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my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram feed 
 1// yogurt lab is sooo tasty. my favorite fro-yo place of all time 2// it makes it even better when you are eating it with one of your best friends! 3// rain rain rain. that is all we have had in minneapolis. 4// pretty rooftop building in minneapolis
5// string lights at bonfires with friends 6// the little girl and i had a date to lego land! 7// good morning sun nice to finally see you 8// sometimes there is no better treat then a dq blizzard

9// my favorite colorful things, aside from flowers! 10// his and her key rings. chad got me a new key ring from mn leather works and i am loving the look!

... as you can tell from the photos. i am still loving ice cream...and food... oops :)

what does your iphone/instagram feed say about your life lately?! link up with us now!


  1. mmm. ice cream is my favorite food group in the summer! haha. and i love those key rings!!

  2. ugh, it's raining again here in Portland. Not cool, Oregon, not cool. but I suppose DQ would make it better, maybe I should try that.

  3. DQ. I may have to go there after work. :)

  4. Yum I love macaroons so so so much and I haven't found a good place to get them in NoVA... now seeing your picture i'm on the hunt again!

  5. Such a pretty life! I haven't been able to rid my diet completely of ice cream or sweets either! They still make a weekly appearance! -Jess L

  6. Yes rain rain go away!!!! I am loving the sun today though:) Now I want a blizzard!


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