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so if you are like the thousands of people out there, you have been one of those people who have had to spend a fortune on your college textbooks. and though i do love reading my text books, after the semester most of them collect dust off in some corner (mine being at my parents house... sorry mom and dad!) but good new folks. you can rent! 

i have a new love for renting text books (or renting anything really). it is awesome deal for the thrifty student. and as a result you are able to save money to put towards tuition (or what real college students do, use the money for food, clothes, and housing) 

with that. let me introduce you to CampusBookRentals.coms

campus book rentals is an agency that helps you save money as a college student! (if only i would have done this for my undergraduate career...)

benefits from renting text books from campus book rentals:

text books are 40-90% cheaper then the book store prices
there is free shipping BOTH ways to return your rented text book
you are able to highlight in your books ( a major benefit for highlighting freaks like me!)
there is flexible renting periods
and the bets part about campus book rentals is they also work to fund a non-profit as a part of their business practices. 
campus book rentals offers the rent back program, where students are able to indepedently rent out their text books to other students (and make 2-4x more then if you were to sell your book back!)

what you do if with that extra money you saved majorly on textbook costs? go check out campus book rentals today! 


  1. So I'm done with school and glad of it. But after reading this I am wanting to go back to school! What a great idea whoever started that, and a good money saver for students!

  2. I've always used which is a similar site. I have been so happy with renting my books! Especially for the classes that didn't relate to my major (which I keep for reference). I guess that's not the case for grad programs though ;)

  3. I always rent but I've never heard of this site before. I'll definitely have to keep it in mind next time!


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