walks + boats


this weekend i...

... got to go on a few walks. lately i can't get enough of them. i went over to my parents and walked their/my little pups for a little. since my dad and sister have left to do their bike tour across the country, my mom is in need for a little help (she takes care of my grandma who has alzheimer's and works 60+ hours a week, a little crazy). so i thought i could go over there and at least help walk the dogs and chat with gram.

then chad and i decided to take a stroll around in our neighborhood. we don't love suburb life but, it can be nice to find some pretty paths to walk along side with. 
** we love our old people shoes, my shoes are originally my grandmas, no joke**

the sun finally came out for a little bit, and the sky was so beautiful! no only if it would stick around for a longer... 
 ... we also got to go hang out with some friends and played kube. i had never played before, and i can't say i was so good. we decided to play boys vs. girls... lets say the boys dominated the field. 
... we then ended the weekend with a nice little boat ride out on the lake! and got to release some "chinese fire laters" or whatever you may call them.. that was what we were going with ;) it was the perfect night!

ps. i am still not over the maxi skirts. love them way too much.


  1. What a perfect weekend!! Your skirt and scarf are so cute, too! So fun you can wear your grandma's hand-me-down shoes!

  2. It sounds like a great weekend. I am loving anything maxi right now... except here in Alabam its so humid with all that fabric it can get pretty hot under there haha.

  3. What a wonderful weekend. I love your outfit aswell :)

  4. i love you old people shoes too :)

  5. I need to get Chinese Fire Lanterns for my next camping trip! :)

    Love your skirt, btw. :)

    and your blog! Following you back!

  6. what an amazing day! i have always wanted to release chinese fire lanterns!

  7. freaking love this outfit, and love the fire lanterns. looks like so much fun!!!

  8. haha i love that your husband smokes a pipe! my sister in law bought one actually and whenever we get together we always sit out back and pass it. i hate the smell of cigarettes but something about pipes and cigars i actually like. also, i love the chinese lantern! we got to send one of in thailand and it was my favorite thing to do!

  9. That sounds like a fabulous weekend! What an awesome mom you have! I love your skirt! It looks so comfy too!

  10. Can I just say, I LOVE your guys's "old people shoes" too?! I'm definitely on that bandwagon too :) And I'm also loving that skirt. Looks like a fun weekend!

  11. I love the old people shoes and I LOVE Kub. What a fun weekend!

  12. I'm sure I've said this before, but I love that skirt. Must find one soon. :)

  13. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Walks are the best, I love finding new neighborhoods with houses to look at while we walk!

  14. i love those lanterns and always wanted to light and release one. they look so cool in the sky.

    i love the shoes actually!

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  15. What an absolutely fun weekend! These photos are just the cutest!


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