five things i've learned about marriage


after being married for five months i now know...

... that i love waking up and chad does not. so this usually means he doesn't want to have a conservation .124 seconds after he wakes up ;) but this does mean i can go make some coffee and breakfast, bring it back, and by that time we can sort of start having a conversation

... that i might say i love you to chad 17 times a day. but he always smiles and says i love you too. and because he knows it means so much to me, he always gives me a good night kiss. even if this means rolling over a few minutes after the attempted bedtime

... that i somehow don't fully tighten the cap on things (bottles, lids, etc.) but chad knows this and always tightens them up. this therefore has prevented several spills that i would have encountered if i lived by myself

... that marriage is fun. and you laugh a lot. usually because i am a little cookey, and because chad is so funny. yes there is hard stuff but you have got to make sure that you can still laugh at the end of the day. it makes the world a better place!

... that though i may have upgraded to a queen size bed(previously i had a twin) the bed is actually much much smaller then when you share it with another person. and sometimes their feet may creep over to your side of the bed... oh wait, that is me. sorry chad thanks for putting up with my bed hogging! 

oh the joys of marriage! what is one thing you've learned about your partner/husband/boyfriend while living together? 


  1. Hehehehe!! These are the things you are going to want to remember, forever!! So good of you to post this. This is so great! =)

  2. :) sweet and adorable! Love marriage!

  3. I'm like Chad when it comes to mornings, ha!

  4. Stinkin' Adorable!! I love waking up next to someone and I love a good night kiss before bed! I'm a total morning person myself! lol Get coffee started and a good breakfast going and all of sudden - wide awake! haha

  5. This is the cutest :) Garrett is the exact same way when he wakes up. I would stay in his dorm all the time this past year (the most uncomfortable, teeny tiny twin bed ever) and I would wake up excited to start the day and start asking him questions and he would just groan and grunt. Ha X-)
    xo Heather

  6. Awe! Super sweet!

  7. in our marriage i am constantly reminded of the quote, "couples who play together.. stay together!"

  8. are your feet cold too?! my bf always hates it when i try and warm my feet up with his legs haha.

  9. This is so stinkin' cute! My husband is not a pillow talker. I love chatting before bed and he tries so hard to be an active listener but he always falls asleep mid sentence. :)

    XOXO/Lena @ RootandBlossom

  10. jeremy always looks over at me at night and asks how i take up so much of the bed. sorry husbands everywhere! love this post, so cute and honest

  11. Haha, I'm laughing at the last one. My husband and I visited some family this last week, and spent the night on my 5 year-old brother's twin bed. We so appreciate the queen, and often take it for granted.

    One thing I've learned about my husband (since being married) is that if we don't have 2% milk in the fridge, it's guaranteed to be a rough day.

    Take care,


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