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 a new job means a new baby to love! i love being a nanny, and as a newlywed it is great birth control :)  i never really thought of myself as a nanny. in college i developed a very ambitious attitude and had the mentality that i was going to get a "big girl job".  however upon graduation i realized i did not have a job. but nannying position opened up, and i thought "hey i like kids!" i love that nannying gives you an insight of what being a mother is like. and though i do not want children for a while, it is a nice tease. you are with kids all day and then you get your nights and weekends free. truly is the best of both worlds. though i do not want to be a nanny for the rest of my life (and most likely will just nanny through graduate school) i really love my job and love that it is my job to take care of children. 

now fast forward. 

 nannying has been my full time job over just over a year. first year was so much fun. i learned a lot about who i am, my so call "parenting style", and got a true insight of what is is like talking care of three girls. 

now we are at the beginning of year two. new family. one sweet little girl. 
this cute little one and i are starting our adventures together and i am excited to see what this next year is like as we venture the city, grow, go do new things, see art, play outside,  try  new foods! and meet new friends. l\

thanks to everyone who had me in their thoughts and prayers as i was searching for a new position!

are you a nanny or a mother? what is your favorite part?


  1. I've never been a "nanny" per se, but I was a full-time babysitter a few summers, with a set schedule, so I guess basically could have called it a nanny? And I. LOVED. IT. I've been thinking that may be a fun thing to do! How do you find your families??


  2. I nannied over the summer this past summer and I absolutely loved it--misss those kiddos so much! I kept three kids, and they definitely kept me busy! Gosh, such good memories!

  3. Great birth control! I hear you- hehe.

    I love kids but won't have some of my own for a looks like hard work (and no sleep!). Hope your enjoy your new job- I love your outfit!

    Sarah XxX

  4. I'm not a nanny, but I work with 2-3 year olds, and I can say the same. It has taught me SO MUCH about the type of parent I do and don't want to be if I ever become one. It's just so amazingly fun to me to see them learn and grow during these ages. With 2-3, it's the best to see their language grow and evolve!

  5. i've actually always wanted to nanny and am looking into it this summer. i registered on, but how do you find your families? just curious, if you'd be willing to share! :)


    1. would LOVe to share! I find them via! I have had a lot of good luck, otherwise I have tried sitter city as well.

  6. I used to be a nanny for a family of two. That job actually ended in December & hands down, it was my favorite job. I was their nanny for a year and a half & they are still big parts of my life. My kids were in elementary school, I bet that little munchkin is precious!!!



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