memory keeping


so if i have to be honest i am awful at documenting my life. 
i am great at taking the pictures.
but then, they just sit in iphoto.
i rarely print photos.
and if i actually print those photos, those printed photos don't usually go anywhere.

but i am trying to get better with this! so i have found a few tactics that work-
the first is using this journal- it is a quick way to write down a few sentences of what happened through out the day. i love it! 

and these are the other methods of memory keeping i am going to try..

make a photo book. 
i haven't done this. but it will be happening. i am giving myself until the end of the year ;)

print photos (including the engagement, family, wedding ones.. oops!)  and frame them to put up around the house.

how do you document memories?


  1. i started doing yearly photo books.. starting with our first year married – so Nov 2010 through Oct 2011. it helps me make sure i take pictures regularly and it'll be fun to look back on the early years of our marriage!

    i love the idea of the journal! where did you find that?!

    happy friday :)

  2. Have you ever heard of Printstagram? I think you would love it, and your photos are so beautiful so I think they would look great if you printed them out. Have you thought of starting an etsy shop for your photos? I can tell you right now I would definitely buy them!

  3. I'll admit that once I started my blog I stopped printing as many photos...but I try to make occasional photo books using shutterfly, and we've started a photo wall in our living room of places that we have been around the world that we love. I love that journal idea you mentioned seems like a great way to reflect on each a simple way!

  4. I've been wanting to buy this book forever!
    It definitely looks worth it.

  5. such a a cute book! I have the same issue with printing the photos, but I'm trying to work on it.

  6. ahhh I am SO bad at printing out photos too!! I take more than enough, but just like you, mine just sit on my computer. I definitely need to make a photo book too! :)

  7. I've had a lot of fun making engagement photo books and wedding books for our families. Since we have so many photos of those events, I wanted to have them easily accessible, and coffee table books are a great way to flip through whenever I'm feeling nostalgic. Shutterfly is great for this, and they often have coupons. I also order and frame our favorite photos, though we now need to buy a few more!

  8. I document with photos, and luckily I move a lot, which always inspires me to print and hang new photos. Other than that, I always say I will and never do!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  9. I scrap book! It takes a lot of time, but I know that in 10 years I will be so happy to have a way to look back on my memories.
    I love the idea of that book though!

  10. i have one of these books too! i'm not always consistent on writing in it, but at least i'm trying!

  11. i have a friend that is so on top of this! (unlike me) she makes a blurb book every year to document what they've done and where they've gone. it's such a great idea and something that i want to get better at!

  12. i'm the SAME way when it comes to photos!!! we printed a lot of our wedding photos, but not many since them! I've made some photo books on Shutterfly before, or even iPhoto...and those are super easy, and you dno't have have to print the actual photos---so easy!

  13. Hi Heather! I'm so glad you posted this! I didn't realize it but I do the same thing...take plenty of photos but they just sit in iPhoto. Thanks for your ideas and I've gotten a few from the commenters too! I used to scrapbook all the time but it's more of a hobby and can get pricey. I definitely want to try your journal idea. Found your blog through a blog hop and have loved looking around...can't wait to keep reading!


  14. I wanted that journal when I saw it. Target-right? -Jessica L

  15. I have heard that My publisher is a good place to make photo books. And they usually have sales so you can wait for a good sale. And actually there is a groupon for one right now :)

  16. I am terrible at documenting my life, I always start of well and collect lots of photos, movie stubs and what not and then i completely forget about them :/

    I love that book! where did you find it?

  17. Love this! I'm trying to do better myself! Starting a gallery wall has given me more motivation to print pictures (as well as getting some of my Instagram pictures printed), but printing more from every day life...not just travels, is a great idea!

  18. I set up a blogger and would sometimes text my random thoughts or quotes I like to there to be saved!


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