little black t


shirt// aerie (old) pants// gap sunglasses// target shoes// target necklace// thrifted clutch// grandmas old bag

classic pieces in your closet. what are they? for me. it is this black t-shirt (little black t if we will) and olive jeans. i have had these items for years but time and time again they prove themselves to be wonderful pieces. simple. the best part about simple outfits is that they are so easy to dress up. add a few pieces of trendy jewelry and it looks like the pieces are brand new! or you can mix and match classics, for instance the clutch in the photos is my grandmas old bag from 40 years ago. classic, quality items go a long ways! 

as you can tell from the photos... minnesota still has lots of snow.  and all i want is grass! and flowers! (lots and lots of tulips if mother nature will allow) but- doesn't look like that is going to be coming for a bit. so in the meantime while all of the other states get lots of sunshine, i will still be wearing my boots, and jacket. :) but may be stopping by the grocery store to have some tulips indoor. if i can't have spring outdoors might as well bring it in! 


  1. I just love classic pieces too. Those are the ones I always invest more money in than trendy.

  2. Perfect classic pieces! Love your shoes!


  3. love the whole thing. Keep them forever.
    P.S. Your shoes are fabulous!!!!

  4. I love classic pieces! Plain white or black t-shirts are a huge staple of mine! :)
    Very cute outfit!

  5. Two very cute pieces! I'm actually sporting my olive skinnies today!

    It's still cold and thinking about being snowy in Ohio too. Spring does sound wonderful!

  6. Cute! I always forget to check out the jewelry section of Target.

  7. You are just so adorable! Love the way you dressed up a simple outfit with that necklace and those flats! Very cute! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  8. I swear I was trying on these exact sunglasses yesterday (but at a different store) except they were just a little bit bigger, and made me look a little like a bug haha! These look like the perfect size, and I need them for Spring!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  9. Love the black and olive! I love the clutch and the fact that it is your Grandmother's makes it even better, true vintage=)


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