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 chad and i have started do go on our bike rides once again! but the weather is cheating us. on saturday we started off our ride.. and two minutes into it, it starts to rain. boo. we still haven't make it to the minneapolis lakes yet... but i hope to this weekend. it's weird because usually chad and i have been biking for months once june hits... but with this crazy season we have had, there has not been a lot of biking, just around our local neighborhood. but soon we get to do more fun biking adventures !
**my mother-in law and sister in -law before our dinner last friday night*
on monday i had to say goodbye to my sister and dad as they are biking across the country this summer! they begin in seattle and in eight weeks they will end their journey in new york city. they are doing this with venture expeditions, a local christian non-profit to raise money and awareness for the burma people in thailand. i will miss them like crazy but am extremely proud of my dad and sister as they do this trip of a lifetime. 

the weather is very seattle-y here. clouds, fog, rain. though i am a bigger fan of the sunshine, it does make for some nice photos.

so lately. my life is a lot of bikes i guess? chad and i biking, my sister and dad biking across the country. surreal! 

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  1. That venture expeditions sounds SO cool! I wish them a safe and fun trip and that's definitely something I may look into for the future, they seem to have so many different types of trips, it sounds great!

  2. I need to get back into bike riding (okay... I need to START bike riding, because we all know I never really did haha). Your dad and sister are amaaaazing for doing this! Good luck and safe travels to them :)

  3. wow, that sounds like such a cool experience! i am impressed by your fambam!

  4. So awesome that your dad and sister are biking across the country! My aunt and uncle actually both took 5 years off of work several year ago to bike across EVERY continent! How crazy!! I think biking across one state would be hard!

  5. you two are precious with your bikes! that's amazing what you sister & dad are doing.


  6. Holy cow!! That's so awesome of your dad and sister, what an amazing adventure and story they will have to share! Best wishes for safe travels!

  7. That bike is beautiful! I'm vying for a new one myself :) What a cool trip your sister and dad are doing!


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