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dear friday you came quick! not that i am complain.. but wow you are here! and its a friday half day, wahoo! dear chad hope you are excited about your new truck. i know this is going to be your little "baby" from now on.. but don't forget about me ;) dear snail mail  i used to be so good at utilizing you during college. but somehow i stopped. and i missed it. so i think i am going to try and start writing a handmade card once a week and mail them off to close friends and family. it's a fun/encouraging thing to do! dear maxi skirts i know you are super popular right now. but i totally get it. you are the comfy/cutest thing around. i am hoping to find a few more this weekend so i can be wearing them alllll summer long!

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  1. I just love getting/sending real mail--but I've gotten away from it too! Maybe I need to make that a goal of mine as well. :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. Snail mail is the best! And so are maxi skirts!

  3. I wish I could live in a maxi skirt! They are the best summer clothing. Heck, they are the best for anytime.

  4. Grrr...I've been meaning to buy a maxi shirt/dress for so long now...I'm so short though that I have to find petite sizes!! You've inspired me to keep looking. Have a wonderful weekend girl!

  5. Need to find some maxi's for this summer....great shooting local...where ever you are standing.

  6. This picture is too cute girl! I love the location choice too!
    And I totally agree with you about snail mail! Miss it!!
    xo TJ

  7. I love snail mailo, I'm also in love with maxi skirts and need a few more!


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