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this weekend chad and i decided to go and do a little window shopping. we went to a newer shop in minneapolis called forage modern workshop, a home decor store. most of the products were from minneapolis/minnesota vendors so it was neat seeing how this store was encompassing all of these brands. we love these minnesota prints! they are so fun and modern. 

 we left feeling inspired, and got all excited for what our home is going to look like. it is fun being a newlywed. you get someone to talk about the future with. your dreams of what you wish your future home to look like. someone to brainstorm with. 

home making is a time consuming thing. i feel like i am constantly looking at magazines, books, and blogs to get new ideas of how i can make the room homier, how to have great lighting, how to make your space relaxing, how to.... the list never ends. but i love it. 

what inspires you in your home decor? what did you do this weekend?


  1. Those prints are so cool! In terms of home decor, I am very simple- I actually like the color white so I just keep the walls white (though I`m sure I`ll actually take the time to paint when I eventually own my own home!), and my bedding white, and then I put up lots of photography. That plus some colorful pillows, fleece throws, and blankets my Mom knit feels like home to me :)

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  2. looks like the coolest place.
    makes me excited too.
    we will be moving soon, and i am excited to decorate our new place, even if we don't have one yet.


  3. I love that table and that rug!! Decor envy! Love your blog. Found it through the Weekend Shenanigans link-up! New follower here.

    Stop by and say hi!

  4. Home making is so exciting! We're newlyweds, too, so I've spent the past 8 months of our marriage slowly accumulating and/or making home decor. It's so, so fun to create your home to be the place you want it to be. So fun!!

    Followed you back!:)


  5. Hey there! Found you through a blog hop. Very cute blog! I'm also a wanna-be chef (as per your About Me). I love food!

    Following along now. Hopefully you'll follow back. :)


  6. Looks like a fun store, im the same way, always looking around and trying to find new goodies for the home!
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  7. Isn't decorating fun? We're looking at moving into a larger space, and I've been going nuts on Pinterest getting ideas for different options. That store you visited seems neat! How nice to get local, unique homewares.

  8. home making is time consuming. I don't know how working moms do it all, I have a enough of a hard time with my little apartment and a job. ;P That store looks adorable btw, wish I lived closer!

  9. I hate my apartment so I never really decorated. I'm hopefully moving soon and then I can get on it! Looks like a fun shop you guys went to.

    Thanks for linking up :)

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  11. Oh how I envy your hubby being a help to the homemaking process! My husband is in the Army and as much as he wants to help with everything, his job just doesn't allow him too. But I kind of like having free range to make our home perfect, in my eyes. Thank goodness I have a hubby who accepts all of my decorating choices. ;)
    We just moved to Italy for a 3 year stint and I am SO excited to start working on our Italian villa!


  12. What an awesome little store! I wish I had more spots like this around me!

  13. This looks so fun. I'll have my first ever apartment in july and i've been searching the world wide net for anything and everything to decorate with!

  14. The photos are so pretty and the furniture shop looks so interesting. I like how it's focused on vendors from around the area. :D

  15. I love these photos! It's true, home decor is kind of a constant thing. I was inspired by magazines, but Steve and I came up with our overall decor scheme together. Then pinterest was invented, and now I'm ready for another do-over haha.

    I'm super happy to have discovered your blog! Can't wait to read more :)

  16. Hey, sweet lady! I nominated you for an award, and I would love it if you'd go check it out! (:

  17. Fab pictures!! I peruse Pinterest for home ideas. That home store is great!! Happy Decorating!!

  18. I love the prints they are so much fun! Gotta love that Minnesota style!


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