to the south, to nashville!


 nashville, we came, we ate, we conquered ;) only slightly kidding. nashville was amazing. i don't really know what sparked the idea in our heads that we should do a long road trip but we did it. we packed up our stuff wednesday evening, drove through the night, and arrived thursday morning to have three awesome days  exploring this town we had never been to. i didn't really know what to expect on our trip. this was probably the first time that i was beyond unprepared to go. chad and i were both extremely stressed earlier that week, even leading up to hours before we left with me frantically trying to finish up writing the last bit of my final. it was slightly chaotic, however we finally got our stuff together and thought, hmm... we probably should look up directions... and figure out what we are going to do when we get there. luckily we had quite a few friends sending us list of the best of nashville and we were beyond entertained.

**we started the weekend off at a coffee shop (of course) where we met up with a friend, dee, who was in nashville for business, she gave us lots of places to go check out and restaurants to eat at!**

** we made sure to stop at imogene + willie a beautiful shop filled with beautiful women and mens clothing. it was one of my favorite shops the entire trip. i was bummed that i didn't get a pair of jeans (something that the shop is known for) ... but next time imogene, i promise!**
 ** my favorite restaurant we ate at was mas tacos, and actually was the first place we ate at once arriving in nashville, they had amazing tacos. i got a sweet potato with quiona and then a pulled spicy pork, both amazing.**

we ate at so many places... some of my favorites were burger up, the pharmacy , fido, and of course jeni's ice cream. i found that the theme of the trip was sweet potato. everywhere we went, i found something sweet potato (tacos, fries, pancake, to name a few), and being that sweet potatoes are my latest vegetable kick, i went all in and ate a whole lot of em! including sweet potato ice cream, which initially comes off as weird... but it was amazing. like so amazing that chad liked it (who isn't a big fan of sweet potatoes). so far this year i think that my sweet potato cravings have over ruled the pumpkin cravings... and my pumpkin loving my be something of the past (sorry all of you pumpkin lovers out there).

but anyway, aside from all the sweet potatoesness. we got to see quite a few fun places including hatch print shop, the country music hall of fame, go antiquing, check out some live music on broadway street, and just explore some of the city's parks. nashville was a gem of the south and i cannot wait to go back one day soon!

other favorites not mentioned specifically in the post:

frothy monkey
8th and roast

thanks to everyone for their recommendations or places, it help make our trip!


  1. I was there this weekend too! It's one of my favorite towns in the South. I wouldn't hate it if I move there after graduation in December.

  2. I love Nashville! I can't wait to try The Pharmacy! Do you mind if I ask where the Nashville mural is? I want to try to see that when I go next!

  3. It sounds like a fun impropto trip! I love road trips! Sweet potatoes are amazing! ice cream though soudns crazy but I would definitely try it:)!

  4. Nashville is def on my to visit list!

  5. I am LOVING your shoes! They look super comfy but still cute. Details?

  6. I love all of your Nashville pictures!!


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