found a monkey at the zoo


sometime i don't think i've grown up. i love 'playing outside'. i think i enjoy popsicles more then the average adult, and i somehow get food all over my face when i eat. ontop of all of these things, i love the zoo a whole lot. maybe this is i am a nanny during grad school, it's the perfect thing to keep me young ;). the other day the babes and i decided to head over the mn zoo, and man oh man did we love it! the little one is getting all into animals now and is starting to mimic animal sounds. she went berserk  over the monkeys and penguins. it was so cute. i love when kids get to be this age because they develop such personality!
 ** the only problem when the little one can crawl, they have a mind of their own on what direction to take! and it is hard to keep up! ontop of this, she is turning into a little monkey, and little monkeys are hard to hold onto! especially when they see other animals around. ps. i love my new salt waters so much (thanks again chad!)**
**the grizzle bears in the russian coast exhibit. this is one of my favorite ones, its newer and is done so well!**

if i could, i probably would go to the zoo everyday. but because i like to think i am slightly normal i don't go everyday... maybe just a few times a month ;)

what is one of your favorite "childish" things to do? 


  1. Beautiful pictures.

    I will never get tired of going to amusement parks. Kids rides are still fun to me!

  2. I can't wait to take Mia to the zoo!! I love having a baby because it totally justifies my love and excitement for all little kid stuff, ha! Seriously though...

  3. Slightly normal for not going everyday made me giggle! I love the zoo and haven't been in years!

  4. You're lucky you get to visit the zoo so often! I unfortunately live over an hour away from the one here in Houston, and it's usually too hot to really enjoy during the summer! I loved seeing both the MN zoo and Como zoo a few years back, both fun places to play outside and feel "young" again! :)

  5. I am such a kid at heart too! I think life can be more fun this way. The aquarium and the zoo are 2 of my favorite things!

  6. Haha, I'm the same way! I can still almost relate better to kids than adults ;) I love that picture of the bears!


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