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this weekend was a good one. it was pretty busy in the sense that we did not spend a lot of time at home, and we didn't get a lot done off the "to-do" list but we couldn't help it. the sun was shining so we had to get out! and that sun made me want a lot of ice cream (really what is new). so lucky chad brought me to my favorite ice cream (sebastian joes). this whole ice cream thing may be a problem. every single day i want it. and every day i have it. even when it isn't sunny out? i suppose we all have our vices! we got an ice cream maker from our wedding and i still haven't gotten it out. but i don't think i can put it off for much longer, some of my friends are reminding me that i got this lovely thing and want to come over and eat some. not to mention i am itching to try making the creamy goodness myself!

...i also got to have some deck time saturday morning where i laid out in my suit (first time this year!) and did some reading. summer reading is the best... and so are sun hats. found this lovely one at wal mart for a steal ($5!)

to finish out the weekend we went to st paul for the big annual grand ol days where we got to walk around with friends, people watch. it was almost like a mini state fair, and i looooove the state fair. to end the nice weekend we got to bbq with some friends. we have already done a ton of grilling this year. way more then i ever have in the past. but i really dont know if i can get sick of it. you get to cook food, outside, in the sun, and usually with company. i'd say that is winning all around!

hope you had a nice weekend!


  1. I love ice cream too! It is like the only sweets I eat! Our local fro-yo place sees us pretty often! :)

  2. Yay for ice cream every day! I second that! And your hat's adorbs. What a great find!!


  3. you will be amazed by how much better ice cream tastes homemade. or maybe i only remember it being SO FANTASTIC because my mom used to make it in the summers when I was younger and I have blown the ah-mazingness out of proportion. Either way, I think you should try it!

  4. Ice cream everyday?! Yes please. I need to lay out and eat ice cream asap. Cute pictures. :)

  5. yummm that ice cream looks great!!

  6. I love homemade ice cream, so much better than the store bought. My favorite to make is peach, though I haven't in such a long time. I also love grilling with friends, definitely one of the best summer activities.

  7. Totally love your hat!! That sounds like a nice relaxing weekend!

  8. You are so PRETTY Heather!! I love your hat, I may have to search our wal-mart and see if they have it!! And how yummy, ice cream!! My thing has been frozen yogurt! Maverick has thee best flavor.... CHEESECAKE!!! Glad you had a great weekend, sounds so FUN!!


  9. pretty photos! i've been craving ice cream so fun lately. your photos here are the epitome of summe!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
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  10. Yeah I pretty much have ice cream everyday too! Sebastian Joes is my absolute favorite! We got an ice cream maker for our wedding and finally used it (2 years later) and I have to admit, it's a little dangerous to have homemade ice cream that accessible!

  11. Yum! i love ice cream :) Also Summer BBQs are fab and I love having friends over!

  12. Love these photos!! That ice cream looks delish! I used to live in Cortona, and had lunch with Frances Mayes once. She and her husband are really nice people. I never got to see her house but my mom took a stroll by it when she came to visit and told me it was just gorgeous. We had the coolest apartment there and I still miss it madly. Although I still prefer Venice, that city is flat out magical.


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