fit report: i ran!


i started this week out pretty strong in the fit department. for some reason i woke up monday morning thinking "it is going to be a great week" and it was! i was so motivated to get up everyday, go work out, eat healthier, and overall feel amazing. i was addicted. let me tell you, it has been months since i felt like this (once again, maybe the vitamin d? i am taking it!) so, with that. let me first encourage everyone to be spending time outside. the summer season is so so short. and it slips away! and before you know it, there is snow again in minnesota. and just a reminder to everyone, the days are not getting longer anymore!

with that... the fit report!

monday 40 minute bike ride at the gym
tuesday 40 minute stair stepper
wednesday 40 minutes elliptical
saturday 5 mile run

the best part of this week was that i ran! saturday was a beautiful day. i had finished my homework early on in the day and just wanted to be outside when chad suggested i go on a run. initially i thought really? a run. what about my knee. but then i thought about it and wanted it really bad. so i decided to slow my pace down about a minute/mile and see how it went. and it worked! i slowed down, focused on my form. and actually felt good. my knee hurt a little bit but at the end of my run i felt like i could keep on running. it was amazing. i am hoping that by slowing down a little bit my form will improve and this will mean i will be able to run again. let me tell ya, that would be amaaaaaazzing! so say a prayer for me, maybe my knee will recover and i will no longer be an injured runner! 

i also started to read Mirelle Guiliano's French Women of All Seasons book. She is the author of French Women Don't get fat ( a personal favorite, if you haven't read it, its a must read!). The book was great and offered perspective of how to properly eat and move seasonally, a key of how the french ladies stay so slim. I haven't gotten through the entire book but i just love how she writes and the great perspective she shows in cultural differences of health. the book also really encouraged me to keep up my little garden. there is something so great about building and working with your hands, especially when it comes to food. food that is garden is free from pesticides and preservatives. though all i am growing is coming from a few planters i hope to keep growing these things and eventually have an entire lawn dedicated to produce. 

what did you do active this week? did you get a nice long run in? (and if you did i am so jealous!)


  1. Awesome job on the run!!! I'm trying to get back into running but shorter distances are going to have to cut it for now. What happened to your knee? I had some serious knee issues (or so I thought) and it was some scar tissue buildup from all the running I had done.

  2. I need to get my butt running! I've taken a few months off. I totally agree with you on the whole Vitamin D thing. That is my number one priority, to get my little family outside soaking in Natural Vitamin D and it makes such a difference! I need to garden! We live in a condo right now so its hard, but I am looking forward to having a big yard to grow. Anything without pesticide residue always makes me feel better!

  3. I really need to start working out, I've been eating healthier but now I gotta kick it up a notch.


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