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in the summer, when you are a nanny, you are outside alllll day long. that is why i love my job so much. and though you get to be outside all day... you gotta be prepared if you want to be "successful". so here is my little list of nanny musts for these hot summer months! 

1// llb bag tote. these are super durable, perfect for throwing some dippers before you head out to the park. the best part? they are made in the usa!

2// sunglasses. i would say sunnies are the number one thing you need. cover up those eyes fromt that shining sun! to help reduce headaches and prevent wrinkles

3// a good sun  hat. i found a few great sun hats earlier this year and i am so glad i bought them. they help feel the sun off your face so you don't need to worry about sunburn!

4// a good picnic blanket. its a nice day? grab a picnic blanket, a few snacks and you have found yourself a perfect afternoon of entertainment

5// books. while you are on that picnic, bring some books! easy entertainment and will let you catch a break to eat some food while the baby is reading!

6// sunscreen. the most important thing. sunscreen! 

what are some of your summer needs?

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  1. Those LL Bean tote bags are the best! They are so sturdy and nice and big too!!


  2. loooove that tote, have one just like it! and of course need some good sunglasses and a good book!
    Helene in Between

  3. I feel you on every last one of these.. summer essentials for me! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  4. i mean i'd think it is safe to say you don't even need to be a nanny to have this summer needs list!

  5. Love the sunnies! I have a pair just like those that I scored at Target a few years ago. I wish I had bought two pair because now they are all scratched up.... I can't bring myself to throw them away because the frames are so classic.

  6. those sunglasses are amazing! i love the new shapes that are coming out, too bad they're not all that great on my face : )


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