what i am loving... head scarves


head scarves.  do any of you blogging friends wear head scarves? or have you ever made your own? i love em! especially in the summer. you wouldn't believe it but minnesota has extreme weather conditions, crazy winters, very humid summers. so having the hair off your neck to reduce the stickiness is always better. i also love wearing my head scarves out at yoga, working out, or just running to the store. it reminds me of that 50's house wife look, which i think is soo adorable

 (some days i wish that we would bring back some of the fashion statements of that previous era, like those cute head scarves audrey hepburn would always wear.. i want to pull it off so badly!)

anyway. i made this head scarf from an old scarf. did a little recycling ;) but basically i just cut the fabric  and formed it into a headband. bam. easily done. i have done this with a couple of other scarves and i just love the look. its chic, simple, and honestly it helps with those really bad hair days. like the one i am having today ;)

with that happy friday everyone! what do you have going on this weekend? i have to do a little work, but hopefully it wont be too bad! have a great weekend! 

ps sorry about the odd picture sizes today, my computer was having troubles adjusting them but hopefully i will be able to fix it today once i am home. 


  1. Love the look a head scarf gives. I also wear them almost everyday in the summer here in Ohio our summers are very humid!

  2. You look fantastic in the headscarf, and I'm so glad to know that you like them.


  3. I have always thought we should bring back some of the adorable 50's looks! Love your head scarf you made, so cute!

  4. LOVE that!! You're just too cute.

    Oh has anyone ever told you that in your wedding pic (the one on your sidebar) you kinda look like Brittany Snow? I love her. So just another reason to add to the growing list of reasons for me to love you :)

    happy friday girl!

    xo, Courtney

  5. I love head scarves! Love that you made yours out of an scarf!
    Happy Friday!!



  6. love a good hair scarf! it really makes an outfit!

  7. YES, I totally LOOOOVE head scarves, wraps, you name it! I am all about decorating your hair with accessories! I love making them, and hopefully will sell them soon :) I heart your polka dot one, you look too cute! I am all about dots this year! Hope all is well and you have a great weekend!


  8. brillant idea!!! i'm stealing it!!!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Love your head scarf! I too was so born in the wrong fashion era.
    Love your blog, now following youuu!!!

  10. yes, very adorable! I love your funny mirror stance too! That's something I do too.

  11. That head scarf is incredibly cute! Love it :)


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