard to plant but i did several potted veggies/herbs and they are doing so well. some of the herbs we have harvested and i am about to try our fresh lettuce we have growing.

being healthy in the summer is so much easier for me, i don't know if that is the case fo reveryone but i long for great flavorful fruits and veggies in the summer. yum yum!

how was your fit week?!


  1. I have never been to a trampoline park but that sounds like so much fun! I'm not for working out on weekends either, and it rarely happens. At most, I'll go for a quick run or walk but its not likely I'll make it to the gym.

  2. i really need to get better about working out in the mornings now that the sun is out earlier. working at 7am just makes it really early for me! cheers to being active!

  3. Working out in the morning is really the only thing that works for me in order to work out every day. I'm so glad it is warmer out again! I'm so much more motivated to get out there now that it's not freezing cold!


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