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my life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram feed. 

hate to say it but not a whole lot went on this week... however. the majority of this past week was spent with children... so the baby pictures are going to be a little high. but they are so cute to look at i am sure no one will mind ;)

1// my sister rosie and i did a double date nanny date. it was really fun. and she is such a fashionista 2// me with the babes. i love them so much 3// big eyed babies 4// the cutest little man

5// picked up some beans from my favorite minneapolis coffee joint, dogwood. so so good 6// happy fathers day to the best guy around... i miss you and am so thankful to have such a great role model in my life (i am the on the left. lets hope my looks have gotten better ;) 7// started juicing again! this juice has celery, carrots, apples, and lemon. a tangy treat! 8// through the window... 

other things going on lately. i want a bird. i don't know where this came from but all of a sudden i have this great idea that i want a cute little bird as a pet. they aren't too much work like a dog right?! they would live in our little kitchen area and sing songs to us every morning. we would be the best of buds and i would feed her fresh fruit in the morning. i have already picked up their name, peaches. now lets see if we can get the idea past chad. ;)

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  1. Birds are fun! I grew up with Parakeets and one of them would walk down my dads arm on Sunday mornings and nibble at the newspaper, or sit on the side of our cereal bowls and drink the milk. His name was Bob and certainly wasn't your typical bird.

  2. yessss, my mom used to make us take photos in matching outfits too! glad i am not the only one.

  3. How fun a bird! I think I would love singing with it as well. I've always thought how much better life would be if it was a musical. :)

  4. such cuties! What a sweet job nannying is! I miss it!


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