insta-lately: a link up!


good news friends. it is thursday, the third best day of the week ;)

but it is even better because some of my blogging friends and i have started a new link up for all of you called lately. lately is where you get to share what has been going on with your life lately. what moments have you been caputuring via your iphone or camera? here are a few of mine!

1 & 2 // macy's has its annual flower show! and i make it a tradition to go every year. this year the theme was india, it was beautiful. if you live in minneapolis you better make it out there!

3// me and the cutest little girl around ;) i love nanny life 4// saw this sign at potbellys and how true is that! 5// delicious egg scramble at the finish bistro. 6// life is too short not to eat cupcakes. :)

what have you been up to lately?
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  1. great idea for a link up! :)
    the macy's flower show sounds amazing!

  2. Haha I like that come in sign!

  3. i love that sign, come in or we will starve, that is too cute. that cupcake looks really yummy too

  4. That sign is so great! I want one! And I so wish I could go see that flower show at Macy's the pic looks marvelous.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  5. Cute idea! I`ll have to try and remember to take lots of pics with my camera in the hopes that I can link up!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  6. What a gorgeous flower covered elephant! The flower show sounds fabulous!

  7. Wow, I love this idea and all your photos!
    Newest follower here :)



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